Five ways to save in 2016

Five ways to save money in 2016:

1) Use less.  It's an old trick, and a very good one if you are a marketer, find ways to get people to use more product.  To save money, do the exact opposite, find ways to use less while still getting the result you want.  It might be as simple as measuring out servings of food, limiting chocolate consumption, buying fewer shoes, decanting your shampoo into another, cheap bottle. 

2) Use none.  Find a way to get rid of some expenses entirely.

3) Find ways to cheer yourself up that cost less.  Plan to spend some of your budget on entertainment.  It's sounds counterintuitive, but regular spending on small frugal pleasures can be all you need to keep the budget in check, for example, 50 cents on a cute mug from the op shop; $3 on ear rings that make you feel good;  A home made vanilla latte on a Sunday morning; buy the weekend paper once in a while. 

4) Create a list.  Keep a list of all expenses for a few months and then review on a regular basis.  Sometimes we all need to sit down and figure out where our money goes, in order to figure out what we can do without.

5) Spend money on insurance.  I've personally found that prioritising insurance has been invaluable to my bottom line.  While private health insurance is expensive, and I still pay a fee to go to private emergency, it's nice to know the service is there, particularly when my pain is through the roof.  Be aware that private health does not cover all services, and that some are best seen to by the public hospital service.  In my state that generally includes emergency presentations for children, cardiothoracic emergencies and major trauma.  It always pays to ring triage before presenting at emergence where possible and practicable.

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