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Short and sweet exercise

An article on the potential benefits of 3 minutes of exercise, a week!!!

I think even I average more than that in a normal week.  Honestly, it's enough to make a woman feel virtuous.

I've cooked an economical curried egg pie complete with slices of potato as a pastry substitute.  I was glad that I had made the effort to chop up some vegetables last week, to only take full advantage of them this week.  It made pie assembly much faster.  That, and I kept it all very simple and healthy.  Hopefully it's as tasty as I think.

Drinking a pot of tea and very relieved that I got through a painful night with the help of some chamomile tea and books.  I even managed some sleep after a few hours.  A strange fruit loaf in the oven cooking away as I type.  I will spare you the details but it looks delightfully rustic (apple and sultana).

Taking one day at a time and supporting some people in my circle of influence to …

Kelp interest

Some interesting articles on the benefits of kelp.  I've read articles recently that incorrectly associate kelp with arsenic and other toxic substances.  The science discrediting appears to be flawed according to my reading and understanding of the research. 

Naturally, if you want to try kelp as with any other supplement follow the guidelines, seek medical advice and buy a brand you trust.

Disclaimer: I am not a medical doctor, this blog is for the purposes of general interest.  For medical advice seek the services of an appropriately qualified person/s.

A little push

I went out tonight, knowing full well I would find it difficult and that the short term easy thing would be to stay in.  I'm glad I did the slightly difficult thing, and took some pain killers, and dressed nicely and went out.  I'm glad I pushed myself enough to have a pleasant evening of music and company.  Tomorrow I have all day to recover.

I'm drinking some chamomile tea and I'm going to put myself to bed soon.

I struggle to understand people younger than me, who treat their bodies with such disrespect, that seem to always take the easy option.  They miss out on so much by staying in their comfort zone all the time.  A little push can make the difference between fulfilling goals and only ever dreaming.

Courage, hope and justice

According to some mainstream news outlets, the hospitality workers in Tunisia, formed a human shield of western tourists who were targeted and saved their lives.  The courage, quite literally under fire, they showed is remarkable.  An ultimate act of love to show another, to put your life at risk for another.  This was not an act of unnecessary risk, it was with the vain hope that they would save a life when the odds were stacked against them, knowing that their lifeline was being attacked.  It was the only thing they could do, other than run. 

Despite the acts of these courageous people the tourism industry may suffer a horrendous blow.  These people may lose the jobs and businesses they worked hard for.  It is without question an act of courage and defiance against violence.

In this tragic news story there are stories of sacrifice, courage and hope.  Those things have not died despite the actions of people who have chosen traditionally Christian western countries as their target.

A book to read, food to eat, tea to drink

Had a nothing fancy day today.  I woke up and went back to bed and slept some more in the morning with the sun shinning through my window.

I'm still fatigued but I in a better mind set today.  See, I told you today would be better.

I had dinner made for me (very nice shepherds pie), my birthday present three months early, clean sheets and well made tea.  I've new books and DVDs from the library to explore.  Off to make a herbal tea!

P.S. I fear my mood was catching, the other family females appear to be preoccupied with not going down the rabbit hole - I'll get them a lasso to keep them out!

Not quite down the rabbit hole

Had a bit of a bad day.  The chronic pain got to me today.  It can be particularly relentless.  I probably should have put myself to bed but I try to tough it out which is a bit daft. 

I nearly went down the rabbit hole and didn't come back sane.  I managed to tell myself to stop the dark thoughts early on.  I was just completely overwhelmed by pain, and then nothing on top of that, is all too much. I managed a walk yesterday, so of course I couldn't do it today.  Standing was too much really. 
I feel guilty that that's how my life is.  I miss having energy most days.  Fatigue is hell on earth.  I said to a doctor a week or so ago, that I am a smart person, stuck in a stupid body and the other way would be better.  I don't know that it would, but sometimes I think it would.  I miss being able to go an swim laps, I miss walking everyday, I miss feeling like I am a part of the community and able to earn my keep someway. 
Some days the pain in my head, the ache in my h…

Early morning sunshine

I managed a winter morning walk today in the late sunshine.  I walked to a nearby housing development that is being built.  I walked up the hill and looked at the water views that some are cleverly taking advantage of.  I managed a longer walk than I have for a while.

My back is playing up, so I am either going to go for a swim and/ or get a massage in the next week.  It's no fun.  Expressed wanting to lose a little weight after not fitting into a pair of jeans I bought last week.  Really, I am interested in feeling fit and strong.  My autoimmune arthritis and other conditions are likely to be better managed if I can keep my weight in the healthy range.  I'll admit some days I'd rather eat jellybeans, than worry about it, which isn't going to help me.  If I feel better, I will eat better and exercise more.    

Women that are solely focussed on being skinny I find vain and shallow.  I just want the energy to do things that are useful for myself and others.  Goodness kn…

Hides under quilt

I'd title this hides under doona, but probably that's a term that is more Australian than universal.  Mind you, there's something entirely comfortable and encouraging to stay in bed with doonas.  Quilts and blankets no matter how warm and cosy do inspire one to hop out of bed early and be useful. 

My sister and I, always agree on one thing (this is rare with our polar opposite personalities[my inner accountant/ business case to her inner artist]) and that is that our Grandma makes the best beds.  We always had warm beds covered in quilts and blankets.  I never remember being cold in a house that really was cold and we quite happily suffered early bed times because the beds were that cosy.  That, and Grandma always had a line. 

I'm suffering still with the winter blahs.  Today was an entirely pretty day with the sun shinning and the weather being temperate.  I went to the beach and brought a thermos of coffee with me to drink.  I'm now drinking the coffee hours la…

Another perspective (Hashimoto's)

Providing a link to an article written by another person living with Hashimoto's on iodine, selenium and Hashimoto's disease.

Very well written -

Disclaimer: this blog does not constitute professional advice.  For professional advice seek the services of qualified personnel.

Escape with fake coffee

This morning I drank real coffee from an old fashioned percolator that has recently celebrated its 21st birthday.  I really do feel that we should throw a party for it.  Apparently, the poor thing has suffered the indignity of minor cosmetic surgery, three times (heat plate replacement - who knew you could do such a thing!). 

I'd tell you the brand of the long lasting appliance but the brand is nowhere to be found.  If coffee machines are anything like clothes, it's either an expensive brand, or incredibly cheap but not a middling brand.

Tonight, I found myself craving a sit down with a solitary cup of coffee and some recorded television.  Hey, there has to be a small advantage to being single.  I'm not sure I've got it, or appreciate the single life.  I think the single life is wasted on me, I really don't appreciate it as much as some think I should!  Maybe if I was wealthy and single I'd prefer it?  I could have my own space and get bored even faster (somet…

Dr Mercola on Iodine Supplements

Iodine and autism link

The link that seems to have been found in recent research between iodine insufficiency and autism is detailed here:

This may well explain the exploding numbers of cases of autism in Australia and other developed countries.

Disclaimer: I'm not an expert in autism, I just found the research fascinating.  For professional advice seek help from a qualified medical specialist.

Just add a splash of controversy

I'm going to add another link anyone suffering from thyroid, fatigue, unusual disorders might like to read.  To be honest I'm not sure what to conclude but it certainly makes for interesting reading.

The Iodine Project:

A little controversy and learning - Hashimoto's

Stumbled across a web page by M.D Jeffrey Dach regarding Iodine and Selenium supplementation and his approach to treatment.  It's worth reading all the parts to his treatment approach in order to understand his perspective.

His perspective is a little controversial but makes sense to me and certainly worth a read.

Disclaimer: this blog is only the opinion of the author and does not constitute medical advice.  For medical treatment contract an appropriate health professional.

Simple food done well

I had brunch this morning.  It must be called brunch because calling it breakfast at such a late hour would be odd. 

I cooked my brunch as I've been remiss in making myself more gluten free bread.  To be honest most of the gluten free bread is less satisfying than white rice which was part of the breakfast I made.  I miss oats out of my diet dreadfully and am unfortunately convinced I should avoid them.  As ever, I do not like porridge, but well made muesli or better yet bircher muesli are unfortunately things I must avoid according to Australian Coeliac guidelines.

Internationally, Coeliacs are allowed to eat oats and the controversy is confusing.  I guess if you can eat oats and there are no symptoms and your country includes it in the guidelines then go the bircher muesli.  I know that the oats used by some Coeliacs must be non-contaminated and it does get expensive (when compared to normal oats that are probably contaminated).  Given that US and European Coeliac societies all…

A book one wished she'd titled - book review

I've just finished reading President Barack Obama's book "The Audacity of Hope".  Isn't that just the most wonderfully inspiring title?

The book itself is an easy to read tome if you are interested in politics in general, and USA politics in particular.  I think it would appeal to less politically minded individuals but I have a sneaking suspicion that The Head Gardener when choosing between politics and romance combined with gardening will choose romance.  I guess it just depends what makes you tick.

The book focusses on the US President's philosophies and time spent in the Senate in the lead up to his run for US President.  I look forward to reading more books by him.  What I really like is that he unravels the complexity of problems rather than settling for an easy answer to complicated issues. 

I liked hearing about the back story for Barack and his description and perspective on Michelle Obama's background.  I liked hearing about their struggles, an…

My Local News: - "Coldest Nights In Decades"

I've been saying to my mum, that it seemed to me that the nights have been colder than normal.  Maybe more like we used to have when I was a child. 

My blind stopped working, most likely because the mechanism froze up.  It may still need replacing in the long term but I suspect it's still mainly the weather.

I'm glad I have extra blankets on the bed, hot water bottles, polar fleece and thermals to get through the winter.

I admit to struggling with a bit of dose of the winter blahs and enjoy the winter sun when it decides to shine.

I know it was cold, but just had it confirmed by my local paper saying that we've had some of the coldest nights in decades!

Only two more months and it's spring!!!

In the mean time, there are herbal tisanes (teas), coffee and hot chocolate to be drunk, the occasional TV programme to be watched, quiet winter beach w…

8 minutes of discipline

If you are blessed with a dodgy back/ neck like I have, there's only so much sitting around turning into a toadstool a woman can do before said back arcs up and demands attention.  In the spirit of not feeling like I'd been hit by a four by two (Australian for a big piece of wood - usually used for the construction of house framing) I made myself do some weights in front of a TV program so I didn't collapse due to boredom too.  I have days when I find weights interesting on their own but they are rare.

After eight minutes of weights and the odd stretch my body decided it had had quite enough and now my glands are giving me hell.  Talk about encouraging me to move.

I read somewhere in the last week, that an unfortunately ignorant doctor had decided that curing SEID/CFS is best dealt with by telling yourself you have an active imagination and getting out of bed.  About as logical as telling someone with a broken leg to just get up and walk.  Even Jesus healed people before h…

Steroids and Mononuclosis/ CFS?

If it sounds too good to be true, take a breathe and think about it.  Read, and read, and read.  Find yourself a trusted advisor or three.  And then sleep on it. 

I was reading today that steroid therapy might be a cure for my CFS/SEID, and it struck me as a little simple, perhaps.

I've since read this, and I think I will err on the side of caution:

I'm using a supplement blend including herbs and adrenal cortex as recommended by a integrative doctor and that is helping me sleep better than I have for a very long time.  It's lovely.  I've only taken it for a short time and am hopeful it will continue to help.  My sore throat is helped by vitamin C and little else unfortunately.

Disclaimer:  please seek professional advice regarding medical conditions.

A start.

I'm definitely experiencing the ol' three steps forward, five steps backward experience that is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/SEID.  Today though, I was determined that even if I spend time on the couch resting, or time in bed resting, I would at least make sure I eat reasonably well and do one thing to improve the house.

The house appears to be mocking me today.  I don't have the energy to clean like a mad woman, and it could do with it.
I did manage a few minutes outside cleaning up leaves and putting them in the compost.  I've eaten well so far today and managed to make some vegan yogurt. 

I emptied the dish washer and gave the kitchen a quick once over.

The house is cleaner, but not pristine.  It's a start though, and it's all progress.

Prays and thoughts

I watched the unfolding news story of events in South Carolina with shock.  The world being the small place it is, one of my high school teachers just happened to hail from that area.

I also live in Tasmania and have not forgotten the events that unfolded at Port Arthur in 1996 when people were killed without warning or favour in a spot considered by many to be safe for family and friends.  I remember it in particular, because my family and I were going to visit the site that day, and on a whim stayed home and went for a walk.  An uncle was nearby and thought the gun shots were hunters.  My family was close, and we were saved for other things.  I will never forget that day.

I still pray for the family of the victims of that tragedy.  When it hits my brain, I often make a point of praying for those families that they find peace.  It will always be a sad and tragic day in my state's history.

I have some idea of the feelings of many people who are affected by the tragic loss of life,…

A humble endocrinologist

I was looking for something unrelated and stumbled across this article by an endocrinologist, Dr Simon Grodski, about hypothyroidism.  He seems to advocate for patient choice when it comes to medication which I think is all that patients are looking for, genuine choice of medication and a willingness for doctors to take a different, appropriate approach with each patient.  I would never advocate for one medication, I just ask that doctors give patients choice.

Anyway, the doctor's article on hypothyroidism:

His general website which contains information you may find helpful, and his contact details here:

The tab "patient information" should direct you to other articles he has written.

Another vegan (soy & cococnut) yogurt recipe

Here's another vegan yogurt I made this week.  It's a little lumpy with the texture on account of the coconut flour, but the flavour is good and it freezes nicely for a healthy treat.

900ml quality soy milk (I usually use Coles regular soy or Woolworths Select range soy - generic, quality, non-GMO soy milk)1 tablespoon sunflower oil2 tablespoons coconut flour1 tablespoon gluten free cornflourcommercial soy yogurt as a starter, about 2 tablespoons Gently heat and whisk together the soy milk, sunflower oil coconut flour and cornflour.  Bring to body temperature, whisk for around five minutes, preferably until it starts to thicken.

Place milk mix into a clean yogurt thermos inner container - some people use a slow cooker as an incubator successfully (heat in slow cooker, and switch off to incubate).

Make sure that the milk mix is warm when you add the yogurt as a starter.  If it's too hot it won't incubate well.

Add yogurt starter into container, close lid and…

Might help someone with CFS/ SEID

I'm not taking the approach at the moment, although I clearly need to rein in the exercise.  Apparently my body does not take kindly to me walking off my stress too much.  Which is a shame because I love to walk, particularly rugged up in autumnal temperatures.  The older I get the more I appreciate the cold, that and I am getting better at treating the thyroid and having an almost normal temperature some times (who would have thought!).

You, may find this useful, different choices, for different bodies:

A hot (drink) obsession

Yep, a hot drink obsession.  Clearly I have the attention span of a newt when it comes to flavours.  They do say that variety is the spice of life, but they probably weren't talking about hot drinks when they coined that particular phrase.

Mmmm...roasted dandelion and chicory blend.  It's supposed to be good for the liver and it tastes good for the evening when you want a flavour reminiscent of coffee, but not decafe.  I tried Kintra brand from my local health food store.

I walked from my car to the shops and then to the library.  I really wasn't up to walking much but I'm suffering a case of we-are-all-getting-fat-and-slack so I have to move, or become a hypocritical blimp myself!  Plus I recently watched a couple of documentaries on weight loss surgery and it's given me a healthy dose of fear, and compassion. 

It saddens me that it takes some people such a long time to seek help and then take the help offered.  It saddens me that people suffer unnecessarily, som…

Bad Housekeeping

I think the magazines, and websites, traditionally aimed at women are on to something.  I confess that sometimes, even paragons such as I, would rather read about housekeeping and cooking, than actually do it.  Who am I kidding?  In the middle of winter I'd definitely rather read about it than do it!

There's tea and coffee to be drunk in the morning, walks to be taken out in the cold, and if I am lucky, wood fires to wile time away in front of.  If all that fails, there are books to be read and food to be eaten.  Unfortunately cooking tends to get in the way of all that wiling.  And, I don't like to live in a tip, or the oft-spoken pigsty of my teenage years (really, very unkind to pigs, I hear they are very intelligent creatures, and so was I, that's why my text books were on the floor, naturally).

Still, a little Apartment Therapy and The Kitchn, never hurt anyone, right?

Sober and on trend this year 2015

I've just been reading The Guardian newspaper online.  It's one of many papers I tend to frit through to get a range of view and news.  I think it's important to read multiple sources if I want to stay current.  That being said I will probably limit it soon as I find reading the news and having family overseas is often not a combination that assists my sanity.

According to The Guardian, the trend for 2015 is sobriety.  There are more women in the UK giving up alcohol and more books and websites dedicated to women's struggle out of alcohol dependence. 
While professional and older women continue to be the groups at greatest risk, younger women in the UK are rejecting drinking altogether, or at least cutting down.

Woman are finding support online, to help them with alcohol dependence and to find themselves the tools they need to get themselves better.  I think it's a positive use of the internet and a fascinating trend.

I've just been reading this article:


A mix of eats

I've just been reading about what the healthiest populations eat.  It makes for interesting reading.  My food choices tend to be a mix of them all.

One of the populations drink unsweetened soy milk, but I can't find any worth drinking, unless I make my own, and I think that's where my DIY proclivities end.

Drink tea, stay calm

I ended up spending half the night writing up a travel itinerary.  That sounds like a lot of work, and it is, but easier than walking my mum through it.  At her current level of stress, that would have been enough to have the air get chilly.  Add stress to a job like that, and things get frozen, and not in a happy Disney animated flick kind of way.  Anyway, there was really no one else to do it this morning/ last night, as The Head Gardener had other things to complete. 

I watched the sun rise, put my washing out to dry in the sunshine, and spent most of the day catching up on sleep.  I thought about going to the library but only got as far as collecting the magazines to return another day.

Drinking tea and keeping calm.  Let's hope that continues!

The storm after the walk

Yesterday, I managed some more exercise which gives me such joy.  I also managed to get out and do some things that were important.  I am paying for both with exhaustion.  I should be used to the body pay back, but I don't think I will ever truly get used to it.

I am drinking a curry flavoured cup of tea.  It is truly awful.  It's not at all deliberate.  I placed soy milk in a jar which seems to still have some curry paste oil in it, and it's nicely infused it and made my tea taste ghastly.  I do not recommend it!

I went to the op shop and bought about six new tops ad a warm woolly parka I will repair to wear on particularly cold days.  This winter, and I suspect age, is bringing out my practical and tea drinking sides.  I am becoming like an alarm clock with my tea drinking.  I find myself craving tea at three, just like my mother.   There's hope for me yet!

Better cup of tea made and things to do at a late-night/ very early morning.  At this rate I will watch the sun…

A walk

Tonight I managed a long walk, and even a bit of a jog.  Can I say yay?!  It's a start.  Some of the walking was difficult but I am definitely noticing an improvement with the natural thyroid.  Why did I wait?  Yet again, patience is  overrated. 

I had an exasperating and exhausting day yesterday and spent most of today trying to sleep it off.  The one thing that helped my sanity yesterday was a young man who served me a McCafe regular tea.  I don't generally go and get a McCafe takeaway tea or coffee, but I really needed the tea and the quiet in my car. 

If I remember, I will send the manager an email/ phone call, and let them  know that they are doing a good job.  It's becoming harder, in an economy that is hardly going forward in leaps and bounds, to get decent service.  I'm trying as much as is practical to not support companies that provide consistently poor service, and to praise those that do well. 

When I travel regularly for work, I've gone to McCafes f…

Clutching a coffee cup

There's something about extremely windy weather that gets on my nerves.  I did not sleep, at all.  I did get myself breakfast when it was still dark, which for me is a  novelty.  I'd love to know what it is about the wind.

I'm lucky, so far we have power and we are safe.  I am drinking coffee in a pretty cup, I have bird noises playing in my notebook's DVD/CD and I've already eaten breakfast.  The sun has already made an appearance and hopefully the wind will calm down by tonight in time for me to sleep.  Nixing that, I hope to fall asleep from exhaustion, or else mindfulness.  Not that mindfulness helped last night. Perhaps I should have had music playing last night.

Instant home brand (generic major branded supermarket brand) coffee granules, hot water and a splash of soy milk is an under appreciated treat.  Mmm...hmm...mainly because it requires little effort, and tastes pretty good.  Oh dear, my coffee snob status is eroded forever.  Confessions of a blogger!

Candles and other cleaning irritations

I was going to title this post, How to clean floor tiles thoroughly, but people may have felt quite misled and disgruntled.

I wanted to write:

How to clean floor tiles

1) grab a big bowl of fruit, a cup of half full herbal tea, and a fully lit candle
2) attempt to juggle while opening door, while ignoring all sense and neglect to ask for help
3) flick wrist energetically containing candle while talking to other person who could have helped you
4) carefully scrape with plastic spatula, and scrub tiles energetically for half an hour or so

BONUS good workout!

I did need the exercise, and those tiles are  now thoroughly clean!

Times like this

There will always be times like this.  Where I find myself feeling a little uninspired.  I must admit that I am beginning to feel human with the addition of natural thyroid which is in turn making me feel angry. I missed out on so much, and now I have real hope to be well,...I'm angry at all I missed. 

And yet, I am grateful for all I learnt. 

That, Ladies and Gentlemen, is a conundrum and adulthood for you.  I thought it would be a bit more fun. 

I plan on making up for lost time though in the future.  I guess we shall see.

In the mean time, I have a classic pink mug, the funkiest watch for $20 from the op-shop, a warm woolly jumper and jeans that make me feel good (also, you guessed it, from the op-shop), herbal tea, fresh fruit and a chicken roast dinner in my tummy.

Onwards and upwards!

Misplaced guilt and glamour

I feel a sense of misplaced guilt about something.  By that, I mean that I have no reason to feel guilty and in fact the really authentic and more useful emotion is anger.

I am angry that as a thyroid patient I have, in sheer frustration, feeling like I was slowly dying, switched myself to a thyroid "extract" because it is incredibly difficult to get a medical doctor to give me the options I deserve.  I have only been on a combination of thyroxine and NDT supplement and I feel a damn sight better than I have for a very long time.  I still feel unwell, but my digestion is approaching normality, my bloating has all but disappeared and my propensity for UTIs I suspect has been cured due to  the fact that I am not retaining water like a chronically water balloon.

A highly experienced doctor has moved to my local area and I will be calling to see if I can get an appointment and my hands on stronger NDT by prescription so I can get off the synthetic drugs entirely.  May God have m…

A night of midwives and tea

I learnt that a lovely mother lost her life today.  While the news was expected there's something about someone being brave, yet upset, telling you the news of someone's final breath that is always a little shocking.  She left an indelible mark on her children and grandchildren, and in some weird way, the terminal diagnosis brought out the best in many people.  A long life, well lived. 

There's something very special about mothers that do their best to love, cherish and raise their children.  I know someone whose child needed to be whisked to emergency for a serious mental health condition.  Fighting for her daughter has positively changed this woman and her life.  I feel privileged whenever I run into her.  She learnt courage by standing up for her daughter when she was unable to advocate for herself, and in the process learnt to stand up for herself.  Never underestimate a mother with a sick child.

Having learnt the sad news this evening, and having made a nourishing ho…

The time of your life

I've had people, who really should have been wiser, cajole me to enjoy my youth as it "is the time of your life" and I would look back when I was older with a warm glow.  Perhaps for some people it is, the time of their life but for me, and other young people struggling with chronic health issues, diseases and almost endless doctors visits, it is not.  Youth has it's moments, and their are memories I can never relive that are amazing.  I look forward to the present and future to create new wonderful memories.

I just stumbled across an article informing the world that a very young Australian journalist has died due to a rare brain cancer.  The tribute includes his response, on his diagnosis.  He chose to live when he could, he chose to make the most of the time he had, he chose to ask his God to save him.  He prayed while all around him people lost hope.  In many ways, he probably lived a more colourful and compassionate, if shorter life as the result of his diagnosi…

Meatballs low amine, budget friendly, gluten free

Because I am a glutton for punishment, I decided that I should push myself by making meatballs today.  I always start meatballs well, and regret them mid making them.  Thankfully these meatballs were worth all the work.

Credit goes to the IT Guru who picked fresh herbs from the crisp garden and fixed up the dishes when my body had a fit on completion.  I am told he raved appropriately, which is pretty amazing given the restriction on the ingredients I used.

The Head Gardener had made a pronouncement yesterday that she was "sick of cooking", nothing new about that, and stashed some mince in the fridge to defrost overnight.  I decided to surprise her with meatballs when she came home having done tours with inquisitive children and their parents/grandparents/teachers.

I made the meatballs, sauce and The Head Gardener added roasted vegetables while I was asleep in bed with my body demanding rest. 

Note: My meatballs did fall apart somewhat so I would probably add an egg or two …

A little list of things to do

Apparently to have any success as a blogger one should always have creative titles for their blog entries.  That is probably a good idea.  I suspect that the content is more important to keep people coming back, as is radiating a little humanity and humility. 

Starting, by actually writing something has to be the thing that triggers success.  As with all of life's endeavours, you can talk 'til the proverbial cows come home to roost, but if you don't have a snowball's chance in hell, of success.

Last night before I made myself get into bed, and turn off the light, I wrote a list for today.  I wrote five things in my diary to do.  I am happy to write that I got them all done. 

Writing a list of daily to dos, sitting down and starting the tasks really can make all the difference in getting things done.

My things to do were mainly on my computer, so I made sure my desk was organised and clear, I had a fresh hot cup of chai and I set aside an hour. 

I am stil…

2 cups of coffee and a long walk

I waiting for the weather to get to peak chill, while there was still day-light, and went for a walk to a nearby beach.  By nearby I mean a reasonable walk down the hill, and a less reasonable walk up the hill. 

I just spent the last two hours being indecisive online and buying nothing.  I'm just not in the mood to make smart buying decisions. 

I think writing a list, then shopping is generally a better way of doing things.  I do need to go through my socks and lace drawer soon, it's getting a little tragic in part.  Then some new things to cheer me up, once I write a list/ budget.

Spent the morning being largely unsociable with two cups of coffee and trying to lose myself in books.  I need some new books, lately they are a little lacklustre.

Made a small jar of granola with no dairy or gluten.  Thinking about eating my cocoa infused soy yogurt treats in the fridge. 

I am drinking a cup of vanilla rooibos tea with a little homemade chai mix added for extra oomph!

Hobart Chill

Properly cold in generally temperate Tasmania today with the forecast of 2-9 degrees C feeling a little generous.  It is 10.30 in the evening here, time I went to bed, or at least thought about the prospect and all I can think is that I want a full fat double shot (soy) latte. 

I've got a candle burning, a thermal top, slippers, jumper, jeans, a polar fleece and a hot water bottle on my back.  I guess I am warm enough.  Soon, I am going to sink into a wool blanket and doona festooned bed.  At some stage tomorrow afternoon, if it's warm enough, I might get out of bed again, in time to get a cup of tea/ coffee, only to slink back. 

Actually, tomorrow, I might go and see relatives not so far away, whose house contains a wood fire.  Tasmania may generally have a temperate climate but most people are surprised at how cold it can get, with certain suburbs being worse than others. 

There are some suburbs I would only live in if the housing price was a bargain and had a wood-fire!  …