More Sunday reading picks: hot drinks, breakfast and millionaire potential

I'd rather find interesting articles for you to read than do the vacuuming and put the washing outside to dry.  I will do both shortly because I like a clean environment.  I am feeling overwhelmed and things are really not too bad.  I will be find once I start.

Article 1) How to better your chances of becoming a millionaire

The most common way, according to this article, to become a millionaire involves owning your own business.  While many businesses, particularly small business, fail, clearly persisting with a profitable idea can be rewarding.

Article 2) Chai

Link to chai recipes, including a gluten free, non-caffeinated version.

Article 3) Coffee myth busting by Nescafe

Article 4) Guilt free breakfast skipping?

This doctor believes that a bit of break fast skipping is probably nothing to worry about if you are not hungry first thing.  For personal medical advice always check with your medical doctor/team.

There you are, some more reading for you all.

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