Nothing to do

I just went for a walk outside with the clouds teasing us all, again, with the possibility of rain.  Being a born and bred Tasmanian the lack of rain is making me tetchy. 

If there is one thing that annoys me about some people that move to Tasmania, it is the complaint that "there is nothing to do".  I walk, a lot, because even if there was entertainment on every corner, I would not spend my time or money on most of it.

There's always something to do in a place like Tasmania, it's just that it requires effort.  Yes, we lack theme parks and movie theatres on every corner, and apparently there's never enough shops.  What we lack in shopping (my idea of torture if I do it too often) we make up for in libraries, cafes, book shops, parks, beautiful beaches, bush reserves, National Parks and walking tracks.

I love the lack of shopping facilities, although there's never been so many shops in Tasmania.  I think that there's never enough shops for some people.  Given that Tasmania was traditionally a poorer area of Australia, makes people whinging about a lack of shops clearly affluent and not likely to ever be content here.

We thankfully have a growing op shop/ charity/ second hand shopping facilities and farmers markets.  As long as I can access health care, pharmacies and food, I'm pretty happy with limited facilities for other kinds of shopping.  Sure, there's other things I want occasionally but most of what I need is easily acquired and I am content with that.   

Anyway, if I am ever to buy a shed, with maybe a wood fire and vegetable patch, then I can not be choosing shopping as a hobby!

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