Dumplings! (gluten free and frugal)

I've spent more than I was planning for about four days of food.  Though, given I will likely have plenty left over, the real issue is that I like a bit of variety in my diet and I am only catering for one.  It's much harder to cater for one for a few days but the things I will have left over will last, and realistically, the budget is reasonable.
I am sure that I would spend more if I went out for every meal.  Sometimes that is hard to believe.  I like healthier food too, with the occasional bit of chocolate thrown in for good measure, and selenium! 
Last night I made gluten free cheese dumplings cooked in a bacon and vegetable sauce.  It was pretty easy to make and tasted good.  I bought some Australian bacon which cost me a little more but made me feel good.  It tastes better than other supermarket bacon I have tried. 
I looked up a recipe for dumplings and then realised that I would still be just using what I had, and the internet was slow, so made it up as I went along.  These lack the finesse of traditional Asian dumplings and are reminiscent of scones.  I made the dough for the dumplings from one egg, some grated cheese, oat flour, tapioca flour, glutinous rice flour (does not contain gluten just refers to the stretchy quality of this rice flour) and a little water.  I just mixed the ingredients together with a spoon and rolled into little balls, then placed into gently cooking sauce.
The sauce was an onion diced, salt and pepper, a little butter, tomato paste, chives, diced bacon and a little water.
A cheap and filling alternative to gluten free pasta.  Would certainly make a good dish for hungry teenagers.  Given my appetite has improved to similar hungry teenage levels the last week, I can heartily recommend them!
For dessert, well, I had a moment of weakness and a few treats.  Back to the tea drinking and dumpling eating. 
The inspiration from the dumplings come from The Head Gardener's general cooking approach, that and being tired and hungry and determined to make something good to eat that was quick and nutritious.

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