No waste, not me!

I've watched the documentary No Impact Man and read the book that goes with it.  I must admit I was inspired for quite some time to try and reduce my impact on the planet.  I've always done some of the things he did, such as compost, because I have a mother with a gardening fetish. 

I work to keep energy use to a reasonable level by doing basic things like rugging up when it's cold and opening the window to let in a breeze when it's hot.  Keeping the doors shut in a living area, having a rug on my lap and snuggling up to a hot water bottle when a significant other can not be accessed are other things.  Managing my thyroid disease better is saving me a fortune in unnecessary heating and lowered medication cost.

Last night, I was particularly cold after a very mild day, so I rugged up, used electric heat and watched a ginormous TV that is not mine.  I suspect the TV uses up more electricity in an hour than my lap top does all day.  I did have a dog almost on my lap which kept me warm. 

Other low waste things I do include generally using my car every few days rather than every day, drinking hot drinks to help me stay warm for longer, keeping make-up and clothing purchases to a minimum, and using a thermos or other reusable bottle when I go out. 

I am less strict with waste when I am unwell because it just is not a top priority.  I also found after watching No Impact Man that I became a little anxious which was silly.  These days, I try and aim to be balanced and longer term I think a Nespresso Pod machine, with recyclable pods is probably something worth aiming for.  Alternatively, I should email Lavazza again and request they look into creating them. 

All of which leads to this article in The Guardian, about zero waste bloggers that might inspire you:

Edit: emailed Lavazza to suggest they create recyclable pods for their at home range.

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