Weekend Reading: infruitatingly sensible and young

Some weekend reading for you once you've devoured the newspaper.  Make a cup of something hot and luxurious, and get the brain cells activated with this:

Scott Paper a.k.a The Barefoot Investor with a savings plan he finds works:

The Barefoot Investor's blog is well worth the read and can be found here:

"Millennials" are being all sensible and it's making it difficult for new car companies to sell their cars.  How many times have I read the criticism of our generation that we like to spend?  Too many times, and it's often, at least statistically (all generations have some people who like to spend) a myth!
The good thing about this, is it might put downward pressure on new cars and make them cheaper.  I'm still thinking about paying my step dad to service my car this year and pay him in fancy coffee, so it probably will not make much difference to me!

How fear and saving can go together:

Keep in simple, and save:
Let me add, consider not going to college/ university until you have a job.  At least talk to people who have got a job other ways.  I would recommend that young people look at trade colleges if they want to avoid excessive debt and have the best chance for getting a job.

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