Beach visit and thrifty reads

In the last twenty four hours, thrifty activity has included:
  1. Knitting a warm blanket and staying warm with it on my lap
  2. Making a cup of strong pod coffee at home before my walk
  3. Long walk to the beach and back
  4. Slowly getting fit again.  My ankle still protests but no swelling.
  5. Went through more of my things and threw stuff out
  6. Took a picture for the blog
  7. Drinking herbal tea at home
& found some articles to inspire:

Some good ideas here.  Though, I would use the air-con during summer here when there are fires and record temperatures, much better than a visit to accident and emergency. Particularly important for the elderly and children to not get too hot.

A whole website full of inspiring food, for less. I need to come back and explore more:

US online private thrift store - hand picked:

Some Goodwill buys:

An website dedicated to spending less, DIY and thrift shop finds.  Here:

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