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Yeow - day four on Olive Leaf Extract

Hopefully, this Olive Leaf Extract is worth the almost instant kidney/ liver/ spleen irritation.  Yesterday, I had three cups of coffee in short succession to calm it all down.  Today, after the initial agony it took one cup of bicarb and water, and two cups of coffee.  Now, I feel a little more human and I am drinking a cup of green tea and lemon Myrtle. I've had antiviral drugs and not noticed a reaction.  Then again, it was a short course for shingles and the chronic fatigue was not apparent at the time.  Every day the reaction to the Extract seems to reduce but it's still intense. To help my body do it's thing, yesterday I had a bath with Epsom salts thrown in.  I also wore foot patches to bed.  The patches were full of yuck, so the Extract seems to be hitting something hard.  I'm hoping a herbal viral search and destroy approach is going on.

Addition: a few hours later and I am on my forth cup of coffee - dandelion would be better, but none on me.

This did not wo…

Our Tasmanian Farmers

Sharing this article about Tasmanian farmers who manage to stay on the land, in part due to diversification and being willing to change their approach as markets change.

Book review: Thrifty Ways For Modern Days

One of the books I read this week from the library (note the barcode) was Thrifty Ways For Modern Days, edited by Martin Lewis and drawing on the intelligence of a savings community.  I found the recipes were inspiring and the general advice makes it worth a read for a person new to trying to make a dollar stretch a mile, or so.  Also worth reading when you need a boost of inspiration.  3 and a half stars, out of five.

Term deposit interest rates

A good interest rate rise, increases to term deposits encourage saver's and keep bank loan funding lean.  Good deposits traditionally stabilize the banking sector.'Signs of life' as term deposit rates rise -- shared by Browser

The sound on public servant panic?

Public service faces biggest workplace shake-up in decades under Coalition plan -- shared by Browser

Petition for funding research into ME/ Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (US)

Link to petition requesting more funding into ME (some may refer to as Chronic Fatigue, SEID, CFIDS)

Petition is relevant to my USA readers:

More articles related to Olive Leaf Extract

Edit: OLE did not work for me:
Warning: Before trying any treatment, including naturally derived agents, contact your medical doctor and pharmacist to ensure the treatment is safe, and will not interact with the medicines and supplements you currently take.

Further articles about Olive Leaf Extract that you may find interesting:

1) This article suggests that Olive Leaf Extract may be beneficial for people with CFIDS/ ME/ Chronic Fatigue/ SEID, other viral conditions, fibromyalgia and fungal conditions:




Disclaimer: This blog is for general interest only and reflects the interests, and opinions of …

Ouch (Olive Leaf Extract and Herxheimer reactions)

Edit: OLE did not work for me, see:

You would think that four cups of chamomile tea would have sent me off to the land of nod last night.  All that, combined with a hot water bottle for my feet, nature sounds and fresh air circulating through my room.  Normally, it would only take two cups of chamomile and a book.

Disclaimer: what follows is my experience with trying to manage chronic fatigue, triggered by a viral illness.  Please contact your medical doctor and pharmacist before trying anything similar yourself.

Yesterday, a few hours before I went to sleep I trialled Olive Leaf Extract which I had heard rave reviews about.  I was also aware that there was a chance I might have a Herxheimer reaction given that Olive Leaf extract is reputed to possibly be a strong anti viral and anti microbial.  I had seen Olive Leaf Extract come up as a possible management tool for chronic fatigue and a fatigue eradic…

Fascinating exchange between Ian Rankin & Jennifer Byrne

How to throw out $18

Today, I was focused, on being smart with my money.  So focused that I wrote a list and kept to it.  I walked to the shops and got some fresh air, and forgot to check my supplements for gluten until I had consumed one.  My mum now has extra vitamin D tablets and I need to go out and buy some tomorrow with my car.  I did add in some Olive Leaf extract, on special, to see if it helps with the chronic fatigue.  Maybe my mistake will be worth it, if the Olive Leaf helps.

My favorite Lavazza pods

My favorite Lavazza pods to date are the Deciso which is an intense but smooth blend and comes in a brown box in my area of Australia and Intensamente, another intense but smooth blend, in a maroon colored box.  In an ideal world I would have bought a small Nespresso machine with recyclable pods. The extra $130 probably is worth it.  The Lavazza pods do make a great alternative to a local cafe, and no need to get out of my slippers!

Reading picks: Small home inspiration

The following are some articles about tiny living spaces, the pros, the cons and some inspiration too.  Clearly this will not work for everyone and sometimes a small space does not equate to a small budget.
1) Inspiration:
Living spaces under 40 square meters (e.g. 4 m wide by 10 m)

2) Pros, low/ no mortgage, DIY adventure:
Story in SMH about the joy of small living for this couple:
3) Cons, difficulty lending and selling:
Lending may be difficult for people looking to live in a small space.  Selling may then be difficult long term too due to this fact.
4) A mix
The first few choices are a l…

Teeny-tiny and itty

I am doing some research into how to maximize a tiny budget for a teeny dwelling.  I do not have any money to spend yet, though I am working towards a savings goal.  Admittedly, I really should be maximizing the electricity bill by being in bed asleep except the two cups of chamomile are yet to have the impact I thought they would.

Disclaimer: I am not a builder, this should be read as an opinion piece only.  What follows is merely my current understanding of the Building Codes and current regulations.  This should not be taken as fact, and anyone looking to build should get a copy of the current Building Code of Australia, or of their country/locale and contact relevant professionals: e.g. certified builder; electrician; plumber; council assessors.  The legislation, pricing and understanding relates to Australia only. 

Today, it seems I am a walking talking head ache.  To distract myself, I am doing my usual thing, where I try and get my head around an entire industry, or at least the…

Speak for yourself

I just watched half a You tube video about a self absorbed woman my age who wanted to know why there is a generational divide.  Firstly, there will always be a degree of generational divide, something she did not acknowledge.  It's normal for the older and younger people, with different experiences and different difficulties and advantages to sometimes struggle to relate to each other.

Secondly, it's also perfectly normal for some of us to be lazy.  Laziness is a condition of the human spirit, not a condition of a generation.  I could give you 101 facts as to why my generation is one of the hardest working.  I could also deliver people of my generation that are lazy.  Equally, I can find people who are in the older generation who are not about to be beacons of hard work.  Laziness, much like poverty, will always be with us.

I think the easy, dare I say lazy, commentator would say that we are all sitting around feeling entitled.  This of course, ignores the facts.  It also igno…

Interesting times

The combination of deflation, a possible reduction in the interest rates and tightening of banking lending criteria, seem to be indicating the possibility of some interesting economic times ahead.

Worth reading

People who abandoned their tiny homes - Tech Insider -- shared by Browser

Happy clappers

I've been oft accused of being a happy clappy kind of person.  I am nothing of the sort.  I've spent enough time in the big wide world to know that the older I get, the more I need tea, peace and quiet and the exuberance of children and family to balance it all out, and keep me grounded.

So, not being very happy clappy, the frequent posts on social media about how all my troubles will be sorted if I am just positive enough, or happy enough, or trusting enough, kind of get on my chakras.  Not that I am much into chakras, it's just a turn of phrase that's working for me.  To be fair, I am a greater believer of chakras, than I am of the codswallop championing itself as logic, that is the positive, wafty nonsense espoused by so many.

Tell you what, if the wafty, happy, clappy nonsense works, why is it that the people that most believe in it, look like something the cat dragged in and swiped at?  Or, they live lives of quiet desperation.  The status updates are not quiet en…

Milky tea

Today, I slept in due to the late night I had.  Late mainly because I could not sleep, combined with the noise from a party not too far away.  It really did not bother me too much until I needed a quieter environment to sleep.  I put my nature music on, which helped a little. 
My mum rang me today and asked me what I have been eating.  I admitted to a strange savoury porridge last night for dinner, to which the exclamation was Yuk!  That's what I love about The Head Gardener, her ability to grow plants wherever she pleases, even if it's out of worn slippers, and how subtle she is.
I bought the paper and enjoying a cup of tea and the quiet when some loud music started.  I left it, in the hope it would just go away, but it didn't, so I used my charm, and it's much quieter.  We had a sunny morning where I am near Sorell but the nights have been cool.  The afternoon is beginning to cool down now.
To make up for my healthy dinner, I made a bacon and egg sandwich for brunch…

The Latte Years - book - quote

Just reading an online book The Latte Years by Phillipa Moore, a blogger who is originally from Hobart.  Well worth reading, an inspiring, and honest account of her struggles and triumphs life so far.  Her journey of learning how to live bravely, out of the shadows.  Four out of five stars.  The perfect book to read on the commute home.

Love this quote:

"Someone has to come last.  If we're lucky, it's not always us.  But even if it is, it's the price you pay for putting yourself out there.  For daring to try.  For not being in the stand as a mere observer of your life but out in the ring, getting knocked down, fighting to live the best life you can."

Few truer words were ever written,  Love.

No waste, not me!

I've watched the documentary No Impact Man and read the book that goes with it.  I must admit I was inspired for quite some time to try and reduce my impact on the planet.  I've always done some of the things he did, such as compost, because I have a mother with a gardening fetish. 

I work to keep energy use to a reasonable level by doing basic things like rugging up when it's cold and opening the window to let in a breeze when it's hot.  Keeping the doors shut in a living area, having a rug on my lap and snuggling up to a hot water bottle when a significant other can not be accessed are other things.  Managing my thyroid disease better is saving me a fortune in unnecessary heating and lowered medication cost.

Last night, I was particularly cold after a very mild day, so I rugged up, used electric heat and watched a ginormous TV that is not mine.  I suspect the TV uses up more electricity in an hour than my lap top does all day.  I did have a dog almost on my lap whic…

Dumplings! (gluten free and frugal)

I've spent more than I was planning for about four days of food.  Though, given I will likely have plenty left over, the real issue is that I like a bit of variety in my diet and I am only catering for one.  It's much harder to cater for one for a few days but the things I will have left over will last, and realistically, the budget is reasonable. I am sure that I would spend more if I went out for every meal.  Sometimes that is hard to believe.  I like healthier food too, with the occasional bit of chocolate thrown in for good measure, and selenium!  Last night I made gluten free cheese dumplings cooked in a bacon and vegetable sauce.  It was pretty easy to make and tasted good.  I bought some Australian bacon which cost me a little more but made me feel good.  It tastes better than other supermarket bacon I have tried.  I looked up a recipe for dumplings and then realised that I would still be just using what I had, and the internet was slow, so made it up as I went along.…

Reading Picks

End of week reading picks:

Online streaming of program on Australian ABC, available for about another week, interview of Jackie French that I found inspiring:
Running and cognitive behaviour therapy found to be successful approach for people with depression and those in need of general mental health boost:

Friends and coffee

I am trying too add some normalcy to my life by adding back a little low cost socializing.  I will admit that I often lack the energy, mental and physical, and I enjoy sometimes just spending time with family.  There is nothing quite like spending time with a friend.  
I spent a lovely sunny afternoon with someone I have not chatted to in a long time.  For the cost of home made pod coffee, a little milk and petrol I had a wonderful afternoon out at the park.  Good for body and soul.
Organizing another meet up with someone else soon.

Food myths

Interesting article from health fund cbhs on common food and nutrition myths:

Vaccine report

Report by The Royal College of Pathologists of Australasia on vaccines.  Travel to other countries by unvaccinated people, or people coming to Australia that are not vaccinated does increase risk of outbreaks.  I did not realise that the measles vaccine only came out in 1969 and prevented 2-3 year outbreaks that had been the norm, resulting in hospitalisation and death in some cases.

Woman dying from measles in Australia

This case makes me angry.  A young woman dying from measles in a country where a vaccine is available and would have prevented death, and an agonising one at that.

I am told that while my mum vaccinated us as young babies, she did wait a month over the recommendations to ensure we were big enough.  I remember listening to my sister crying over a needle as a baby and I hated listening to her cry.  Tell you what, I would hate her to be dying more.

The fear of vaccination has gone too far.  I understand there are concerns, and there are some vaccines I have not had as an adult because my risk is low e.g. HPV, menningicoccal and the flu vaccine.  I have considered having all of them but remain unconvinced that the flu vaccine will make any major difference.  However, I would definitely have all other vaccines again and I have had the tetanus injection prior to being diagnosed with further autoimmune disease and I was fine.  I will have the booster in 2018 to prevent the condition as I have …

Australia procrastinated

It has always been my opinion that the Australian government at the time of the GFC merely delayed the inevitable.  Now, other people will disagree and say that we avoided it, yet the statistics at the moment point to the possibility that this may be a deception.  To my mind personal debt, rent and mortgage rates have never been so dangerously high.

I am not surprised to read that financial distress is at an all time high.  I must admit though that people do need to take some responsibility for their distress.  In some cases they are on high wages, or high welfare payments and their failure to prioritize is part of the problem.  Some of it is this idea that children can not cope without luxuries.  Your children can get ahead without internet at home.  Yes, it's not ideal but if I can do it, they can.  Even when I had regular access to a computer I shared it and worked during the day, studied at night.

I have the degree, business diploma and organisational skills to prove you can …

Monday Morning Reading Picks - food

Some healthy and thrifty food related reading material for your enjoyment.  Make a cup of something hot, or cold, that hits the spot, and enjoy my Monday Morning Reading Picks

1) Sweet and low
The full helping has some low sugar treat ideas to keep you nourished, and content.  I'm personally not into the raw food like she is, but this might get your creative juices going, here:

2) Five dollar dinners
A website dedicated to helping, particularly families, save money by using preparation, smart shopping and freezer space to keep to a strict budget, all while staying sane, here:

3) Supercook
The supercook website is to help people use what they already have on hand.  Just select your ingredients and recipes will appear to choose from.  There's an app as well.

4) Not quite in the healthy theme
Recreate brand name recipes at home.  Less likely to be the healthiest fo…

Keeping the Jellybean Temptation away

I really do think that "Jellybean Temptation" sounds like the title for a confectionary themed romance, or mystery novel.  That wasn't quite what I am going for with my blog title.  I was thinking more of the temptation to eat my body weight in confectionary from time to time.
Let's face it, it's made all the more difficult that the confectionary isle is huge at the petrol station and harder to avoid than at the supermarket.  That, and I can be a weak willed human being from time to time.  I think sweets every now and then, is perfectly reasonable, just not something to make a habit of.  They are highly addictive too, so stopping at one is a unique kind of torture.  I find I am generally better if I do not start at all but come up with slightly sweet treats that stop me from swimming in a jelly bean pool.
I'm keeping my Jellybean Temptation at bay at the moment by:
Drinking naturally sweet herbal teasFlavoured black teaMaking up pots of slightly sweet chocola…

Beach, bread & books

I am sitting in bed half awake and in pain due to my long walk today.  I had a feeling the walking would catch up on me in a fit of chronic fatigue, and indeed it has.  My glands are painful and I am falling asleep while reading a Clarkson ebook which is simply unfair because it's a good book.
This morning, I started the day with a Gloria Jeans blend capsule coffee and was pleasantly surprised to note that my palate has adjusted to the Lavazza brand coffee to such an extent that the Gloria Jean's lighter blend, that I once preferred, now tastes anemic in comparison.  It would appear that I have trained my taste beds to go Italian and stay there.
Then, after my coffee, breakfast, and a hot chocolate to round things out (just cooking cocoa - no sugar - boiling water and splash of milk) and try and prevent too much chronic fatigue, I helped my mum air the laundry outside.  I suggested it might rain, my mother knew better and within minutes I was getting more incidental exercise …

Paying It Forward - book review

Just quickly read 'Paying It Forward' by Sandi Mann.  It's about what she learnt from doing random acts of kindness and encouraging others to follow her example.  It makes for an enjoyable quick read, perfect for a morning commute.  Unfortunately, I thought it was more hype than substance.  2 stars.

Beach visit and thrifty reads

In the last twenty four hours, thrifty activity has included: Knitting a warm blanket and staying warm with it on my lap Making a cup of strong pod coffee at home before my walk Long walk to the beach and back Slowly getting fit again.  My ankle still protests but no swelling. Went through more of my things and threw stuff out Took a picture for the blog Drinking herbal tea at home & found some articles to inspire:
Some good ideas here.  Though, I would use the air-con during summer here when there are fires and record temperatures, much better than a visit to accident and emergency. Particularly important for the elderly and children to not get too hot.
A whole website full of inspiring food, for less. I need to come back and explore more:
US online private thrift store - hand picked:
Some Goodwill buys:…

Op shop haul $23

My op shop (second hand/ pre-loved) bargains.  Skinny cut UJC jeans
Rockmans black tank with detail
Green T-shirt Suzannegrae
Slinky top Opinion Similar& Magazines!Threw out clothes before buying any more!

Reading picks - decorating and other things

1) Decorating and teenagers                                                                                                                      I was searching for thrifty decorating inspiration, primarily because a little inspiration keeps me motivated to save for my shed which I want to buy and then decorate on a beer budget, with a champagne effect.  Ideally, I will buy it with someone.  Not the impossibility it may read here. 

Anyway, I found the blog by Gina, that has some really wonderful ideas and cost cutting modern twists on current ideas.  Without a doubt, there are some gems to be found about the decorating of a place.  The article that stopped me in my tracks though, was about dealing with her teenage daughter's entitlement. 

This made me smile, so much.  It reminded me too, that my gratitude journal/ posts are such a good way to stay grounded.  On that note, I am grateful for parents that never had much money and always encouraged us t…

Australian women

Story of the alleged (successful lawsuit in US) failure of intra-vaginal surgical mesh products used for prolapse, hysterectomy and some repair post birth.  I am not an expert and women should contact their surgeons/ doctors for advice. 

My reading on hysterectomies, and current understanding, suggest that thyroid hormone and other sex hormones, along with supplements and lifestyle changes may prevent unnecessary surgeries.  It's estimated, by some experts, that 80-90% of them make limited difference to the patient.  Most women are not aware that risks for this surgery include ruining their sex lives and damage to the pelvic floor.

Certainly women should be aware that heavy bleeding, which is often the reason for getting a hysterectomy, is a symptom of thyroid hormone deficiency and age is a risk factor.  They should also require autoimmune thyroid testing as well as standard thyroid function testing before considering surgery and talk to a bio-identical hormone specialist for ta…

Something to contact your local politician about

I am only putting this story up on my blog because I am aware that many people from the US read this blog and have the power to contact their local representative about issues. 

It is my opinion that the repeal of laws that protect people, who believe that prayer only constitute's medical treatment and then neglect their children by not providing basic medical treatment is something that state legislators should be held to account to continue to change as quickly as possible.

I encourage my US readers to write to their political leaders about this issue.

Hobart Autumn Morning

It's a truly beautiful autumn morning in Hobart today.  The boats on the water, the sunshine and mist make for quite the vista.  Mind you, this just might be good coffee doing the talking for me! 

It's definitely cool and frosty this morning.  I always dislike when we get to the frosted car part of the year which will go on until August, or so.  Still, my body temperature is better regulated at the moment due to better management of my thyroid condition so I am not suffering the usual misery of this time of year.  In fact, Autumn is fast becoming my favourite time of year. 

I am knitting a chunky blanket which as well as being colourful and cheerful keeps me warm while it's on my lap. 

Just in case anyone wants to know, the colour on my nails yesterday, and I just touched them up, is Rimmel of London's 60 seconds 415 In Style Coral.  It seems to work well with my skin tone and it smacks of summer just as we are headed for winter!

Reading picks - Wednesday thrifty

Make yourself a hot cup of something delightful and enjoy some reading.
1) A relatively new blog, The Shrewd Life, has the occasional deal for my UK readers, mainly tips to keep you motivated and focussed on goals and new thrifty products.
2) Mrs Bargain Hunter is another I found that is easy to read and enjoyable.  It does have the odd product review but generally focusses on being a blog and making being thrifty easy.  Again, more relevant to UK readers but useful for all.
3) A family focussed thrifty blog worth reading, Adventures in Websterland. And, pretty nails.  Painted them myself.  About 10 cents per manicure!

Vegetable inspiration

I was watching a little bit of Landline on the Australian ABC which is dedicated to Australian producers and related businesses.  I always learn something and come away inspired.

The program I watched last week was on the company Just Veg which produces value added carrot products and is slowly rolling out through a major supermarket.  At the moment they sell snack packs reminiscent of potato chip bags, only they contain carrots; medallions of carrot and shredded carrot.  It really is a wonderful story of people working together to create a product people want and to use up vegetables that would otherwise go to waste.  They are looking to add other vegetables soon.

For more information, and recipes, go to Just Veg's website here:

Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with this company.

Happiness on a dime, or two.

Yes, I know, I'm an Australian using the word dime to get my point across.  To be fair, I am an Australian with a predominately United States of America audience.  Hopefully, I can be forgiven for my wanted to express frugal another way!
My happiness activities from today, for a dime, or two.
1) Comfy bed - I slept in a comfortable bed with fresh sheets and the breeze coming through the window
2) Warmth - Hot water bottle in my bed to keep my toes toasty (getting chilly here)
3) Coffee - Drank a hot cup of homemade pod coffee with a little sugar and a splash of milk
4) Sunshine and walk - Went for a walk in the autumn sunshine and took a photo of the beach (picture below)
5) Food - Ate homemade gluten free bread, frozen chocolate pot I made and homemade gluten free gnocchi for dinner
6) Soak - Had a bath and did a quick facial with expensive facial mix I was gifted years ago (does not seem to go off - love)
7) Friends - Arranging to meet up with a friend, walk and chat
8) Special …

Home owner analysis - news

Reading this article on Domain:

Paris letters - book review

'Paris Letters' is the book I spent some of this afternoon and most of this evening reading.  Unlike the author I am unlikely to live for extended periods without a television any time soon, in part due to my speed reading capabilities.  I would consider it if I lived with children and was completing another degree.  Perhaps if I had a fire to look at during long winter evenings when I just want to drink tea and sit quietly while jam bubbles away gently on the stove. I digress.  This book is the story of the author's decision to change her life.  She realises that her well paid job and her youthful career dream once achieved is more nightmare, than dream in reality.  After much soul searching she wonders how much money it would cost to leave her job.  Having voiced the possibility of leaving she begins to make small changes that add up to rich rewards and the ability to leave her corporate career.  What follows are the adult dream and a happy life in Paris.  A perfect wi…

80 cent cafe experience

I finally had just the right opportunity to try my local petrol, or service, station's arabica bean cafe quality coffee, for 80 cents for a small.  Like most espresso coffee my small coffee needed half a tea spoon of raw sugar to take away the naturally bitter after taste.  It's just that bit better than my pod machine and perfect for disorganized mornings when a takeaway coffee would be just what I'd hope the doctor would order!Next time I would pay a little extra and go a size up.  The lid is the best fitted take away I've ever had, the process was easy, taste comparable with coffee four times the price.  If the locals and end of milk were anything to go for, it's clearly very popular with locals.

Butter vs margarine

Interesting article on probable benefits of butter and other dairy products, consumed in reasonable quantities.  For personal medical advice, contact medical professionals.
Butter vs Margarine - Why I Trust Cows More Than Chemists -- shared by Browser

Survive summer

While my insomnia continues, I might write another post.  I am aware that while I am finding the weather cool in my neck of the woods, my northern hemisphere readers prepare to survive Summer.
Without too much a do-
Tips to survive Summer for the fiscally challenged (a.k.a frugal):

1) Chill water in the fridge

2) Buy a water filter for better tasting water

3) Ice in your drinks, to cool your head, crushed or chunky.  I like crushed ice with a little cordial or flavoured syrup for a dessert alternative.

4) Open you windows in the early morning and evenings for cool air (as long as it's not too hot a day, not worth doing in a heatwave)
5) On scorchers, keep the blinds shut to keep the sun out, and the windows closed too if extra hot to make the air-con efficient

6) Icy poles

7) Fans

8) Freeze yogurt and bananas for healthy cool treats.  I enjoyed quick and milk mixed and frozen as a teen, or just plain milk

9) Ice packs to cool your head

10) Use the air con intelligently.  Sometim…

Bye, bye tablets

Today I went to the pharmacy to get rid of a bag of expired medication.  I am always grateful they are willing to take my medication and dispose of it properly.  All medication should be thrown out by their expiry date as they can change into dangerous compounds over time.  They should be disposed of via the local pharmacy to ensure a clean water supply and environment. I discovered while going through my stash that hormones, such as thyroxine, generally expire within twelve months or less, and can quickly become unstable.  I also found the expiry date on most tubes is found on the crimped end.   Check with your doctor and pharmacist to ensure this is to date, and regularly go through your medication.  I've learnt that there is no point hoarding medical products!

She walks

Picture taken this morning while dealing with a case of cabin fever.  Beautiful scenery at lower Sandy Bay beach.  It has cafes and shops nearby.  Judging by the Porsche owned by one of the cafes (special number plate) I can only assume that business is booming!

Jack Frost

Definitely feeling the beginning of winter.  We are in autumn (fall for my US readers) here, and the leaves are changing golden and muted red colours outside.  I had a case of cabin fever this morning after an unusual early rise, so I went for a walk in Sandy Bay, by the beach, to move the cobwebs and lighten my mood.  When I left, just after school rush hour, the air had a decided bite to it.  The clouds were grey with what I could only hope was rain.   This afternoon, the rain did eventuate, and I finished reading the third book in the school teacher memoirs of Andy Seed.  I am hoping to loan the first and second in the series in the coming days.  If you enjoy light entertainment and a retro look at schooling, then I recommend his books.  I did my usual thing of reading the books too quickly.  After a dinner of poached eggs, salad and my delicious oat bread (highly recommended) I watched Madame Secretary, and The Good Wife under a throw, with a hot water bottle on my back, wearin…

Storm clouds

If you look into the distance, there's a cruise ship leaving Hobart.  Took this while going for a stroll this evening.  Look at the storm clouds!  Hopefully it will rain tonight, we are desperately in need of rain.
That's a new subdivision in Blackmans Bay with magnificent water views for most people building there.  Nice to see how it's coming along when I go for my walks.


Written yesterday:
Took this while on my way back from my wander around the neighbourhood.  I am slowly recovering from the flu.  At the moment my lady weights are proving unusually challenging.  I'm trying to do around five minutes every couple of days to build up my strength again.
Even with daylight savings, it's darker earlier as autumn begins to set in.  I'm thinking five blankets, hot water bottles and hot cocoa, while my northern hemisphere readers prepare to find ways to cool down economically.
It's tempting to renew my Netflix account in winter but I tend to enjoy watching TV programs en masse.  Endless access to movies is a low motivator for my preferred viewing.  I do sometimes watch movies, I just prefer high production value TV.  I really enjoyed The Blacklist, as per usually I was late getting to it!

Understanding Australian DSP eligibility

I just read through the Australian National Audit Office's January 2016 report into 'Qualifying for the Disability Support Pension'.  It's relatively easy to read and well set out.  Quite informative for those willing to spend the time reading it.  It has graphs to demonstrate points which clarifies their points.  May be useful for people considering applying for the Disability Support Pension, and those helping them.

Knit and relax

In theory I did everything to get myself to sleep tonight.  Instead of the seven hours or so, I got an hour and a fever.  I can only assume that's the chronic fatigue toying with me.  It may mildly thyroid related but I doubt it as I show signs of balancing myself out.I drank a berry herbal tea, knitted a blanket that will probably go to a local charity or someone I know, and went to bed with a rain sound track playing on my phone.  Rain water, berry tea with honey (such decadence), and knitting are simple, frugal pleasures I am grateful for today.  And my hot water bottle.