Raining cats and dogs

The rain is very welcome when living on a hill.  I do however have sympathy for those trapped as a result of the deluge and flooding around Tasmania.  TAS Alerts and Tasmanian Police websites can be checked for information along with the Bureau of Meteorology to keep up with weather warnings and forecasts (see below for websites and phone numbers).

Having successfully placed cars under shelter, after advise from the authorities, the possibility of hail has passed (for the moment, another storm front on the way).  I am incredibly grateful to spared from the hail that has damaged other parts of Tasmania.

Stayed off the roads today.  Grateful to be safe and inside today.  I cut my Netflix membership but with weather like this I am tempted to buy a month or two.  Very tempted.

Bureau of Meteorology:

Keep up to date with emergency warnings for Tasmania here:

Tasmanian Police Community Alerts, here:

For emergency calls in Australia (police, fire, ambulance) call 000,

for local police assistance call 131 444,

State Emergency Service call 132 500

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