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Bring back the tea lady/ butler?

Instead of a Chief Happiness Officer how about bringing back the tea lady or butler?  Someone who knows how you like your hot drinks and has the time, and skill, to have a meaningful chat, I think that would spread happiness. 

Let's hope the era of a person spreading happiness, and caffeine, can come back:

Chamomile tea and snow covered mountain

I was just falling asleep watching current affairs, which is not normal for me.  Of course as soon as I sneaked into bed, my body decided it was time to get up rather than go to sleep.  I'm hitting it with chamomile in the hope that will help. 

My back and body are in a world of pain which is to be expected after my walk yesterday.  I do not regret a step!  It was so nice to be walking in the rain.

I've been out an about today, managed a quick shop, a flying visit with family, and a little wander.  I noted that there is speculation the rates may go up in Australia as inflation is rising.  If the prices of food are anything to go with, I would say that's correct!

Feeling grateful for family, blessed with friends even if I hardly meet them and grateful for beautiful vistas to look at while I drive, or walk.

Peddling hope: Muscular Dystrophy

One of the programs I was watching on television was called "Bondi Tattoo".  I wasn't watching because it was about tattoos, they are not an interest of mine.  I was interested in the stories of the people seeking to place a tattoo on their skin.

One of the people that came the shop front to get a tattoo was a father of two young children, who had Muscular Dystrophy.  M.D as I understand it is a degeneration of the muscles.  Now, having a background in being up against pretty bad odds, being given a lack of hope, I questioned the gentleman's belief in his doctors who told him there was nothing they could do.

It's probably true that there was nothing that classically trained medical doctors could do.  However, the gentleman, if he stops being such a patient Patient, and invests in his health, may find hope just around the corner.

While I am not very well read in MD, it makes sense that improved nutrition may stop the break down of muscle, and provide the possibili…

A rainy Sunday

Someone in my neighbourhood decided to help my sleep pattern and my now relatively mild detox, by playing loud and irritating music last night.  I failed at sleep and ended up watching some inspiring television which I might write about later in the week. 

Ironically, a fairly close neighbour did me a favour by driving me insane with the drone of the lawn mowing.  Normally it doesn't get to me too much, but my back was hurting, and I had house fever.  I thought a walk might hurt my back pain.  Which is how I found myself walking in the rain, and seeing the sun break an hour later, and beautiful rainbow, a symbol of hope after destruction.

I'm sticking with the iodine, and it seems to be slowly healing but it's a heck of a process.  It's allowing me to eat some dairy with out reacting which is really nice.  An espresso coffee with full fat milk, on a rainy Sunday, is a wonderful thing.

I've just made and eaten some oat cakes with topping.  Never made them before, I…

Weekend Reading Picks - Grilled Cheese is Happiness

My Weekend Reading Picks, best served with a grilled sandwich and cup of tea. 

Step three, making grilled cheese sandwiches, in Anne Postic's series on Apartment Therapy, "Ten kitchen lessons for my teenage kid".  Great series, food I crave in chilly cloudy weather, and I want a grilled cheese sandwich now!

Food in season in Australia in August, according to Taste, and ideas on how to make the best use of the fresh produce:

A factsheet on happiness by The Black Dog Institute, based on the latest research and understanding of happiness and it's relationship to our circumstances and genes, and what we can all do to boost it:

New trend in workplaces, Chief Happiness Officer, the assumption being that happier people work harder and that someone can devote a…

More food police, please!

This morning, while hiding away from the packing drama, I found this blog by a mother of five who is learning to do more with less.  I was bemused to read about her thirty day challenge of trying to buy nothing new and use what they had in their store cupboard for food and everything else.  I completely admire the woman, and she and her family are clearly hard working dedicated people. 

What left me bemused is that she was feeling guilty about being, as she puts it, the "food police".  My mum couldn't afford not to be, and if you want food to last, as she discovered, to keep a budget, limited snacking and serving sizes, and a bit of healthy hunger has to be part of the mix.  I found it positively hilarious that she felt guilty about the lack of commercial chips and other treats.  Don't get me wrong, we had our fair share of treats, and my mum was generally a master baker.  I never starved but I did get hungry, I did get sick of pears during pear gluts, I still somet…

Content with coffee, with a chance of snow

I don't know about you, but the smell of burnt rancid butter, is not my idea of how to wake myself up on a Saturday morning.  A person can skate around on auto house wife pilot until confronted by that little gem. 

To be fair, I woke to the noises of two chronically slow road travel starters, making themselves leave early so they can meet someone for lunch.  I've learnt from experience and just peeped my head around the door and then kept to myself.  Then, much to my relief, I was given a freshly made
 cup of tea by my mum who was busy packing. 

I was hiding away, as the packing can get a bit tense.  I've got to say, the kitchen sinkers did well, and are apparently happily sipping coffee in the middle of the Tasmanian midlands, complete with snow.  I took one look at the weather and decided that I was staying in this weekend, bacon craving or not.  I've since found some ham bits in the freezer from a long lost family feast that will do nicely in my roasted mince meat…

Stormy weather and a random act of kindness

Had some more stormy weather today, hail, mini snow storms, it was all go.  Me, not so much, I stayed inside and was largely unproductive, other than making dinner, two litres of yogurt and backing up my computer work so that I have it on a DVD and the cloud.  Apparently, I don't trust my computer to just decide it doesn't like me and go into a terminal sulk.

I also did my good deed and wrote a letter of advocacy.

And I was the recipient of a random act of kindness, in the form of chocolate.  What more could a woman want?

I am in detox hell, so getting through this sane and in one piece, is a good place to start.  At least it's not quite so bad today, but yuck.  Check out iodine, detox, bromide detox to give you some idea, if you dare.  Nasty!

Detox hell, black clouds, and virtual clouds

I went through more detox hell today, and managed to have a snitch about nothing which saw me walking along with small storm clouds powered by steam this afternoon.  Had I been in a better mood I would have smiled back at the young woman that gave me a smile.  I didn't glare at her, I was too tired, and whether she realised it, or not, she did help me lighten my day a little.

I am incredibly grateful for cloud computing which is allowing me to download all my work which would otherwise be lost be the failure of my old notebook.  I will do a quick back up on a DVD and more back ups on the cloud.  I've been through this before, and I know there's no such thing as a perfect back up system.  It's amazing what we can do without when we have to.

Threw out dangerous shoes, from what feels like another life.  I will buy some more dancing shoes when my wallet and body are more whole.

Bought fluid iodine from NZ for supplementation and it is helping maintain body temperature, bo…

Have you forgotten the kitchen sink?

My mother is in packing hell at the moment.  To be honest with you, and I've been honest with her, I'm not sure how much more of the packing drama I can take.

I remember a little while ago, my mum went away for a week or two, and took the teapot and coffee pot, neither of which was needed by them.  I, on the other hand, went out and bought a teapot!  Infuriating.

There was a family holiday many moons ago, where I swore to myself (I did feel like a good swear at the time but I kept that to myself) that I would never, ever, ever get in to the full kitchen sink packing nightmare.

Believe it or not, I have managed to pack, without losing the plot and doing the packing for a week or more before.  I plan, and I pack the night before, it limits the panic, and it's so much faster.  Guess what?  I forget things less than the kitchen-sinkers.  It's rare for me, and common for kitchen sink and co. 

Plus I cheat, in that my toiletries and other items are normally already down to …

Sunshine and a rescue chopper

Today, with the other inhabitants of the house in tense mode, my mum and I grabbed some sun and sanity at the local beach.  It was a lovely walk too, managed without fatigue.  Of course, now the torture continues, but I'll take my beautiful moments and make the best of them.

After the walk, IT Guru informed us that he'd seen ambulances, and police around and about.  I didn't think too much about it, as it's not that unusual in that part of the local area, until the rescue chopper came whizzing by.  Then, I wanted to know what was going on, what with it only being a kilometre or two away.  Turns out someone fell down a seaside cliff, and the police have managed to rescue him and take him to hospital, where last I checked, he is expected to make a full recovery.  The poor man and his family.  If you happen to be reading this, I am sending you, and yours, best wishes.

We are very lucky to have world class emergency personnel in Australia.  Everyday I am grateful that they…

What if wellness is...

What if wellness is found, the key to your wellness, in this article. 

Hopefully this helps you,

Having upped my iodine with kelp I am experiencing detox symptoms, and while magnesium is providing some relief, I can't say it's any fun.  I dare anyone to find the hellish symptoms I've been experiencing as fun.  Such was the pain and suffering last night that I am finding it difficult to convince myself to go to bed, for fear I must face more.  As if the bed is to blame!

I managed an hour or so of torture, soaked in sweat, also known as walking and returned someone's wallet to the police.  Someone being flagrantly honest seemed to cheer a few understandably worn out and slightly cynical police officers and will hopefully give them added strength to deal with the humanity this week.

I'm hoping the gentleman is reunited with his wallet and fine.  Apparently, I'm entitled to the contents…

Side tracked

I was going to write a blog entry about how I am continuing to exercise and try to eradicate my back pain but instead wrote a basic review about my new fangled computer.  I'm probably too tired to write anymore right now, I will write something tomorrow when I am even better versed with how to use this.

The torture continues

I am writing this on a new fangled notebook thing.  I'd forgotten the faffing about you have to do to set things up just how you like it.  I must admit though, at least for the first few days, all the apps including internet security are free, so the thought process and faffing is kept to a minimum.  It's just that little bit bigger and better than the other baby laptop and a much better keyboard.  Easy to touch type, the cheapest I could find in-store for the size and features I wanted and so far so good.

Such a joy to type on a new, well designed keyboard, I'm only just realising how knackered my other one was.  I bought a Eeebook by ASUS the X205TA from JB Hi Fi in Hobart City store as they gave me the best service, have extended warranties, new machines and value for money pricing.  For a little extra I purchased an external DVD player which means I can watch the odd video or two. 

My mum wanted to know what I was going to do with movies, I said "use my imaginat…

Unique way to torture yourself

I found a unique way to torture myself today, I went for a walk.  I've been a little slack with my now irregular back stretches and Pilates exercises and my back has reconstructed some scar tissue.  I now have a back that looks black and blue with bruising but feels much better as I work to rid it of scar tissue.

I've been doing weights for a few minutes each day, stretches to get my back back in sync and today I went for an agonising walk.  It was cold spring weather so I rugged up with a big coat and spent the whole time thinking that everyone else was sane, staying in side all nice and warm near the heater. Still I met a woman in her eighties striding along, which was inspiring and kept my grumbles to myself.

I've had innumerable back injuries and with good diet, managing weight, Pilates, walking and weights, they do eventually come better.  To stop yourself from going insane with the pain I recommend  two cup of chamomile at the end of the day, and one or two during th…


There's a reason I tend to write at night.  Some of it is that I have a bit of habit of sleeping in, in part affected by bad sleep, and pain.  I'm working on it, equally I'm working on accepting that, at the moment at least, even while I hold onto tiny hope of future wellness, I need to rest whenever my body demands it.

Today, I did just that.  I read until I was sleepy which means I am low on the reading material.  I even included a devotion in there, although I did not find it the easy life style program so many promote Christianity as.  I'm not sure which bible they're reading, because it seems to be all about persistence, a willingness to suffer for something bigger than ourselves, a life of service, running the race set before us, doing as we are called to do.

It's revolutionary but not easy.  There's nothing about focussing on being well off and sitting back and sipping cocktails, and yet many modern religious groups would have you believe that's…

Weekend Reading Picks

I had some other article links planned on my computer for your weekend reading pleasure, but as it all but burst into flames, I am afraid that this is what I've come up with instead.  Grab yourself a calming cup of something, and hopefully one of these articles piques your interest.

Hobart Chic's weekend reading picks are -

Article on how to help your body heal from scar tissue, written by a massage therapist:

The case for looking at evidence of success when creating welfare policies, and reform:

The Traveller is doing a feature on six charming towns in my home state:

For those watching the food budget.  It's much harder with food allergies and intolerances, but sometimes a little inspiration is needed:

Faye's frugal foo…

Paleo diet and chronic fatigue/ME/SEID

Current media representations of the "Paleo Diet" would have you believe that if you simply changed your diet then the chronic fatigue hell that I have been suffering from the last few days, would simply disappear.  If only medicine, and this condition, would behave itself and respond to simple approaches.

In fairness, no doubt eating a healthier diet will assist with fatigue.  I've been looking and I can't actually find a decent case history where someone has genuinely fit the criteria for ME/SEID and fully recovered due to Paleo.  No doubt diet changes can help, of course they can, but for a cure from only diet to be the one change, I question the original diagnosis in the first place.  Some medical books estimate only 10 to 50% of people diagnosed as CFS/ME/SEID patients ever fit the criteria for diagnosis to start off with.

By all means, change your diet, work towards hope, be willing to change.  I am all for focussing on what we can change, and not on what we ca…

Hope for better

Still using a tiny computer.  Let's be honest, the fact that it's slower than my other computer, which  has been pronounced as "no go" on the repair front, is no major problem with me.  It's fast enough to do basic things, which is all I really need. 

It has a 10 or so inch screen, which is a little inconvenient, but again, no real complaints from me.  The thing that's annoying me?  I find the keyboard too cramped for my typing speed.  It also lacks the finesse and touch type - ability of the other one.

That, and I just remembered I have to cancel and reactivate some software which will come with me to my next computer purchase.  Still, you should see my top desk drawer, it's never been so organised!

I made such a woeful, if edible, and incredibly healthful dinner tonight, I am confident I will not be on dinner making tomorrow.  It wasn't as bad as the mince I threw out the other week, but I think everyone was glad that my vegetarian, black bean and…

Vanilla yogurt, organised junk drawer and a tiny computer

I took a unique approach to computer maintenance today.  Having lost all kinds of dust and dirt in the crevasses of the letters, and unable to ignore it any longer, I gave my computer a thorough cleaning, the likes of which it hasn't had for quite some time. Unaccustomed to such vigour, my keyboard decided to quit working entirely.

I left my forlorn computer on the table to see if the IT Guru can perform some kind of miracle on my eight year old machine and went and did some cleaning instead. Guess who has a clean and tidy junk drawer?  Oh, yes I do.  Amazing what you can get done when access is denied to the world wide web.

After quite a bit of cleaning it occurred to me that if I was clever I might be able to borrow the tiny machine I now find myself typing on.  It's a bit slow going and I am trying to get used to the keyboard, but for the moment, it does the job.

I made a gift card and some gift tags, and crafty bits from a year old calendar today, just time effort and tho…

Hope infused book. Book Review: 'The Boy Who Loved Apples' by Amanda Webster

I've just followed my mother's habit of starting a book in the middle where all the action starts.  You start in the middle and if you like the book, you read to the end and then read the introductory chapters at a later date.  This habit used to drive me nuts, and now I do it, and I can also taste the difference between stale boiled water, in a thermos (passable if desperate) and freshly boiled, a "decent" cup of tea.

Anyway, enough about me following some of The Head Gardener's habits.  I was going to write about a book I've been reading early this morning called 'The Boy Who Loved Apples: A Mother's Battle With Her Son's Anorexia'.  A battle indeed, but ultimately, a triumph.

I find anorexia a confronting thing to read about because the people who suffer are so sick, and tragically the anorexia wins too many times.  It's a ruinous condition and one that I have always found, and still do when faced with it in a person, difficult to get m…

Weekend Reading Picks

The Head Gardener has announced a chuck out, and a visit to the tip this week.  Yes, us women do know how to have fun and love us an elegant outing to the tip and a de-clutter.  I expect to hear "Chuck it out!" said emphatically this week.  I can see myself hiding here, and only leaving for exercise, air and food purposes in the next week.

In that general tenor, what not to do when on a de-cluttering mission:


Things I should do.  Surely having a messy junk drawer is a guilty pleasure?

Trust Good Housekeeping to keep us all motivated.

A degree, or a trade?  Aim to gain a qualification, or two, by age thirty.  If you are over thirty, I would find something to study or learn and hop to it!…

Affordable luxuries

I was just reading an article on MSN which said that wine buyers in the US are not buying Australian wine.  I was about to put a link up, with a few of my favourite Australian wines to tantalise your palate, if the occasional glass is one your personal treats, when I thought to check the story's veracity.  Turns out Australian wine sales in the US are healthy, and likely growing.

In lieu of that link, my inner hospitality guru recommends:

Lindman's, Yellow Tale & Rosemount Estate.
There are plenty of others out there to try but I find these three brands consistently deliver a drop that most seem to enjoy, and they are an affordable luxury too.
You can buy Australian wines, in the US, here:

I prefer to buy my Australian wine from the local wine shop!

While I am talking about affordable luxuries, I am about to run out of Lipton's Forest Fruit, which is a black tea with berry and flavours added.…

All about the coffee (again)

A review for a coffee machine over $2000:
Personally, for that price, it would want to make the coffee and bring it to me in bed...and then fry me some bacon and eggs.

Would you like a cat with your coffee order to go?

Cappuccino etiquette

...and some cappuccino controversy

Coffee consumption in the US at the moment is focussed on a quality cup of java.  People are drinking less, but spending more per cup:

I'm pretty sure I'm not about to give up the coffee, but this is an interesting way of looking at things and certainly makes home brewed a more financially savvy way of going, at least some of the…

Hello Portugal

I'm about to go to bed where I am.  While I collect no personal information via my blog, and you could be the Queen of Narnia for all I know, Blogger does count the concentration of readers in a country.  This means that I can see if I am getting more or less readers, in trend terms, for example, ten readers in Australia versus four France in a week. 

At the moment for some reason, I am picking up more readers than before in Portugal.  Ever curious, I've been doing some reading on Portugal around the web. 

Overwhelmingly, new sites report that, Portugal has been struggling financially and cuts to welfare have been affecting young families quite badly.  It sounds like anyone on government benefits relies on the goodwill and ability of family, friends, and overwhelmed charities to help keep them afloat.

In my home state Tasmania, half our population is illiterate.  Compare that to Portugal where, according to's statistics, an impressive 95.4% of people are lit…

Where can hard work get you?

Where can hard work get you?  For my generation, and so many other young intelligent people, no where fast.  Being educated is no guarantee to finding work as a young person which really is the passport to wealth creation in the long term.

I've noticed a curious thing though.  Those who have money when they are very young rarely seem to hold on to it.  There's generally a level of complacency and false sense of financial worth with easy gains.

It seems to me that being young and uneducated can be a short term excellent plan, but a disaster of a plan the older you get.  Uneducated at age twenty can mean a pay-packet and a chance, uneducated and forty is not nearly such a good look.

Hard work gets you better at keeping your money, and probably more content in the long run with less, which is probably the best kind of wealth anyway, an appreciation of enough.

To Bee, or not to Bee

I've been reading about honey the last few days.  Apparently it is successfully used for all kinds of disorders and diseases.  Some of the nutrients in honey have been found to have neuroprotective benefits and help in the prevention of dementia, fatigue and weakness.  While people with diabetes still need to be careful about honey as it is still a sugar that affects blood sugar, it seems likely that's it's slower release and has less effect than table sugar per gram.

I found myself wondering whether or not people who experienced cane sugar shortages during World War 2 were able to procure honey.  It seems that honey was likely not a restricted substance, and could be readily purchased, in most countries except curiously Switzerland who had to restrict honey in the last few years.  This is interesting to me, as numerous studies seem to indicate that the restrictions and food choices, combined with physical activity associated with petrol and rubber rations (think tyres) le…

Big dazzling smile, sweet as.

Sticking to my low sugar, good health, good teeth lifestyle plan.  Finding that my almost strict avoidance of white sugar, and most other sweeteners, takes a bit of discipline.

I've been trying to introduce tiny amounts of honey back into my diet because I like a little bit of sweet in my life, and the additional minerals in honey may help my general health.  I've only allowed myself small amounts with yogurt to help my body digest it nicely.  These seems to be working, and it's good quality Tasmanian honey, which is probably an important factor.

I used to eat a reasonable amount of honey as a child with no great dramas and I was fit and healthy looking.

Tonight, for a treat I made a couple of chocolate pots with honey instead of sugar.  I placed half a cup of filtered water, 1 tablespoon of baking cocoa, 1 teaspoon of honey, 1/2 tablespoon of cornflour, 1/4 teaspoon of cinnamon and ginger powder, in a saucepan and cooked gently over low heat until thick.  Then I took the…

Migraine Management Plan

My migraine is still very much in my head but at the moment I am managing it, and the pain appears to be receding.  I fear that if I admit improvement, it will suddenly get worse.  Just between you and me, my migraine management plan appears to be working.

Here's the basics, that I do when a migraine comes to say hello:

If I take painkillers, I favour aspirin.  It's said to be best if you take it early in the attack, and generally more effective than paracetamol.  Check with your doctor for the best medication for you, and make sure you always have a stash fairly handy and safely stored away from children.I've been eating healthy food and consuming a reasonable amount of caffeine.  I find it helps, you may find that it's a trigger.Plenty of stretching, trying to manage my stress response (it didn't quite work, because I did not move to the cave, like I keep thinking of.  I am getting better at it. Stress is my primary migraine trigger, combined with hormonal fluctua…

Never a doormat, be.

I am working on setting fair, reasonable boundaries with people in my life.

You may find his article worth reading if you too, are working on not being a doormat:

We should all be welcoming to those that treat us with respect, but never a doormat!

A walking migraine

I'm a bit of a walking migraine today.  I managed a short walk which probably helped as it's a stress triggered migraine.  Some people who struggle with migraines recommend walking as a cure.  It can help headaches, for sure.  Migraines are a trickier beast, I find.

I've made sure I've had enough to drink, hit the caffeinated beverages, made sure I did some stretches and ate healthy food.  I tried to get to bed at a reasonable hour but was still a bit stressed so I did a quick office organise.

I'm doing what I can to help the pain disappear.  More green tea in a minute.

I serve at the pleasure

There's a phrase that crops up, generally in political dramas, I'm thinking in particular in shows like television drama 'Madame Secretary' that staff "serve at the pleasure" of the high office holders such as the Secretary of State, and more ultimately, The President.  Sometimes this service though recognised by others, with a fancy title and prestige means letting go of personal beliefs.  Service means making ones ideas secondary to the orders, ideas and ideals of those you serve.

I'm going to do my best to remember that this week.  There is a personal situation that was bad yesterday, and is worse today, that is taking up valuable space in my head.

I serve a the pleasure of a higher power.  I serve at the pleasure, and it's a tough gig.  It means I can not spend my time wanting revenge, or to hurt another as they hurt me.  Yes, justice is allowed in the Christian tradition, and I do believe in consequences.  Not nastiness, not hatred, not bile.  I …

To bed and beyond

I've had a funny old day, and I will be glad to put it to bed in a minute.

Right now, I am drinking mock coffee (dandelion and chicory), even The Head Gardener is a convert, and trying to switch off my body and brain.

Went for a walk and watched the ducks and swans in a park far away from my normal stomping ground.  I was in a stomping mood too!  The walk in the park was great, and I am glad that I went for a walk rather than indulged in discomfort eating as I so often have in the recent past.  Chewed a little gum, and drank coffee instead.

While drinking coffee, after my stomping wander, had a conversation with those older than me, and becoming wiser by the day.

Glacially slow internet, so only filing my blog now.  The Head Gardener says that the glaciers are actually moving faster these days.  I considered buying a homing pidgin and moving to a cave somewhere quiet and boring.

Three things to be grateful for:
tree lined, well maintained, parks
fresh fruit

Weekend Reading Picks

Pour yourself a cup of something hot and decadent, sit in your favourite chair and catch up on some reading with these articles.  A definite food theme happening today. 

A quote from the following article 'Doing porridge: prison, school, hospital' by Marina O'Loughlin:
"Lord Ramsbotham, the former chief inspector of prisons, is on record as saying that he is “absolutely convinced there is a direct link between diet and antisocial behaviour”."
The link is here:

Dr Oz's favourite dessert recipes:
The fudge pops made by Daphne Oz look amazing!

A new blog I've stumbled across that looks interesting.  A family of six, with four young children, working to keep their grocery spending in check and still eat nutritious food.

Breakfast inspiration:

New book smell

I've been lucky to grab some new books acquired by my local library.  While the library is primarily government funded, it flourishes due to the work of The Friends of The Library who had a small book stall today of old books, DVDs and CDs to sell and second hand prices. 

I'm off to bed to get some sleep in my comfortable bed.  There's no competition with last night, around three hours.  I'm hoping I sleep a little better, if not, I've books and a shiny new magazine to get my head in to.

Saw a mother of someone I lost a few years ago to an inherited condition, I was about to go and talk to her and she'd left the shops.  Thinking of all the devoted mothers' who have lost children.  Heartbreaking, yet inspiring, a mother to emulate. 

This mother always made her family and children's lives a priority, and while I was younger I did not appreciate the work, the love, the dedication, as much as I do now.  I admire women who make their life's work that o…

Seeking out the perfect cup of tea

I've spent my evening indulging my enjoyment of herbal infusions with chamomile and rooibos being part of whiling away some time while reading articles online about tea trends.

Alas, while I was away drinking cups of cafĂ© quality coffee from a pod machine, and perfecting my technique with the milk frother, the special Hobart Breakfast tea from T2 in Hobart, has gone.  A thoroughly enjoyable cup of tea, laced with quality vanilla and a hit of black tea.

Every time I stroll past T2's shop in Collins Street, the place is buzzing.  Although, if anyone is reading this who is affiliated with the shop in Hobart City, your choice in music in my opinion, could do with managing better.  I'm not inclined to spend up, if the music is fast and loud.  Still, business appeared to be booming last time I went by, so it could just be me.  I'm inclined to think it has more to do with the display, quality range and decadent tea blends, less trendy music could see your bottom line increase…

Running frustration

I miss running.  I used to love to run off my frustration with the world.  I still exercise, but not as much as I used to, and my weight is showing it a little.  I look quite healthy and hearty which is more important than the svelte former me.

As I write, I'm on my second cup of green tea in the hope it helps my metabolism and health in general.  As well as the well documented cancer fighting elements in green tea, some say it might help boost the metabolism and reduce appetite. 

I'm hoping I will feel well enough next week to go for a swim.  I've looked at my not spending plan and all things taken into account, it's going well.  It could easily be derailed, but as my parents will tell you, it's always better to have the money there to spend for essentials and emergencies, than not.  I will keep going.  I still dream of owning a small property some day but my teeth are more likely to be the beneficiaries of my saving, or a new to me car. 

I'd like to run tha…

A coffee a day

Firstly, I'm going to break one of the rules that I've been pretty much living by (as I write it's four minutes past).  It's a flexible rule if unwell, or too noisy.  Right now, I feel a bit of both but will put myself to bed soon. 

I've been making sure lights are out and I'm in bed most nights by midnight.  I've also made sure that I only watch TV after dark and that the kitchen is clean by the time the TV is switched on.  I've written on average a daily blog, and had a coffee a day to keep the grumps at bay.

I can't say that the coffee a day trick always works.  Today for example I had three, and knitted up a storm, and still felt grumpy.  The birdsong I've downloaded onto my laptop seems to be the first thing to be helping me calm down.  It's an Australian Birdsong DVD, I know whale song is supposed to work, but I prefer the birds for the nerves. 

The weather for tomorrow is supposed to involve more winter wonderland pictures in my are…

Mini Expectations

Frugal energy
When my chronic fatigue is particularly bad, whether because I have not rested enough, or because its natural tendency is to flare, I cope by maximising my limited battery.
I am always asking myself how I can do things more efficiently to achieve my goal/s.  I'm all for hard work, but when I am particularly unwell, it's essential I find the fastest way to do things.  I work hard and generally save money for times when I am at my worst, so I have the little extra to cope better. During flares I might:
Using healthier canned food, e.g. baked beans, cooked lentils, cooked beans Buy rather than making yogurt, hummus and some sauces – create simple tasty food like fried white rice, vegetables, ham and egg Just using a quilt and bottom sheet rather than my normal top sheet, so I can quickly and easily tidy my bed Making sure I do little cleaning jobs when I have some energy Regular daily rest Daily chores to stay organised Make sure there is always a few days food stocked…

A winter wonderland: SNOW!!!

It's snowing in Hobart and the roads, schools and bus services are all closed.  I'm glad I didn't have to venture out today and get stuck in the city.  As it was, I nearly didn't get home yesterday as the weather was on the stormy side.  Apparently the website for road closures shut down early this morning, most likely due to excessive demand.  Facebook and other social media may be derided on occasion but it does come to the fore in an emergency, whether fire or, in this case snow.

I've never seen anything like it.  Where I am in Southern Hobart it's still snowing although other areas are beginning to melt.  I thought it would snow but not as heavily as it has here.  It's enough to make me consider making Christmas cookies in August - to eat now, naturally.

I am glad I have thermals, warm coat and new sports shoes with grip for venturing outside to look at the snow!

I'm having technical difficulties uploading pictures, so you will have to content yours…