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A young silver fox

I read an interesting article in "The World's Greatest Treasury of Health Secrets" by M.D Lawrence Wood, stating that people who have any grey hairs before age 30 are at greater risk of thyroid disease than those that don't.  I had always been told that grey hair is a sign of basic genetics, or someone who has been under severe stress.  I've never associated it with thyroid disease.

According to the good doctor, everyone should have their thyroid levels tested every five years after they turn 50.  They should start regular testing at age 35 if:
a parent, sibling or child has thyroid problemsthey have a visibly swollen thyroid glandprematurely grey hair (any before age 30 may indicate hypo or hyper thyroid conditions)insulin dependent diabetespernicious anaemiawhite spots on the skin I guess you learn something new every day!

Quick caramel sauce

I made a decadent treat for myself last week.  First I popped some popcorn in a saucepan and then I made a caramel sauce to pour over it. 

I used equal parts pure cream and sugar, placed them in a saucepan for a few minutes, heated and stirred and waited until I had caramel.  Just be careful the sauce does not burn. 

I'm currently drinking a cup of caramel infused Gloria Jeans pod coffee and thinking that the sauce would be a decadent occasional addition to a cup of coffee or ice cream...mmm!

Quality cream makes all the difference.  I accidently bought some Meander Valley Pure Cream, and as I can't eat much dairy, it works out pretty economical for me.  Heavenly cream, makes divine caramel sauce.  Yum!

By the way, I've finally mastered the Caffitaly milk frother, and once mastered, it does add a certain decadence to the daily coffee!

All about the cleaning

I've got some fake flowers I have attended too, but still have a build up of dirt on some of the leaves.  If you are blessed with easy to maintain flowers, here are some tips on how to clean them:

A combination of a mother who was an old fashioned, military precision nurse, and for some of my childhood did night duty, at times with my dad away, and children driving her spare, in between writing her notes and drawing pictures, I picked up how to basically keep a house from looking like a tip.  Mum always had a lose cleaning schedule with regular maintenance mixed in to keep things looking good.  If we had visitors things got an extra clean.

My mum used to threaten us with a grumpy set of grandparents if our rooms were messy, so they got tidied up regularly.  I do recommend this method for parents, I was never sure that grandma would be angry but I didn't want to take any chances!  The few time I've been told off by my…

Waiting for inspiration

I've been challenging myself to find the opposite point of view of some writing I did today.  In the process, I've been reading about people complaining that they "just don't feel motivated".  Their response, to feeling no motivation, is to then do nothing.

These people do not tend to write about trauma, tragedy, deep grief.  It seems that their greatest fear is work.  They are living under the wealthy assumption that if they don't feel like doing anything, the logical response is to do nothing. 

No one seems to have told these people that if they do nothing, they will never feel motivated.  If you wait for motivation to pursue your goals, hopes and dreams, you never will.  I am currently quietly achieving a goal, half the time at least, I know I do not feel like doing it.  This blog, I often find as easy as pulling teeth.

Many days, I just open up my blog and choose a topic and I start.  Then, after I start and put a little effort in the enjoyment follows b…

My apologies

I have to say I'm sorry for the language in this article I stumbled across, however, it's too good not to share:

One well fed dog

I've looked after a few dogs, and certainly the bigger sized breeds as well as providing a decent workout when walking, have a habit of following me around and working as food scrap vacuums.  I knew that chocolate and xylitol are dangerous for dogs but I wasn't sure if there was anything else:

According to my reading this morning:
check with your vet about your dog's diet (always a good idea!)any bones for chewing on should be raw and largedairy products should be avoidedonions, chocolate, xylitol, sugary treats, avocado, caffeinated drinks, alcohol, bread dough, raisins, sultanas, currents, fruit pips, unripe tomatoes, mushrooms, fish too regularlyadult dogs should be fed twice a day For more information, see this article by the RSPCA:

All about my easy, not lazy, breakfast

Please read this article in full before jumping to any conclusions:

I'm sitting here, having quickly browsed the news headlines to get my dose of daily chaos and despair, and maybe learn something along the way, with a cup of chamomile herbal goodness.  Most mornings it takes me a while to eat something.  I believe it's a side effect from thyroid disease, it takes a while for the hormones to speak to my body about eating something.  In the meantime, I drink coffee, or today with a sore throat I'm chilling with a cup of chamomile.

I have a plan in place for when my stomach demands some nourishment.  Before I went to bed last night, I made up some bircher muesli for this morning.  Actually, I made it up planning on eating it for a small supper but I ended up hitting the green tea, and going to bed instead.

I'm hoping I've still got some chamomile stashed away, or that's my last bag until I visit the supermarket again.  I've been to the supermarket a bit too m…

Move away from the cliff

Everyone, all of us, have days when they are feeling overwhelmed and exasperated.  Sometimes, like my day, the circumstances that put me in a state of overwhelm were primarily due to the inaction of others, and I'd got to the stage where I was struggling to find a sane solution.

I did several things to help my situation.  Things hit a certain point and I knew I needed another perspective, so I rang one of my away from the cliff people who I trusted to listen to my overwhelmed feelings, and some ripe language, and help me to find a sane next step.

Then, I followed the wise advice, and now things are back on track.

We all need wise advisers, they are gems.  The take the next step, advise without action is a wasted commodity.

Save that popcorn

Pro tip for saving money on popcorn and getting more per kernel.  Absolutely store in the freezer for a few hours or more before cooking on the stove top.  It's true, it leads to more kernels popped, and more food per dollar spent!

Doughnut shortage?

This morning, I found myself reading an article about people getting unusually excited about freshly made doughnuts, particularly those filled with chocolate and hazelnut sauce called Nutella.  Such is the excitement of this delicacy, that the supplier of Nutella can not keep up with demand of the commercial sized Nutella products and there are shortages being experienced Australia-wide.  Small shops who have organised freshly made, to order, doughnuts filled with chocolate and cream, are doing a roaring trade.

While I am entirely supportive of small shops, creating fresh, decadent treats, and selling out on a daily basis, I am bemused by this being called a craze and the supposed shortage of a product which is essentially hazelnuts and chocolate.

Anyone would think that people couldn't make themselves a donut or two and some chocolate sauce to go with it!

The irony is that Nutella, a product reportedly still being made in Italy, I read was developed because of milk shortages.  Mi…

Legal stuff

Firstly, to my European readers in particular, and my other international and local readers as well, apparently there has been a law change and I must inform you that basic information such as your country of origin, the fact that you've visited my website, and which articles have been collectively read, is collected.  Information unique to you is not collected and the technology used is developed by Google Analytics, for further information see my Legal page.

Spontaneous Sunday Lunch

I shared a spontaneous Sunday lunch of bread, soup, salad, chicken and strong coffee.  Went for a walk by the windy beach with family, collected some twigs for kindling. 

Rainy, windy but a beautiful spot watching the boats buzz about in the wind. 

Made some caramel popcorn and watched a little television in the evening because I felt a little lonely and depressed after that.  You see where I am at the moment, is a little bit of a muddle, and even though I knew that, and even though I've improved things with a bit of elbow grease, it's still a muddle.  Having people over highlighted that, and then I felt a bit depressed.

This Monday morning it was cold, dark and miserable so after three coffees and with no improvement in mood I took myself for a tiny drive a few kilometres away and got some sun.  The stroll did my soul the world of good, I'm not so sure about my body.  I'm in no denial about my Chronic Fatigue/SEID, my body won't let me.  Forgive me, but I resent…

Quick country loaf - gluten free

Quick, economical gluten free rustic country loaf, to eat with soup, or a generous serving of quality buttery spread. 

Quick Country Loaf

3/4 packet of gluten free bread mix (about 270 grams)
1 cup white rice flour
2 teaspoons crushed garlic
2 tablespoons tomato chutney
1 dessert spoon cream
1 dessert spoon olive oil  (and some to grease loaf tin)
salt and generous pinch of pepper
1 dessert spoon ricotta