Milky tea

Today, I slept in due to the late night I had.  Late mainly because I could not sleep, combined with the noise from a party not too far away.  It really did not bother me too much until I needed a quieter environment to sleep.  I put my nature music on, which helped a little. 

My mum rang me today and asked me what I have been eating.  I admitted to a strange savoury porridge last night for dinner, to which the exclamation was Yuk!  That's what I love about The Head Gardener, her ability to grow plants wherever she pleases, even if it's out of worn slippers, and how subtle she is.

I bought the paper and enjoying a cup of tea and the quiet when some loud music started.  I left it, in the hope it would just go away, but it didn't, so I used my charm, and it's much quieter.  We had a sunny morning where I am near Sorell but the nights have been cool.  The afternoon is beginning to cool down now.

To make up for my healthy dinner, I made a bacon and egg sandwich for brunch/ afternoon tea.  It's taken me a walk with a dog that's attracted to speeding cars and hours to get any appetite today.  According the latest research, eating two rashes of bacon a day increases the risk of cancer.  I am inclined to not worry too much, two rashes is a rare treat anyway.  What a way to go though, death by bacon.

Drinking Ashgrove milk in my tea.  I believe they sell a range of other dairy products,  I bought the milk as a treat, having not tried it for years, really good stuff.  Worth tracking down if you are in Hobart, or other mainland states (I think it's sold at some independents).

Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with Ashgrove, I just like their milk.

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