Australia procrastinated

It has always been my opinion that the Australian government at the time of the GFC merely delayed the inevitable.  Now, other people will disagree and say that we avoided it, yet the statistics at the moment point to the possibility that this may be a deception.  To my mind personal debt, rent and mortgage rates have never been so dangerously high.

I am not surprised to read that financial distress is at an all time high.  I must admit though that people do need to take some responsibility for their distress.  In some cases they are on high wages, or high welfare payments and their failure to prioritize is part of the problem.  Some of it is this idea that children can not cope without luxuries.  Your children can get ahead without internet at home.  Yes, it's not ideal but if I can do it, they can.  Even when I had regular access to a computer I shared it and worked during the day, studied at night.

I have the degree, business diploma and organisational skills to prove you can go low tech at home and achieve.  It's a total inconvenience but it is character building and not so bad if they are healthy enough to get out and about easily.  I would find it much more challenging with patchy health as I have now.  I ran a business with pen and paper too.  The secure postage charges made a huge dent in my profit and I would buy a cheaper notebook and prepay internet to just send orders if I did it again.

I am appalled to read of the growing reliance on charity by larger families in Australia that simply do not manage their money (much harder for people with one or two children due to lower payments).  I was reading last week that members of the Liberal Party in Victoria look likely to campaign to see these payments significantly reduced by doing away with Family Tax Benefit B which would see families have to tighten their wallets significantly.  Given that I also read that one third of children eat takeaway at least once a day perhaps this is not a bad thing.

I do think though that rent is a ludicrous expense and high mortgages will see many live in government housing when they did their best to not end up there.  Food for the intolerant is expensive and it takes time and effort to get better at eating cheaper and tummy friendly food.  Thankfully, with much work and prioritizing my health, and help with a roof from my parents, I can eat less expensive food because my gut is healing somewhat.  I can not save on supplements much though due to absorption issues still.

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