Walks around in cirles

A few days ago I managed another short walk down the hill, and lived to regret the walk.  Today, instead of walking down the hill and having my ankle request we stop, I walked around in circles for a kilometre or so until it protested.  Thankfully, I really do not care what the neighbours think of me.

Now, I just need to keep up the walking, and stop eating chocolates and other good things.  It's a Monday, so I figure eating a few handfuls of chocolate is fine, right?  Plus the weather's due to get cooler this week, so insulation is needed, right?  I can report that we have had a little rain, and forecast for more.  It will be such a relief when it rains and Tasmania looks green.

Checked the prices of the working class neighbourhood my childhood was spent in, only to find a house last renovated in 1953 or so, with lawn and hills hoist lonely at the back, sold for 315 000 AUD in October.  I can not help but guess, and hope that it signals the peak of the boom.  Given that my parents fully renovated house complete with well developed garden sold for about a quarter of that twenty five years ago, and more houses have been built since, the price seems ludicrous to me. 

The house prices mean that I will probably never be able to afford to live, in the previously poor area, ex-housing department area, I grew up in.  Mad. And, maddening.

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