Jack Frost

 Definitely feeling the beginning of winter.  We are in autumn (fall for my US readers) here, and the leaves are changing golden and muted red colours outside.  I had a case of cabin fever this morning after an unusual early rise, so I went for a walk in Sandy Bay, by the beach, to move the cobwebs and lighten my mood.  When I left, just after school rush hour, the air had a decided bite to it.  The clouds were grey with what I could only hope was rain.
  This afternoon, the rain did eventuate, and I finished reading the third book in the school teacher memoirs of Andy Seed.  I am hoping to loan the first and second in the series in the coming days.  If you enjoy light entertainment and a retro look at schooling, then I recommend his books. 
I did my usual thing of reading the books too quickly.  After a dinner of poached eggs, salad and my delicious oat bread (highly recommended) I watched Madame Secretary, and The Good Wife under a throw, with a hot water bottle on my back, wearing slippers, a polar fleece and thermals.  I'm almost as prepared as a Scout!

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