Managing the unmanagable

I've done a scary thing today.  On the scale of scary things, it's really not that bad, but I found it difficult to do.  It involved me admitting that going back to work is not something that I will be able to avail myself of, anymore.  It's a bit of a sad moment, but I am at acceptance of where I am.  I still see myself very much with a future, just not one I could have ever planned or envisaged, nor one likely to feature on a reality show.

Yet, look at the news headlines today, I am doing fine, all things considered.  It took courage to apply for a payment that I am eligible and will hopefully give me some new options.

I also learnt that electrolyte depletion is common in people with SEID/ Chronic Fatigue.  That helps me feel better about my approach to manage the un-managable!

It's just as well I got my feet to the point of walking around the house and general snail pace duties, including short drives.  The Head Gardener is out of action, and in quite a lot of pain, due to a fracture.  Between my dodgy leg and her painful arm, we must be keeping the curtain twitches talking!  Although if they are friendly, I will ply them with reasonable gossip, just nothing confidential.  Always nice to be remembered in the very local news!


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