Beach, bread & books

I am sitting in bed half awake and in pain due to my long walk today.  I had a feeling the walking would catch up on me in a fit of chronic fatigue, and indeed it has.  My glands are painful and I am falling asleep while reading a Clarkson ebook which is simply unfair because it's a good book.

This morning, I started the day with a Gloria Jeans blend capsule coffee and was pleasantly surprised to note that my palate has adjusted to the Lavazza brand coffee to such an extent that the Gloria Jean's lighter blend, that I once preferred, now tastes anemic in comparison.  It would appear that I have trained my taste beds to go Italian and stay there.

Then, after my coffee, breakfast, and a hot chocolate to round things out (just cooking cocoa - no sugar - boiling water and splash of milk) and try and prevent too much chronic fatigue, I helped my mum air the laundry outside.  I suggested it might rain, my mother knew better and within minutes I was getting more incidental exercise bringing it all in again.  Then, as the house was airing we were hit with dreadful smoke from burn-offs that is likely to continue tomorrow.  I am grateful that the fuel reduction is happening but the stench today was awful, if fairly short lived.

After more faffing with laundry and spring cleaning duties, I made some more oat bread (delicious) and strange fruit cake which is more pudding than cake and I will freeze tomorrow.  I drank some tea and did some knitting then decided a walk was in order.  It was such a beautiful day that I almost do not mind my body's reaction to me daring to walk and enjoy the sunshine and scenery.

Then, this evening has been domesticity, reading, writing, falling asleep sitting up, pain and music supplied by Spotify and broadband connection.

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