A bit of a cliche

Spent most of the night awake along with The Head Gardener.  Thick smoke plumes are not conducive to a good nights' sleep.  Thankfully the smoke has cleared for the most part here, and hopefully it's a sign of fire fighters getting the blazes under control.

The weather is again teasing us with the possibility of rain, yet it is still to break the drought.  It's a horrible feeling waiting for rain.  Though, it's lovely and cool tonight.

Made a simple salad and steamed potatoes which were accompanied by lamb chops on the barbeque.  It's a bit of a cliché, chops on the barbie, but it works.  Made a fresh zesty dressing with a little French mustard, olive oil, salt and pepper and vinegar.

In other news, the new Australia Day advertisement promoting lamb has courted controversy, and free air time.  Complaints against the advertisement have been dismissed, the majority of people polled "love it": 


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