Noise and relax

At the moment I am struggling with sleep.  I said in a previous blog post a couple of weeks ago that I expected my dream sleep run to end.  Yes, it has ended.  I am still only drinking caffeinated drinks earlier in the day, I am turning off my light and keeping my room the perfect temperature, and no sleep.

I am currently only able to fall asleep while watching bad television on the couch, and soon as I get to bed, my body decides it's time to get up.  Alternatively, the sun popping up is sending me to sleep too.  I have been getting enough sleep overall.

I am having a flare up of the chronic fatigue and apparently I am not the only person with this condition that suffers from sleep disturbance and pain.  It's absolutely no fun.  I've been consuming sugar which helps but I feel guilty even when everything else is high in fibre and nutrition.

It's 5.30 AM-ish here in Hobart and I've given up on sleep.  I made myself a shot of espresso and added water to make a gutsy long black. 

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