Monday Morning Reading Picks - food

Some healthy and thrifty food related reading material for your enjoyment.  Make a cup of something hot, or cold, that hits the spot, and enjoy my Monday Morning Reading Picks

1) Sweet and low
The full helping has some low sugar treat ideas to keep you nourished, and content.  I'm personally not into the raw food like she is, but this might get your creative juices going, here:

2) Five dollar dinners
A website dedicated to helping, particularly families, save money by using preparation, smart shopping and freezer space to keep to a strict budget, all while staying sane, here:

3) Supercook
The supercook website is to help people use what they already have on hand.  Just select your ingredients and recipes will appear to choose from.  There's an app as well.

4) Not quite in the healthy theme
Recreate brand name recipes at home.  Less likely to be the healthiest food, but the appeal is the possibility of dollar value.  Enjoy for a treat:

5) In the treat but cheaper realm, this recipe for an at home frap:

Disclaimer:  I have no affiliation with these websites, merely posting for your enjoyment and inspiration.

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