The calm after the storm

The weather has settled down in my neck of the woods.  I took some pictures while being brave this afternoon and going for a half hour walk.  Still fires and floods in the rest of the state though and our emergency workers sound stretched.  Very glad we have them and back up from other states and NZ.

I'm sure my walk took me longer than my normal thirty minutes because I am still a little on the invalid side with a taped up bung ankle.  It's not quite so obvious now I am walking minus the crutches.  I am keeping them for the moment, they are on loan, just in case I find that I push my ankle too far and need them to get around.  That's already happened once!

We did the family dinner thing today.  Thankfully, I slept in, which I admit makes me feel like I am lazy but the chronic fatigue has been flaring up something shocking.  I had canceled the Netflix service and reinstated it during a particularly nasty night.  My subscription at the moment is 9AUD per month which really is a cheap solution to pain and for the amount I watch, works out cheaper than the local video store.  The problem I have is that I would like, in an ideal world, to keep the video libraries afloat, but this is cheaper and more convenient and perfect for when I do not want to or, can not walk!

Still enjoying my pod coffee machine.  Most of the time I get up stairs and make a coffee using the press and use the coffee machine for herbal teas at night.

Been eating a little too much, a little less healthy with the food, will aim to walk a bit more as that helps my head.  When my head and general mood are in gear, my eating tends to be a bit better balanced.

Made sandwiches for tomorrow and a lamb, vegetable and potato topped pie for tomorrow night's dinner.  Definitely rustic, hopefully it will taste good.  Overall, my cooking has tended towards the rustic, possibly a bit too healthy side.  It's been a bit hit and miss lately.  We are still eating, and I could do with eating a little less.

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