Alternate treatment for thyroid disease

I've recently lowered my dose of thyroxine.  In fact, I've moved back to thyroxine only, no natural thyroid for the moment.  I noticed I was getting hyper when I noticed that I was very low in iron.  I took iron tablets and iodine and other good things I was already taking at I quite quickly got hyper.  So I am on a lower dose and will get my TSH checked in a few weeks to make sure it's good.  I have read before that iron is a critical nutrient for thyroid health.  Additionally, I find it's critical for managing autoimmune thyroid. 

I was just doing some reading and found this alternative treatment for hypothyroidism.  It is controversial, and I am not recommending it.  Talk to your doctor about all treatment and be aware that this is primarily an iodine supplement, and it is possible to overload your body.

Please note: it is possible to be allergic to iodine (very rare).

Disclaimer: for medical advice contact a medical professional.

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