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Alternate treatment for thyroid disease

I've recently lowered my dose of thyroxine.  In fact, I've moved back to thyroxine only, no natural thyroid for the moment.  I noticed I was getting hyper when I noticed that I was very low in iron.  I took iron tablets and iodine and other good things I was already taking at I quite quickly got hyper.  So I am on a lower dose and will get my TSH checked in a few weeks to make sure it's good.  I have read before that iron is a critical nutrient for thyroid health.  Additionally, I find it's critical for managing autoimmune thyroid. 

I was just doing some reading and found this alternative treatment for hypothyroidism.  It is controversial, and I am not recommending it.  Talk to your doctor about all treatment and be aware that this is primarily an iodine supplement, and it is possible to overload your body.

Please note: it is possible to be allergic to iodine (very rare).

Disclaimer: for medical advice contact a medical profe…

Living in the USA, on less than $2 per day.

This blog was going to be titled "inspiring people living on less", until I read the articles below detailing the poverty of USA citizens that I think deserves telling.

This part of the article can be inspiring people living on less

It's always interesting to think what you can do with a small sum of money.  I think it encourages us all to think creatively.  I'll admit that I think it's unlikely that I will do this anytime.  I suspect my medication and supplements at the moment cost around the $2 that Melbourne man Richard Flemming was using to pay for his daily groceries in 2010:

Let me just add, the point of the exercise was to experience how people living in poverty, without his choices, experience life all across the world.  It was designed to engage people and the $2 daily diet is one that I have heard of before.

 This part, Living in the USA, on less than $2 per …

Not quite hot cross buns

I made some gluten free, egg and dairy free currant muffins instead of hot cross buns.  The mix made twelve big muffins that are addictive.  I would eat the lot, except that would be greedy and leave none for tomorrow.  They were crisp on the outside and just gooey enough on the inside.


1 white bread gluten free mix - enough for one loaf (self raising)
2 tablespoons of olive oil (could substitute grape seed, sunflower, coconut oils or vegan margarine)
3/4 cup of currants
1 medium sized apple grated
enough water for cake like consistency - about 1 and a half cups
1 teaspoon of yeast as extra raising agent
2 teaspoons of cinnamon
2 tablespoons of raw sugar (or one tablespoon of honey, if you prefer)

Step one: preheat the oven to 180 degrees C
Step two: place all the dry ingredients in a bowl and slowly mix in wet ingredients
Step three: grease a muffin tin and let muffins sit in a warm spot until they rise (about thirty minutes)
Step four: bake until crispy (20-30 minutes a…

Folk music while I do not sleep

View of my evening stroll

Blackmans Bay Beach!

Pretty clouds teasing

Clouds teasing Tasmania with the possibility of rain this afternoon.  We wait...

Cool cloudscape

Blackmans Bay cloud formation I took a photo of.  Awake late, feeling a little unsettled and unwell.  Really enjoyed my walk, met someone new to the neighborhood and had a look at her garden she is working on.  Had a yummy dinner cooked for grandparents.  Truely grateful for those things.  Our grandparents can offer us so much.  The world would be a better place if everyone had someone like my grandparents in their life.  Grandparents, friendly neighborhood and food - my three things I am grateful for.

Easter weekend reading: impatient chocolate and lent

A cup of something cleansing after the Easter choc fest, and into some reading:

The health benefits of chocolate seems pertinent to the Easter holidays:

An article about lent, the Christian season leading to Easter, also seems appropriate:

And no, I have not been appropriately disciplined for the last few weeks.

WebMD on fasting diets (always check with a qualified doctor, can be incredibly dangerous for people with diabetes and women who are pregnant or menstruating, people with chronic disease, the elderly and children).  They conclude that there are better ways to improve your health.

How to make chocolate, by WikiHow:

How to make chocolate mousse for the impatient:

Things I would do for my thyroid

I  would look to do this if I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's thyroiditis tomorrow. 1) Try natural thyroid medication. 2) Check whether I was low in Selenium and iodine.  If low, and safe to supplement.  Do a week on 200mcg of Selenium, and then start on low iodine or kelp tablets.  Iodine overdoses are possible, and can lead to detox.  Contact an integrated practioner.  For similar effects, and safer, just supplement selenium.  Drink soda water regularly when taking kelp/ iodine to deal with the effects of detox. 3) It's critical to give up gluten.  This I would recommended to everyone as it's safe and research indicates it's necessary to feel better.  I would talk to a nutritionist for help adjusting to a gluten free diet.  Your GP can refer you to one. 3) Talk to a doctor about being tested for vitamin d, iron and b12. These nutrients are critical to optimal thyroid patient health in my experience. 4) Accept I have this disease and will likely need medication for li…

Crema topped coffee

Proof that my Lavazza pod machine can make a cafe quality long black!

Australians look to spending, and find it lacking

According to the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Australians' spending is flat for a second month.  They find this a worrying thing.  I personally, think it's inevitable when the basics take up so much of people's wages/ income.  If we want to get somewhere in terms of saving up for retirement, or a house, of course we will watch our spending.(1)
Traditionally banks would be pleased by reduced spending and increased emphasis on saving because they could use the deposits in their banks to make money.  Due to the habit of using overseas savings to buoy up lending, their need for savings is reduced.  It also puts our country at greater exposure of overseas shocks.  Encouraging a savings based banking sector would have prevented the GFC in the US and would have also prevented a downturn in Australia which I predict will hit us sooner, rather than later.  Certainly, people in WA are bearing the brunt of an economy that encouraged risky mortgages.
If we were all inclined to sa…

iPhone - smaller, cheaper, smarter

The new iPhone SE strikes me as a very intelligent idea from Apple.  While I am very happy with my Meizu M2 note and will likely stick with it, and cheaper iPhone, and smaller with quality camera certainly brings the iPhone into competitive territory and is a very SMART move by Apple!

Disclaimer:  I am not affiliated with Apple.  The above is just my personal opinion and should not be taken as professional advice.

Hello Rationing

We are currently without water to the house.  Thankfully, there's tank water for us to use so it's not much of a problem in the scheme of things.  Soon the water will be restored and I can have a proper shower.

Just reading that Unions in Tasmania are talking to the state government about the possibility of electricity rationing.  The dams in Tasmania are low due to our government gleefully selling power to the mainland without considering that the power cable from our state might break.  Absolutely no planning and foresight, which really is the preserve of public servants at Hydro (or Aurora - not sure how that works), means that we really do face the possibility of blackouts without considerable rain.

Now all we need to do is bring in petrol rationing, and then Hobart's current status of third most congested city in Australia will be lost!

I was reading last night about someone preparing for emergencies who lives in a small apartment.  They did in a financially sustainab…

Wee bit weak

The whole, hmmm...I feel extraordinary dizzy thing is getting old.  I think it's probably due to fevers and lose of electrolytes which I've done my best to fix while resting.  After all it's a little tricky to be energetic while feeling weak.  I'm going to get myself some iron supplements tomorrow as I think it may be contributing to my general lack of wellness, and lack of stamina.

No exercising for me today after my symptoms got worse after I surveyed the neighbourhood on my feet.  However, I am sure I will get there!

Looking at sheds far away, I may one day afford.  More hoops to jump through.

Sunday Reading Picks: a dog, a house sale and savings

Grab yourself a cup of soothing herbal tea, or other drink of choice, and enjoy my Sunday reading choices:

Sell a house faster with the help of a fancy dog:

10 Secrets to sell your house, according to HGTV:

30 Ways to Save Money by Apartment Therapy:

I'm late writing

I'm still fighting the flu.  My legs feel weak and the only thing that seems to help is sugar in honey and other forms.  I would feel guilty but I feel too sick to feel guilty and relieved that it helps me feel a little human. 

My legs ache like I ran a marathon yesterday when in fact I went on a forty five minute slow walk, and sticky beak, around the neighbourhood.  I noticed an old weather board beginning to come to life with new fences and decrepit trees slowly replaced by new plants.  I also noticed an old house with a roof about to fly to Kansas.

Lately I've made yummy turkey mince meatballs which benefited from a couple of generous tablespoons of olive oil to stop them from getting dry, fresh herbs from the garden, a free range egg or two and oat flour made in the food processor.  They were served with onion and tomato gravy and vegetables and tasted good.  A little extra fat and herbs seem to be the secret to turkey mince meatballs worth eating.  Often, in my neck of …

Getting there

I am late with my writing.  I've been breeding a virus, I guess a flu.  After two mega doses of IV vitamins I am still tired but no longer shaking constantly.

Last night to distract myself to sleep, I watched the new Yogi Bear movie on Netflix.  Having nodded off to sleep mid way through, I would still recommend it for a family movie night.

I've been drinking honey and herbal teas and plenty of green tea too.  I managed a short walk yesterday and today I been mainly dividing my time between the couch and my bed. 

I've been dreaming of a modest shed/tiny house but must await to see if I will be eligible for a payout from my super insurance.  Even then, I will struggle to find something.  In the mean time I am looking to divide myself between my mum's house, my dad and his dog's and my uncle's house.  It keeps me from getting too bored with the scenery.  I must admit I like dogs and cats around, even if they can sometimes be a bit tricky to look after.  Dogs see…

A few bad days

Have been through some bad days recently.  Hard to tell how much is the flu and how much is chronic fatigue.  Trying new and old treatment to hit them both hard.  Exhausted, will write more soon.

More Sunday reading picks: hot drinks, breakfast and millionaire potential

I'd rather find interesting articles for you to read than do the vacuuming and put the washing outside to dry.  I will do both shortly because I like a clean environment.  I am feeling overwhelmed and things are really not too bad.  I will be find once I start.

Article 1) How to better your chances of becoming a millionaire

The most common way, according to this article, to become a millionaire involves owning your own business.  While many businesses, particularly small business, fail, clearly persisting with a profitable idea can be rewarding.

Article 2) Chai

Link to chai recipes, including a gluten free, non-caffeinated version.

Article 3) Coffee myth busting by Nescafe

Article 4) Guilt free breakfast skipping?


Weekend reading picks: walk, coffee, indulge & home

It's early Sunday morning where I am typing this.  So early in fact that the sun, unlike me, is still asleep. 

Make yourself a shot of coffee, or some other drink of choice, and enjoy my weekend reading picks.

Article pick 1) Walking

10 Ways Walking can help you get fit, healthy and toned:

I learnt today, that when pushed (I thought a child was in danger) I can do a quick sprint.  My ankles are stiff and unhappy but it's nice to know what a bit of adrenaline can do!  Hopefully I could do that tomorrow as well if I had to.

Article pick 2) Frugal indulgence

This article by Apartment Therapy is right up my alley.  Little indulgences for less than $10:

Article 3) Make the best of home and hearth

For those of you, who are blessed with, and worked hard for, a home, this is for you:
10 Ways to add valu…

Noise and relax

At the moment I am struggling with sleep.  I said in a previous blog post a couple of weeks ago that I expected my dream sleep run to end.  Yes, it has ended.  I am still only drinking caffeinated drinks earlier in the day, I am turning off my light and keeping my room the perfect temperature, and no sleep.

I am currently only able to fall asleep while watching bad television on the couch, and soon as I get to bed, my body decides it's time to get up.  Alternatively, the sun popping up is sending me to sleep too.  I have been getting enough sleep overall.

I am having a flare up of the chronic fatigue and apparently I am not the only person with this condition that suffers from sleep disturbance and pain.  It's absolutely no fun.  I've been consuming sugar which helps but I feel guilty even when everything else is high in fibre and nutrition.

It's 5.30 AM-ish here in Hobart and I've given up on sleep.  I made myself a shot of espresso and added water to make a guts…

Good day to sleep in

I'll admit to sleeping in.  I am learning to ignore the guilty voice in my head that tells me that it's slack to stay in bed.  I might as well stay in bed when I feel unwell if I can.  When I get up and I feel reasonable, I get more things done.

Had pork sausages with vegetables for dinner.  The vegetables were under-cooked quite a bit.  We ate, and that's all that really matters.

As I spent half the day in bed, I had quite a quiet day.  Picked beans and vegetables for dinner, cooked dinner, did a clean up, checked the garden with my Mum and other assorted domestic things.

Drank herbal tea and green tea, and soon to bed.

Reading about spuds 'n' stuff

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