Spuds, spuds and more spuds

Today, I stumbled across this article about Australian man Andrew Taylor who has set himself the challenge of an entire year on a diet consisting of around 99% potatoes.  This was inspired by his need to treat his addiction to food and to show that potatoes can be healthy and to encourage people to use them as a frugal food source.  As he says, you can not give up food entirely.  After a month, his story has been picked up by major news outlets, and he has lost around ten kilograms, and reportedly feels better.  You can follow his story on   YouTube and via Facebook under Spud Fit.


Having read about the diet followed in the UK during World War II, I was not surprised to read that he was thriving under his conditions.  He has added Sweet Potatoes into his diet under the guidance of a nutritionist, and has some fat in his diet, along with sauces and seasoning to prevent boredom.  Thankfully he is receiving advice, and monitoring from qualified medical practitioner's, which is always a good idea when embarking on a strict diet.  I imagine his budget's bottom line is shrinking as well!

Then, being me, I got curious and searched for other people following a similar regime.  Here's what I found:

The 20 potatoes a day website inspired by Chris Voigt who survived on potatoes and little else for sixty days in a bid to remind people that potatoes have plenty of nutrients and can form part of a very healthy diet.  Chris Voigt was the then Washington State's Potato Commission's Executive Director when he took on the diet in 2010. Chris Voigt lost weight and significantly improved his health according to his blood work.


News article by today.com about Chris Voigt's journey:

If you do an online search for potato diet you will be surprised at all the entries.  The Paleo diet was popular in 2015, I guess the The Potato Diet will be popular in 2016.  I'm not about to go that way, but it certainly is interesting to read about!

There you are then, potatoes can be part of a healthy and frugal lifestyle! 

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