Keeping the Jellybean Temptation away

I really do think that "Jellybean Temptation" sounds like the title for a confectionary themed romance, or mystery novel.  That wasn't quite what I am going for with my blog title.  I was thinking more of the temptation to eat my body weight in confectionary from time to time.

Let's face it, it's made all the more difficult that the confectionary isle is huge at the petrol station and harder to avoid than at the supermarket.  That, and I can be a weak willed human being from time to time.  I think sweets every now and then, is perfectly reasonable, just not something to make a habit of.  They are highly addictive too, so stopping at one is a unique kind of torture.  I find I am generally better if I do not start at all but come up with slightly sweet treats that stop me from swimming in a jelly bean pool.

I'm keeping my Jellybean Temptation at bay at the moment by:
  • Drinking naturally sweet herbal teas
  • Flavoured black tea
  • Making up pots of slightly sweet chocolate custard and freezing them as a sweet alternative
  • Putting myself on a stricter budget, for this fortnight
  • Going for a walk most days and not wanted to unravel my good work
  • Keeping the freezer stocked with filling gluten free bread
  • Eating fruit

Reading a confection based drama is not helping me much at all though! 

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