Getting there

I am late with my writing.  I've been breeding a virus, I guess a flu.  After two mega doses of IV vitamins I am still tired but no longer shaking constantly.

Last night to distract myself to sleep, I watched the new Yogi Bear movie on Netflix.  Having nodded off to sleep mid way through, I would still recommend it for a family movie night.

I've been drinking honey and herbal teas and plenty of green tea too.  I managed a short walk yesterday and today I been mainly dividing my time between the couch and my bed. 

I've been dreaming of a modest shed/tiny house but must await to see if I will be eligible for a payout from my super insurance.  Even then, I will struggle to find something.  In the mean time I am looking to divide myself between my mum's house, my dad and his dog's and my uncle's house.  It keeps me from getting too bored with the scenery.  I must admit I like dogs and cats around, even if they can sometimes be a bit tricky to look after.  Dogs seem much more settled and content than cats who seem to have a mind of their own.  I've waited for a cat to come in at 2 am in the morning more times that I would like to admit. 

I found a really lovely, soft, delicious gluten loaf of bread at the local shop but it was $8.  And, it took me a very short and enjoyable time to eat it.  I think I will have to experiment more with making my own loaves.  I'm not sure I could make an equivalent loaf for less than $8.  Back in the day when I thought I could eat whatever I liked I remember my mum sometimes buying day old white bread for a $1.  I would grill it with baked beans and tomato on top.  Then I would go for long walks because the house we were living in was a bit too cosy for my mental health sometimes. I never had much money so I never really ate as much gluten based food as my peers.  Probably good for my health but now I have pizza regret, I wish I ate more.

There, life's been quiet.   

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