How to win an argument

I've spent many years in further education, in part due to lack of opportunity for work and because I enjoy learning.  Left to my own devices this afternoon, I have spent much time debating economic theory and catching up on some finance news and thoughts.

I know I've effectively won an argument when someone insults me.  Let's face it, it takes no courage, no thought and zero understanding of an issue to insult someone, to call them names and to dismiss them.  While this annoys me, I try and remember to respond with facts, and recognise I've won the argument.

I do not mind people disagreeing with me.  I firmly believe that respectful debate is the cornerstone of civilised society.  Most people do not have the skill to debate effectively, and I wish they would choose to shut up.  If people do insult me in a public domain I know I have the last laugh because they leave their mark and hopefully an employer, or business partner sees their insults and they lose something valuable in the long run.

How To Win An Argument

1) Read, read, read
2) Study - be willing to learn and spend time looking at a topic/s in detail
3) Know and check your facts
4) Understand the other person's point of view
5) Never stoop to insults, but engage with people with respect.  Do not be doormat
6) Know when to quit - influence is not the same thing as having the last word

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