First aid refresher

I sometimes think that I have a talent for walking into stressful situations.  Today, I was going for a walk to stretch my legs and get my grey matter moving too, when I witnessed a minor car accident.

I was very glad that the accident was relatively mild but the situation was exacerbated by people who had clearly no experience dealing with stressful situations or car accidents.  Thankfully, I did manage to deal with the people involved well and the cars were not driving fast at the time. 

I would encourage anyone to get a first aid certificate because that training does help keep me calm in the face of uncooperative and at times abusive people.

Here's some links to refresh your first aid knowledge and to encourage anyone reading to get first aid training so you can help yourself and others, in a stressful situation.

In Tasmania call 131 444 to get through to the police radio room for non-emergency police assistance and 000 Australia wide to get emergency assistance.

If you are an Australian Job Seeker registered with a Job Agency or Disability Employment Provider they can often fund a first aid course as a part of your job search training.  First Aid courses are generally available for most year 11 and 12 students at colleges.  You can also learn first aid by volunteering with emergency service organisations such as St John Ambulance and SES.  Red Cross and St John Ambulance offer courses privately.

A UK resource:

St John Ambulance resource:

NHS UK resource:

 First Aid basics with the Better Health Channel Australian resource:

Disclaimer: In the event of an emergency contact local emergency services and follow their advice.  For medical advice contact medical professionals.  This blog is for general information purposes only and should not be a substitute for professional advice.

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