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Smart saving moves

I am happy to admit that my smart phone will overwhelmingly save me money in the long run.  Unfortunately, I just missed my monthly payment by seconds for Netflix when I cancelled it this afternoon.  I've seen nearly everything I want to in two months.  Still, I guess another month is alright, given that I had a free month to start off with.  I thought I'd only use the free month but it can get rather addictive particularly if there's a TV season in the mix.  I did enjoy watching Australian police drama 'Rush' and US medical drama 'House'.  Most of the other programming leaves me pretty cold.  'House of Cards' is supposed to be the penultimate in post modern television but I could not even get through the first program! 

Due to my smart phone being 4G network compatible it calculates my charges more accurately and I am saving money on phone calls.  It's definitely taken longer than normal to recharge my credit.  In fact, it has been so long bet…

Antiviral and flat

Trying some antiviral natural medication my doctor trialled me on over twelve months ago.  I stopped it because my entire body was sicker than I could bear.  The side effects seem lower, and tolerable, than before.  I am taking the dose prescribed and fewer tablets than before.  I have every reason to believe that they are hitting the virus but I am feeling fatigue as a result.  I would normally say "let's hope this works" but I will settle for an improvement!

First aid refresher

I sometimes think that I have a talent for walking into stressful situations.  Today, I was going for a walk to stretch my legs and get my grey matter moving too, when I witnessed a minor car accident.

I was very glad that the accident was relatively mild but the situation was exacerbated by people who had clearly no experience dealing with stressful situations or car accidents.  Thankfully, I did manage to deal with the people involved well and the cars were not driving fast at the time. 

I would encourage anyone to get a first aid certificate because that training does help keep me calm in the face of uncooperative and at times abusive people.

Here's some links to refresh your first aid knowledge and to encourage anyone reading to get first aid training so you can help yourself and others, in a stressful situation.

In Tasmania call 131 444 to get through to the police radio room for non-emergency police assistance and 000 Australia wide to get emergency assistance.

If you are a…

Procrastination can save you money

Very grateful that I put off returning my computer to the retailer and demanded a repair or replacement.  Two days after it refused to turn on, I tried one more time.  Thankfully it's working once again.

As I was concerned to not give my laptop stress leave again I quickly researched the most likely problem.  It seems my laptop most likely took exception to my use of graphics a.k.a Netflix and needed a well earned rest!  Who would have thought.  In more IT speak the GPU probably overheated and the computer went to nap land.

There you are, I learned something new!

Fascinating research linking autism and anorexia.

The invisible link between autism and anorexia | Spectrum - Autism Research News -- shared by Browser

Sunny Sunday

Slept well which really is amazing!  I have been setting my alarm for the morning but the first morning dog sitting I woke up at 5.30 am and could not get back to sleep, so I got up and had two cups of tea.  Now the dog has got it did in his head that I like early mornings!  Actually, he's been padding in at 7.20 am which is perfectly acceptable.I was following doctor's orders and thyroid patient advice and splitting my thyroid medication doses.  Which worked for a little while.  Now I've changed to a mega dose in the morning I am sleeping at night like a vaguely normal person.  I've struggled with insomnia for so long though I am waiting for my biorhythms to get stupid again!

Weekend Reading: infruitatingly sensible and young

Some weekend reading for you once you've devoured the newspaper.  Make a cup of something hot and luxurious, and get the brain cells activated with this:

Scott Paper a.k.a The Barefoot Investor with a savings plan he finds works:

The Barefoot Investor's blog is well worth the read and can be found here:

"Millennials" are being all sensible and it's making it difficult for new car companies to sell their cars.  How many times have I read the criticism of our generation that we like to spend?  Too many times, and it's often, at least statistically (all generations have some people who like to spend) a myth!
The good thing about this, is it might put downward pressure on new cars and make them cheaper.  I'm still thinking about paying my step da…

Three things I am grateful for

Today I am grateful for fresh food, Berry and black tea, and this cute cup!

Four seasons

It's towards the end of February and I am lighting a fire.  At least I am trying to light a fire.  In the mean time, I've got my thermal top on, a polar-jacket and slippers.

Yesterday, I was boiling hot and craving weather like today.  So unlike the middle of winter when I sometimes get fed up with the lack of sunshine, I am grateful for today's cooler front.

I am dog sitting for a few days and enjoying a change of scenery.  I managed to find some gluten free pasta at the supermarket and got all excited.  I certainly bought more than I needed for the next few days!  I really enjoy pasta but it's not part of my regular eating schedule as it is three time as much as glutenous pasta even when on special.

Just about to pop the kettle on and make a berry flavored cup of black tea.

Gloomy 101

Suffering from the blahs today due to too much rest and screen time.  Pulled myself together after weighing myself and did 30 minutes of combined weighs, Pilate's, and a few stairs.  Feel much better! Picked a posy of flowers and made a easy healthy  dinner of zucchini with mince and vegetables, yum! Even with dodgy ankles I can find things to do.

How to win an argument

I've spent many years in further education, in part due to lack of opportunity for work and because I enjoy learning.  Left to my own devices this afternoon, I have spent much time debating economic theory and catching up on some finance news and thoughts.

I know I've effectively won an argument when someone insults me.  Let's face it, it takes no courage, no thought and zero understanding of an issue to insult someone, to call them names and to dismiss them.  While this annoys me, I try and remember to respond with facts, and recognise I've won the argument.

I do not mind people disagreeing with me.  I firmly believe that respectful debate is the cornerstone of civilised society.  Most people do not have the skill to debate effectively, and I wish they would choose to shut up.  If people do insult me in a public domain I know I have the last laugh because they leave their mark and hopefully an employer, or business partner sees their insults and they lose something va…

Research: Wiping out Epstein Barr Virus

New research on using T-cells from donors to wipe out Epstein Barr Virus and prevent cancer and lead to better health outcomes.  So far the research is proving to be low risk, high return.  Potential help for people suffering from Chronic Fatigue/ SEID instigated by Epstein Barr.

Disclaimer: for health advice, and treatment, contact medical professionals.

Dr Brownstein on iodine

Interesting reading from Dr Brownstein's notes on iodine treatment, scroll down the page to read his points:

Disclaimer: for medical advice contact a medical professional.

Mid week reading picks

Some reading to get your grey matter working:

Interesting article on the possible benefits of mineral water.  For some reason I am craving bubbly mineral water, possibly I am deficient in minerals.  In my case, I buy cheap generic mineral water, unlike this writer:

Honest article about one woman's attempt to give up sugar for fourteen days.  You get the idea by the eighth day or so, that she'd rather give up an appendage.  I'm selecting it for it's honesty, and entertainment value:

Major Australian retailer, Big W, criticised for inappropriate girls wear by a concerned parent:

Lessons that can be learnt from declaring bankruptcy:

When only green tea will do

The last few days have been a combined blur of rare stabs in domesticity, Netflix, fever pain and lack of sleep, guilt and sleep during the day, followed by another vague concession to domesticity, herbal tea and me in a foetal position in the lounge room getting up the energy to go back to bed.  Yesterday, when green tea gave me a reprieve of sorts, I almost felt human, I drank two cups.  As a result, I am starting today with the good stuff, more green tea.  More specifically, Nerada Green Tea Bags with Lemon Myrtle. 

I hit my chronic fatigue hard with iodine, which seems to have meant that my body was determined to rid myself of something nasty.  I've been taking some bicarbonate soda and water to rid myself of nasties, liver tonic to get my body going, herbal tea by the bucketful and magnesium and B12 to get it all going. 

I've used up my stash of electrolytes and am due to get some today.  Feeling a bit better today, let's hope it lasts, at least for a little while. …

A walk, or two

Finally managed an hour walking with a strapped ankle today.  It's no surprise that I was puffing and panting up the hill.  I managed a decent, if unfit, walk.
I've been under the weather for the last few days, with my body not as co-operative as I would like. Hopefully I will get a reprieve this week and be able manage some more walks.

Spuds, spuds and more spuds

Today, I stumbled across this article about Australian man Andrew Taylor who has set himself the challenge of an entire year on a diet consisting of around 99% potatoes.  This was inspired by his need to treat his addiction to food and to show that potatoes can be healthy and to encourage people to use them as a frugal food source.  As he says, you can not give up food entirely.  After a month, his story has been picked up by major news outlets, and he has lost around ten kilograms, and reportedly feels better.  You can follow his story on   YouTube and via Facebook under Spud Fit.

Having read about the diet followed in the UK during World War II, I was not surprised to read that he was thriving under his conditions.  He has added Sweet Potatoes into his diet under the guidance of a nutritionist, and has some fat in his diet, alo…

Research and help with Epstein Barr/Mononuclosis

This is a link to an article about the importance of managing and treating EBV and trying protocols to help with Chronic Fatigue, MS and associated cancers: