Happy clappers

I've been oft accused of being a happy clappy kind of person.  I am nothing of the sort.  I've spent enough time in the big wide world to know that the older I get, the more I need tea, peace and quiet and the exuberance of children and family to balance it all out, and keep me grounded.

So, not being very happy clappy, the frequent posts on social media about how all my troubles will be sorted if I am just positive enough, or happy enough, or trusting enough, kind of get on my chakras.  Not that I am much into chakras, it's just a turn of phrase that's working for me.  To be fair, I am a greater believer of chakras, than I am of the codswallop championing itself as logic, that is the positive, wafty nonsense espoused by so many.

Tell you what, if the wafty, happy, clappy nonsense works, why is it that the people that most believe in it, look like something the cat dragged in and swiped at?  Or, they live lives of quiet desperation.  The status updates are not quiet enough.

No one got anywhere health wise by being positive.  I know that studies indicate that optimism is important.  No doubt optimism and hope are important, but they are a world away from the, if you think happy thoughts tomorrow you will be rich brigade.  Just believe and achieve, my pert behind.

I did not achieve the gains in my health by being positive.  I achieved them by action, I achieved them by asking, I achieved them by getting off my fore-mentioned tush and doing something about them.

I did not get a degree and diploma by sitting around with a stupid grin on my face.  I achieved them by not giving up.  I achieved them by studying when my peers were watching television.  I achieved them by making sacrifices.  I achieved them by being focused.  I was lucky, I did have the support of my family, but it was many things, and happiness and positivity were not the things I needed to get through on the smell of an oily rag most of the time.  Persistence and determination and sitting down and studying will get you further.  You can dream until the proverbial cows come home, and you will still be where you always were.  Action, not happy words, that will get you somewhere.

Happy, positive nonsense, makes me cranky!

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