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Something to tell you

Life's not exactly smoothly running, but then how boring would that be?  I feel guilty even writing that given the 500 000 refugees flooded into Europe in the last twelve months, the news that Russia is joining in air strikes in Syria and the total takeover by the Taliban in Kabul today.

I have spent the last three days no less counting my blessings but the pain, oh the pain, has been no fun at all.  The moments of almost pain free, or pain free have been all the sweeter.

I am ever hopeful that these days will pass and I will have more strength filled days.  In my belief system with great strength comes, great responsibility and challenges.  Surely, challenges are a sign of life well lived?

I leave you tonight philosophical and with the hope that you will spend a few quiet moments tonight and tomorrow giving your legacy and life's work some careful thought, and then, of course some action.

My goal at the moment is primarily to heal.  I'm going to focus on healing by stick…

Best day for a beach walk & three books (edited)

The best day to go for a walk along a normally popular beach is when the wind is strong and the weather is cool.  That's what I, and a few other hardy characters did today.  My soul needed the walk even if my body protested the whole way!

It's good for me to get out regularly and even just talk to strangers with their dogs, children, or hopefully cheerful disposition.  Sometimes I take me and my "black dog" and black cloud for a therapeutic walk but I do my best to put on a smile for other people.

Today, I mainly stayed inside and read books, one on the idea that life is best lived focused on a legacy and lasting joy.  I'm halfway through a book examining the life of Louise May Alcott, and I read an autobiography of a primary school teacher.  I've been particularly inspired by the dedication of the teacher and her love of children and legacy of helping them be their best.  The book's upstairs at the moment with The Head Gardener, if I remember, I'll p…

Chocolate and coffee can take you places

I've just had another change of scenery and as a result I'm able to use my computer again.  Quite nice. It turns out that the break from my computer and the internet probably did me a world of good.

The last week, as a result of not having the world web readily at my fingertips, I've been spending more time and a little more money getting out and about and it's done me such good.

The sunshine has returned to my home state this week and I've been soaking it up with bush and beach walks, going to the pool to swim, going to the library, reading books in the sunshine and generally being poorly informed about the news.  I've been reading the news paper here and there but I think less is probably more when it comes to the news, it can get horribly depressing.

The quality chocolate and coffee are a small token of appreciation for getting my computer fixed.

You might enjoy this article, I did:…

Viruses and I

Given my ongoing battle with virus mediated Chronic Fatigue/SEID, it's slightly ironic that I have managed to infect my brand new computer with a virus.  It's a doozy of a virus too.

I've been spending the last few days reading, bush walking and curled up in a ball fighting my CFS viral nastiness.  I am certain that the iodine and companion nutrients are helping but there are still bad moments and bad days.  In between, in good moments, I can go for a decent walk and for that at least I am incredibly grateful.

As I type my notebook is being tended to by a slightly exasperated IT professional who I've given complete control over fixing the thing.  I take complete responsibility for the situation.  The lesson is quite simple, if your virus protector screams danger do not think you are smarter because the website looks legit.  If your virus protector says no, move on to another website/ email.

I took the virus on because I received an email about a package from Australia …

High Sobriety (book review)

I've been trying to make myself sit down for the last two days to write about the book "High Sobriety: My Year Without Booze". 

I'm sure it's been longer than twelve months since I had a glass of alcohol.  My avoidance of alcohol started as primarily health related.  These days, the more I read about alcohol dependence, the less inclined I am to even slightly miss drinking. 

I was raised by parents that drank rarely and never provided me with the money to drink as a young person.  After reading, High Sobriety, I am incredibly grateful for, what at the time may have seemed like less from my parents.  According to Jill Stark, the writer of High Sobriety, parents are the people that primarily fund the drinking of teenagers.

While I found the book fascinating, I found the story depressing.  The thought of someone using alcohol as a substitute for enjoying life, still today, makes me feel sick to my stomach.  Reading about parents, who are probably themselves alcoho…

Walking, baby, walking

I went for another walk today along the water front with the dog.  When confronted by a neighbourhood dog in a fence, showing off his turf, the dog is a total wuss.  Put the dog in a situation face to face on a track though and all of a sudden I'm doing dog walking ballet trying to control the mutt.  That, and cars are something to occasional go towards just to keep my one my toes.

You'd think I'd have lost weight but I just seem to be getting stronger which is nothing to sneeze at.  A bit of weight loss with all the detox nonsense would be nice.  I'm not nearly so bad but I do still have to sleep in a lot and rest and pace myself. 

I'm still getting the glandular pain, inflammation and fevers.  I'm noticing that my body seems to be healing slowly though.

Thankfully, I can now go for a decent walk most days.  Today I managed 40 minutes walking, 10 minutes of lady weights (around 1.3 kg) and moving wood around to fix the wood fire up and warm the house up.



Today, I picked up some more iodine from a local pharmacy.  This will work out cheaper than the other iodine I purchased.  Very grateful that the price was low, and the service was excellent.

Considered doing Christmas shopping today but realised that I was not in the right head space and while I liked the gift options they were not quite what I wanted to buy for people this year.

Instead, even though I was a little scared, I went for a swim.  There's no doubt that I have a way to go, but the short swim, was well earned and oh, so sweet.

I hope things improve overall.  Today I struggled, spent some of the morning in bed, but I got in that pool and my body is given another opportunity to heal.  Having a full milk pod machine coffee complete with foam and thinking about taking the dog for a walk.  It's amazing how hungry I get after a swim. 

I've missed swimming so much.  Very grateful for my short stint in the pool.  Let's hope my stamina improves and I am able to spen…

Three things

Three things that I am particularly grateful for today:

1) Being able to go for two walks today.  I was able to stop at a local supermarket and do all my errands on my feet.  I did struggle a little but an overall improvement.

2) Grateful for a pharmacist listening to my point of view regarding thyroid treatment plan and being open minded enough to consider where I was coming from.  Hopefully someone else benefits from that conversation.

3) Enjoyable visits to the op-shop and library.  Clothing and reading material at good prices.  Low waste, low price, good customer service.  Really, can't ask for more than that!

Other things that I am grateful for today, yogurt, fresh fruit, sweet tea and chicken and quinoa.  Not all together, except the chicken and quinoa.

Off to finish my tea drinking!

Geek out: Does iodine kick viruses buttocks?

Evidence suggesting that liquid iodine can inactivate viruses, in a lab:

According to my research today, Epstein Barr Virus is a  lipid enveloped virus which means that it is harder to get out of the body, particularly if it decides to play hide and seek.  I remain determined to kick the b*stard out of my body.

Keeping the kidneys clean by not drinking any alcohol, taking magnesium supplements semi-regularly, eating a healthy diet, drinking plenty of water and herbal teas and having stock on a regular basis seem to be key to kicking it out.

Healing from EBV

I was looking for something else and I stumbled across this story.  This is the approach someone else has taken to deal with a severe reactivation of the Epstein Barr Virus. 

While I have researched some of the treatments taken by this person I would talk to a doctor and do your own research to come up with a plan likely to work for you.

I am great believer in stories of hope to keep me going.

Sunday Reading

I'm writing this outside in the shade having caught some morning sunshine with my two cups of tea.  I've set my laptop outside for a quiet, frugal outdoor cafĂ© experience.  Also, I can get away with wearing old jeans and a casual top this way. 

I'm planning on getting out and about in the next few days.  I'm only mildly hermit like as I keep meeting people when I take the dog for a walk which is certainly good for me.

Some gentle Sunday reading for you. 

Typical (Australian) grocery shops are getting healthier.

Apparently Palm Leaf motifs are the in thing.  I like the nightstand.  Nice to see people having fun with decorating.  Not sure I'd go for huge expanses of palms, but here and there, maybe a cushion or two could be fun!

Cooking inspirati…

Weekend Reading Picks: allsorts

Now, make yourself something refreshing, and sit yourself down with my motley assortment of weekend reading picks.

I forgot to buy myself some more coffee pods for the coffee machine but I do have loose grounds, so I've been heating the grounds with filtered water in a small saucepan, filtering through a tea strainer and adding milk.

For proper stove top coffee, you could buy one of these:

And, make use of these tips:

Real estate looks set to slow.  Media outlets are beginning to recognise a flooded market.  Apartment values in Melbourne CBD are expected by some analysts to lose at least twenty percent in the next few months.

Anecdotal evidence suggests that landlords are getting increasingly desperate to find renters, with the return of "for lease" signs, in epidemic proportions, a probable sign of stress for investors.


Healing is hard work

I am working on getting better.  I am hopeful that the last few days, where I  have all but curled up into a ball, will lead to long term well being.  The interim has been no fun.  I've been managing a gentle walk most days, which is good for the body and soul.  Well, the body protests but my soul needs to spend some time moving outside in the fresh air.

Yesterday was really bad, though I made sure I went out and got myself some fruit, cheese, nuts and a little fish to keep some high nutrients and variety in my diet.  I did hit the jelly beans and juice with a high fever and sweats happening. 

Today, I managed another walk along the beach front where I am, and a few driveway hill walks.  I do not think the dog I am looking after was terribly impressed with the hill walking but he's still full of beans, and will sleep well tonight.

I'm in the process of drinking a cup of coffee at the moment, I picked myself some flowers today to cheer the kitchen up, and a bit of a clean …

Sunshine and three cups of tea

Much to my relief this morning the sun was out and about.  I had a morning cup of coffee while basking in the rays, still layered in polar-fleece, because it was winter sunshine after all.

I decided to be brave and take the dog I'm looking after for a walk.  I was a bit hesitant, for fear I'd bump into a nasty neighbouring dog, but it worked out well, I got a work out, the dog is calm and I enjoyed the first day for a while with the heady smell of summer.

I'm calling it the smell of hope.  It certainly put a spring in my step as I managed an hour of walking.  Mind you, I am absolutely exhausted now, and the weather has gone back to winter.  I've lit a wood fire and half shut the house up to keep the heat in.

Just had three lazy cups of tea, one with honey in the hope it would give me a boost.  I'm still tired but very happy with my walk.  I get depressed if I don't go for a walk every couple of days.  I don't know how people with good genes manage to sit li…

Weekend Reading Picks, looking at bias

I guess by its very nature my blog is both media, and legitimately biased, although I do try and look at, and consider, the other view point before writing.  There is bias in the sense that I am writing this on my own, and I can tend to be a little unapologetically opinionated. 

I think the story of media bias is tricky, but half the trick is understanding that even new sites that are reputed to be unbiased, and ethically should aim to be, will struggle with the issue, with media standards, and with the interpretation of this.  I think sometimes news sites simply do not put any time into research and too often the news, like so much of modern life, aims to serve the lowest common intelligence, rather than raise the debate on issues by throwing in complexity.

Anyway, that was to introduce this article, "How To Detect Bias In New Media" and the FAIR site, for weekend reading:

Terry Barnes also…

Sugar loaded and dangerous

I must confess that I hit the sugar today.  The SEID/ Chronic Fatigue that I keep hoping will go away hit me big time and I hit it with the sugar.  Unfortunately, done occasionally on a particularly bad day like today, it does make me feel better. 

In the interests on honesty, and given some of my posts this week, I felt it was only fair that I was honest.  I am overall being healthy, and other five percent of the time, I'm being human.

I have discovered that microwaved cooked beef mince (which shouldn't work, but it can, and probably means I need to clean the microwave again soon), makes a good filling with rice and vegetables for decidedly tasty, but cumbersome, clumsy spring rolls. 

The only dangerous part of my diet, is leaving any chocolate or sweets around me!  Actually, it did not take me long and I needed fruit, STAT.  Not much of a sugar addiction here really.  The SEID fever was a shocker, I just needed an instant boost and my self discipline tends to go down, at …

Inconvenient but true

It should not take a leader, or the people who elect them, the death of a toddler, due to war and lack of legal immigration opportunities, for people to wake up to a humanitarian crisis.  War is an unfortunate reality of the world we live in.  I consider war to be a last resort, to never be taken lightly, and there are serious consequences.

War will always lead to displaced people, it will lead to civilian and military casualties.  The price of war must be taken into account by us all.  Whether we are part of war action directly or not, our society has an obligation to provide shelter to those people innocently hurt by the action.

I am a proponent of secure borders and generous, intelligent immigration policy.  In a world where young children and adults are commonly morbidly obese and in a society where apparently it is now common, according to a local shop keeper, for young children to have credit cards, we can and we should provide care to refugees. 

Clearly we have more than enoug…

I walk, stretch and play & I pay

I am so paying for my exercise today.  While I am ever so grateful that I've exercised and that's why I'm in SEID/Chronic Fatigue hell, it's still no fun while I suffer.

Very proud of myself, I still managed a bit of tidy and clean.  The floor still needs a vacuum.  Unfortunately, I am all out of cleaning fairies so I will do that soon.  Dinner's all prepped and just needs a quick put together and eat.

Family dramas are sorted so I can free up some brain space.  I'm a bit migraine-y so I can do with the brain space.

Got to go somewhere else tomorrow, and am leaving all until tonight/ tomorrow.  Cruising approach to packing and house work (small and daily tasks) is the only approach worth contemplating.

Even with an inside day, I've managed to have a quiet suburban drama or three today!!  I've got to go and check on some neighbours later due to a wandering dog, and house left opened with no one home earlier today. Let's hope that works out, I need a …

Hope is no strategy

There's a program on Australian television called Shark Tank, which is similar in format to the UK program called Dragons Den.  One of the entrepreneurs, on one of the episodes said one of my now favourite quotes "hope is not a strategy".  She's right, hope is not a strategy but it's certainly a start.  Hope with action, with question, gives me the drive I need to find a winning strategy.

On 12.5 grams of iodine, with selenium, chocolate (I managed five days and savoured every bite) for the magnesium, vitamin D, and B12 drops, today, I still have a back that is literally black and blue.  I still feel unwell, I am still struggling, but I managed:

three push ups (have not done any for at least twelve years)three fast, heart thumping, adrenaline pumping sprints that gave me a sense of myselfevery step is painful, but I am walking for minutes at a time It's not much, but it's a start.  Hope is better than nothing.  I'm following it up with strategy, and im…

Weather gone Tasmanian

I see the weather out my window has gone all Tasmanian.  By that I mean, it's the classic rendition of four seasons in one day.

There's sunshine, which is something to be treasured, there's storm clouds which will feed the garden when they see fit, hopefully tonight.  I love the sound of rain on a roof while I am warm and snug inside.

Assuming the rain is on it's own without lighting, too much wind or thunder, I do love walking in the rain.  There's few people mad enough to do it so I get peaceful suburban streets and quiet beaches with a few of my type wandering about with determined looks on their faces.

Thirty seconds checking out the news headlines, and I admit to feeling depressed, but importantly, not defeated.  There are things I am called to do, and I will do those things.  If we all do our bit, the world spins better.

Iodine continues to work, but there are still symptoms of detox as expected and wellness is slowly creeping up on me.  In the meantime ther…

No money to exercise

Excuse number two I keep reading about as to why people don't exercise, lack of money.  That's a curious one.

Here's a few ideas, assuming you have a roof over your head, and you have enough food in your stomach.

1) Hills.  Running up hills costs old clothes to sweat in, and comfortable shoes, which if you aren't looking to make a fashion statement don't need to cost much at all.  If really desperate, go to garage sales, and second hand stores.

2)  Quit drinking alcohol, or sweet drinks.  Drink water, and if genuine dehydration sets in, the rehydration fluid.  For most people water will be enough, and cheaper.  The alcohol fund can go into new shoes, and funky work out clothes, even a gym membership.  You liver and endocrine system will thank you, and the weight will be much easier to get rid of. 

3)  Buy or make, free weights, one pair, cost $0 to $25.  Or make safe weights out of water filled plastic milk bottles for less.

4) Borrow exercise DVDs from local libra…

Utter horse manure

Apparently, insomnia, and an erratic sleep pattern can make a person a little cranky.  Who would have thought it?

Insomnia means that my writing might get brutally honest.  Actually, it generally is.  But, hold on, this might get a little real.

My head aches too, but that's not what this blog post is going to be about.  Last week, I took out two magazines from my library on health and fitness.  One was aimed at all women with a vague inclination to not looking like a lorry, the other was aimed at those who are working out and like to know they aren't alone. 
Magazine number one, let's call it "Stop Inhaling Donuts & Wow, Feel Better" had a story of a woman who taught children for her paid job, who "didn't have time to exercise" and "wasn't worried" about the fact that she'd had every symptom of a heart attack and had not thought to go to the doctor.  Strangely the article, which was about assessing heart attack and stroke risk…

On ignoring sleep

My sleeping pattern has gone stupid.  Now, I know in the scheme of things, that's in the realms of, "tough it out and drink coffee".  Which is sort of what I am doing.

Well, I'm not really doing that, I've decided to sleep when I'm sleepy and tough out the detox symptoms while enjoying the exercise I am managing.  Well, I am managing exercise but for the most part today it was like walking through mud.

Right now, I feel like a head ache on shoulders because the neighbour has her cheap heat pump running all the time and the noise is driving me up the wall.  For some reason the constant hum of a terminal heat-pump 24/7 even when she is out, is driving me nuts!

I give up, I'm drinking tea, and I am using the chocolate bar to test my self discipline.  I'm tempted to eat it but I'm doing the tea thing instead.  Urgh!

The only way to zone out the noise that's working even a little is to have the TV blaring, preferably with ear muffs.  And, I know wh…

Some like a hot, sweet and spicy one pot wonder

For my dinner I aimed to make a soy, honey and garlic chicken.  I've eaten the traditional, slightly fancy Japanese version which involves reasonable planning ahead, marinating and chopping chicken breasts and presenting it all in a beautiful way.  The taste combination of quality gluten free tamari, honey and soy is a treat worth pursuit!

Only flaw in that plan is that I wanted my chicken low in honey, easy and cooking away in the oven while I did other things.  If I'm honest those other things could have easily been whiling away too time online but I got myself in gear and did some housework. 

Then I sat down again, and decided that the only way this back is going to heal itself is if I keep this discipline up, so I did a combination of boxing, weights, Pilates and mediocre tai chi for a bit of exercise variety.  Thankfully, my back is responding to the tough love in between complaining at length by hitting me with severe pain.  My chronic fatigue is still hanging around li…