I'm late writing

I'm still fighting the flu.  My legs feel weak and the only thing that seems to help is sugar in honey and other forms.  I would feel guilty but I feel too sick to feel guilty and relieved that it helps me feel a little human. 

My legs ache like I ran a marathon yesterday when in fact I went on a forty five minute slow walk, and sticky beak, around the neighbourhood.  I noticed an old weather board beginning to come to life with new fences and decrepit trees slowly replaced by new plants.  I also noticed an old house with a roof about to fly to Kansas.

Lately I've made yummy turkey mince meatballs which benefited from a couple of generous tablespoons of olive oil to stop them from getting dry, fresh herbs from the garden, a free range egg or two and oat flour made in the food processor.  They were served with onion and tomato gravy and vegetables and tasted good.  A little extra fat and herbs seem to be the secret to turkey mince meatballs worth eating.  Often, in my neck of the woods, turkey is a cheaper way to eat meat. 

It's finally a little cooler in Tasmania and we are beginning to get a bit more rain.  Hopefully the rain continues so that our dams become full and the threat of reducing electricity use it removed.  I've been told that we need solid rain for six weeks to do that, and the rain is still sporadic.

I'm drinking berry herbal tea with honey. 

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