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Walking, overrated?!

Humph!  A little exasperated at my body's seeming inability to do what my mind would like it to do.  That is, at least be a bit zippy.  Just a teeny, tiny wee bitty bit zippy.

I guess my zippy self will return.  I have to wait for the thyroid medication to do its magic.  Can not say that I am a huge fan of waiting but apparently I am doing advanced study in patience.  I have been accused in recent times of being laid back.

The Head Gardener managed to go to the library today and I have half read most of the reading material already.  Apparently, though my metabolism and movement have slowed, at present my reading speed is as fast as ever!

Ironically, I am tired but not sleeping well, except during the day half the time.

Out and upstairs

So far today I have got as far as upstairs, and into the garden.  I wanted to go further afield but the body thus far says no.  I guess I should be grateful that it prevents me from too much consumer temptation, though there is always online spending.  I find online spending easier to resist generally because I have to pay postage, and wait.  I like to talk to and support my local shops, or I figure there will be none, and what a miserable existence that would be!

Anyway, I did get get some washing out in the sun, made my bed and have just made myself a cinnamon laced sweet cup of coffee in my keep cup as a cheap and sophisticated alternative to getting out of the house.  And it is lovely.  1/2 cup soy milk, 1/2 cup water, 1 teaspoon instant coffee, 1 teaspoon sugar, 1/2 teaspoon quality (I used dutch) cinnamon heat in saucepan/carefully in microwave & enjoy!

IT Guru kindly offered to to lift the washing but I was determined to put it out.  Now, I am exhausted :D

Grateful for suns…

Sunday rest

This blogger needs a Sunday rest, from being sick.  It does get a bit tedious at times.  I am doing the best I can, eating well, keeping my fluids up, drinking a bit of sweet tea because I am exhausted from fevers.  Making sure I have multi-vitamins and iron tablets because my Coeliac disease has decided to flare, just to add to the exhaustion.

I just hope I feel well enough to go to the library this week.  That would be truly lovely.  I can't see it happening at the moment, so I guess I need to focus my gratitude on being able to access the internet at the moment and read other people's blogs and other articles online.  I would love a quick stroll around the op-shop too,... a woman can but dream!

Grateful for a hot cup of tea delivered to my bedside this morning (okay, afternoon! ) :D

Autumnal chill

While I soaked up some sun this morning in The Head Gardener's living room designed for chilly mornings, the weather has since taken on a decidedly chilled flavour.  I know it's nothing for my northern hemisphere readers who think nothing of walking, talking and living with snow everywhere.  However, I am a naturally hot blooded creature, who is improving with thyroid medication.  I did not whinge once about the cold.

I have been following my own advice:

I got out of bed at a reasonable hour and had a few drinks of hot spicy tea to set me upI ended up going back to bed because I am still decidedly dizzy, but I used a wool blanket rather than the heater, and off I went to dream-landI am keeping warm with a hot water bottle, wool throw rug I made myself very successfully, a hot cup of sweet camomile tea and a splash of peppermint essence (refreshing)I ate a healthy tea and kept myself warm by cleaning upI am wearing my thermals - one of my smartest purchasesThis week, or next, I …

Old School Blog post #2

Old School Blog Post #2, date 27th March 2015 (2.36 AM – yes, the sleeping thing isn’t working for Hobart Chic at the moment, she got smug and got bitten on the proverbial)
Glacial internet speeds continue in the Hobart Chic house.While Hobart Chic acknowledges that in the scheme of things, it’s not such a big deal, she is missing her forays into learning about all kinds of things.Hobart Chic is wondering whether she should invest in an old set of encyclopaedias and do this the old fashioned way.It would take up a bit of space though, but Hobart Chic would be up to date with history until the late 1990s.It is times like this Hobart Chic wonders at the intelligence of throwing out the old CD encyclopaedias, unless of course someone in the family still owns them.Hobart Chic will have to investigate and get back to you.
Hobart Chic is guessing that the glacial internet speeds have something to do with the new internet infrastructure that is supposed to be being installed in the local area …

Old School

Gone Old School Blog 26th of March, 2015
I have survived 48 hours without much in the way of a personal internet connection.It worked for two minutes today and lulled me into a false sense of reliability.By the time I came back from my exciting housework episode it had gone on the blink again.
While I maintain that I can live without the internet and that my life will not stop without it, I cannot say that I enjoy the prospect at all.It does not bother me at all when I am well and able to do things.With this lack of energy and the incredibly weak episodes I have been having, the internet really does have the unique potential to add to the quality of my life.
Also, when things are so bad that I am not well enough to look for books at the library, then the alternative of book reading becomes a little problematic.If I send someone else to select books for my eclectic tastes, it’s a bit tricky.Half the time, if they nail my taste, my unfortunate feedback is that I’ve read the book already, s…

Wasn't that nice!

I was on the receiving end of a random act of kindness.  I thought I'd be alright to potter off to the library and grab a few books.  I was wrong.  I was, this is important, fine to drive.  Walking on the other hand proved to be a little tricky.  I didn't fall over, I just felt like I would faint the whole time, so I kept stopping and looking for walls to hold me up.  An older gentleman came and made sure I was still breathing and all,  'twas lovely.

In other news, my hot water bottle cover, is slightly bigger than intended and it has been suggested by certain knitting commentators that if I make it longer it will serve as a scarf for a giant.  Or a hot water bottle cover with multiple hot water bottles.  Hmmm...

Occasional DIY success

I currently have about 3 litres of apple and some cinnamon bubbling on the stove for eating purposes.  One kilogram of raw apple in pieces ready for one of The Head Gardener's sauce fetish sessions, and hot home made soup ready for eating.  I did not make the soup but I am very grateful for it. 

The apples were picked from a lonely tree and cost nothing but my time.  As I am not earning much money, that seems a fair exchange.

Still, a bit weak and dizzy.  Making up and drinking homemade electrolyte drink.  I just did the maths.  If I make my own and use flavouring from the garden e.g. lemon verbena tea, it works out at about 23 cents per litre plus the fresh water. 

If I buy a the equivalent from the supermarket or pharmacy, the most expensive products include artificial sugar, colouring and flavouring and come in at between $1.50 to $3.75 per litre.  So if you are like me, and you use them regularly to manage your health, it's quite the saving to make it yourself.  If you d…

One day at a time

I am taking one day at a time and am up past my bed time.  Mainly because my legs are aching.  I am trying to fix it by homemade rehydration fluids which are a bit of assistance and chamomile tea.

I've been reading lately about some people that advise that people use no sugar for home made electrolyte rehydration drinks.  This is incorrect information.  You need salt, sugar, water and preferably potassium and citric acid to make good oral rehydration fluid.  Salt, sugar and water are the very basics for emergency use until a better oral rehydration fluid can be taken.  Glucose is the best sugar and potassium as part of the mix means that the body gets the best balance for health.

I understand the need to save money and make your own if you use it regularly.  You can buy cheap glucose powder from online pharmacies (or use normal sugar in a pinch, honey if nothing else is available), and use orange juice or Lite salt to provide the potassium to provide a quality home made product an…

My inner student

(Note to The Head Gardener...skip to 17)

I know of a few brave souls that have decided to go back and study at TAFE and University for a second or third qualification to add to their skill set.  I sincerely wish them well and have at the moment no desire to join their ranks. 

I have well and truly spent my time in hallowed halls and to list the qualifications under my belt might make me sound like some kind of geek/saint/masochist.  I am a little of all three, I guess.  I feel that I must have a little of the masochist inside of me whenever I think of how on earth I managed to do what I did. 

I've been reflecting lately because I was, I think, disciplined in a way that at times sometimes eludes me now.  I know that most of my money goes on health care, I've written out the budget.  There are other, probably non-negotiable things I now spend my money on.  Health insurance, car insurance, car registration.  Nothing terribly earth shattering, or exciting.  Certainly, my medicin…

I expect failure

Let me make it clear.  I expect people to fail.  I know I do.  I've worked with people who went bankrupt.  Some people when bankrupt because they were irresponsible.  Some went bankrupt because they acted like the credit card was a way to buy "free stuff".  I could have easily filed for bankruptcy post job loss and health issues.  Anyone can.

I just lose my mind a bit when people do not appear to try, or care.  I lose my mind when people make huge financial loses and do not make any changes.

I am not anti going out for a treat every now and then.  I just question when it ceases to be treat, and becomes a habit, and people who would otherwise be able to, can not afford the basics. 

I've paid for a pot of sweet tea when stressed out of my mind and unable to be at home for whatever reason.  Sweet tea is my drink of choice after a car accident, or similar.  I often buy coffee out when working in a high stress, reasonable pay, where I need to leave the office for my sani…

Read this if you dare

I was not going to write anymore tonight, but this blog post, by Katy at The Non Consumer Advocate has inspired me.

It is also in part inspired by Frugal Queen's recent blog post,

I left a comment on The Non Consumer Advocate's blog that:

Things that make me happy, and cost little: *knitted tea cosy
*tea pots (I only have two, BUT I WANT them ALL)
*a good de-clutter which prevents me collecting tea pots
*new cheap frilly bed linen for mix and matching purposes from the op-shop (second hand charity shop)
*herbal tea
*sunshine and spectacular summer sunrises
*alliteration! :D 
(end comment)

All of which is true.  Those things do help to make me a happier person for little money.  I forgot to add the shell that I have here on my desk that inspires me every time I sit down to write.  I picked some for my nieces on a beach walk and later dec…

Rolling down a hill near you

There are no words today for the exasperation that has been the last few days.  As I can not get a M.D. on tap for basics, I have done due diligence and playing a bit with the happy hormones.  I'm not doing anything dangerous or idiotic. 

I've been trying to treat my dizziness with oral rehydration fluid.  However, I got on the scales, nearly had a heart attack and realised that I am hypothyroid according to that, and the abnormally low (for me) blood pressure, massive weight gain while eating well and moving as much as possible, and low temperature first thing in the morning.  Fatigue and body aches, mild depression, lack of appetite, no exercise tolerance, also adding to the sexy outlook.

Hopefully my thyroid has just died, then I can figure out the hormones and quit having to change dosages.  Frustrated, dizzy and fat, in Hobart.

When things go screech at night

I had one of those sleeps where you awake from a nightmare and it haunts you for the rest of the day.  In the end, it meant I learnt a few things about modern housing and had a good laugh at my own expense.

Let's just say, I had a nightmare filled with creepy crawlies.  It's a testament to the whey that I actually went back to sleep, having convinced myself that I was fairly safe from creepy crawlies. 

In order to contemplate going back to bed tonight, I had to research the likelihood of said creepy crawlies turning up in my neighbourhood.  Thankfully due to modern sanitation, I will not have to deal with them unless our neighbours get slack with food waste, I move, I spend too much time at the compost heap (not likely at night!).

Can I just say,


Bring in the experts

I blame my parents for my creativity.  They always had just enough of everything to have a magical childhood.  They taught me to survive on very little, and to whinge selectively. 

They also allowed us to go without television during my childhood for months at a time.  I know, gasp!  And told my siblings and I to go outside and quit whinging.  "Go find something to do"

This is why I found myself thinking, why do people pay, I think it was $20 for 6 protein bars when they can make it themselves.  Last night I found out why.  Ever tried to chisel out food from pans?  I actually did not waste any money with this frugal fail, just some sanity.  Maddening!

To add insult to injury those bars I chiselled out, were pronounced to taste "like grass" by The Head Gardener.  As much as I did not want to admit it last night, I think she may be right!

Here's some thought provoking articles about watching television:…

Smug daughter moment & lemon verbena

I had a smug daughter moment this evening.  My mum had been reading about the prevention of type 2 diabetes and the importance of eating fresh fruit.  She started to give me a Mum pep talk, as she did, I pulled out the two apples I had recently washed and put in my polar-fleece to take with me down stairs.  I don't often get to be quite that smug.  Really, that was quite amusing, smiling just thinking about it!

As an aside, from what I have read about type 2 diabetes, 60% of cases can be managed with diet and exercise.  Exercise seems to be the most important of those two interventions.  I suggest working with a medical team if you at risk of developing it, or you already have the condition.  Of the 40%, it's not as simple as stating that it's preventative.  There are some medical researchers that have theorised that some of these people may in fact have a virus that has attacked the pancreas, not an autoimmune disease as in type 1.  More research needed.

And, I have been …

Sweet and spicy!

Today, I awoke at dawn, cleaned my surroundings a little because I hate a muddle when I feel unwell.  That, and it doesn't matter what I do my windows go a bit mouldy and need a regular clean.  It's not pleasant to wake up to the fresh smell of mould.  Blech!

Seriously though, a bit of a tidy up and a dust here and there, makes a big difference.  If all else fails make things a little darker and light a couple of real, or fake, candles and it's harder to see the dirt!

Then, I ate a healthy dinner, read some blogs online, ate my lunch and crashed into bed.  I still feel knackered. 

Now, I am drinking spicy marsala chai from my cheerful tea pot, covered in a knitted floral tea cosy and hoping I feel a little better tomorrow.  It's no cure, but it seems to help me feel a bit better.  Perhaps, it's good for the soul as much as anything.

You can make your own marsala chai blend but unless you are going to go to the effort of freshly toasting your spices, or spices are …

Constant plodding

A medical article that sums up my journey with Coeliac Disease.  If you want any kind of quality of life then you have to have regular check-ups, eat well, and supplement as necessary.  It's not easy to manage, it's a constant work in progress.  Plod on!

A Whey lot of hope for Crohns

Fascinating research for successful treatment for Crohns disease.  Something people experiencing it may wish to discuss with an integrative/ functional medical doctor.  Using Whey and l-glutamine to heal the gut and reverse the damage caused by Crohns.

Something to spend money on

I have been interested in, and involved in the past, in business enterprises.  For me the thing that drove ambition was naturally to make sure I could eat and provide for myself and others.  More importantly, the thing that really pulled me out of bed was, and is, my strong belief that business has the ability to make the world a little bit better.  If everyone who could afford to, did their bit, the world would be a much more sane, compassionate and warm place to be.

There are many charitable causes to give your money to, this is one of many:

It is also an incredibly inspiring website about people who stopped, and even cured ALS.  I dare you to not be fascinated!

A Whey to Sleep

I will say this for the whey consumption, I am sleeping beautifully since taking it.  I guess it's just a matter of figuring out the right dose for me.  Apparently, Whey and other foods help to produce tryptophan and induce sleep.  For those of you without whey in your pantry, you can try a glass of milk before bed, or a banana and some turkey on bread.

Such a sexy nightcap, a glass of milk!  I think I will stick with chamomile infusion before bed.

Pineapple for pain?

Reading about the health benefits of pineapple for digestion, stomach issues, pain, arthritis and sinus issues.  While fresh is considered best, and more research needs to be done, an occasional glass of pineapple juice or a pizza covered in pineapple are easy and fun ways to help yourself feel better.

Pineapple may ease pain of arthritis, sinusitis - Health Living

The sound of one eye exploding

Ah, yes, I have finally figured out what was causing my extreme head pain.  It's not an easy thing to figure out, but the iris in my eye is inflamed and causing all kinds of havoc.  It's hard to know which autoimmune disease is causing this, it's most likely the autoimmune arthritis.  It's genetic, it's painful and if I could find a way to effectively manage it I would.  I would stand on my head if it helped.

I just want a break from the pain, I am taking my eye drops and drinking herbal tea, and making myself move, and that's all I can do.  I am doing what I can, I wish it was more.  I am exhausted from it all. 

I hope you never go through this, it takes the patience of a saint and then some.  Apparently, it is a condition so painful it makes grown men literally scream for morphine.  The first specialist I saw could not figure out why I was not screaming.  I didn't have the energy then, and I don't now.  A little cry, I can manage.  I've got this …

And another thing...

When I not itching with the whey, I am sneezing.  Excuse the description, but just to add to my exhausted completely non-glamorous look, I am turning into a snot monster.  Seriously, why am I trying to get well, again?  Why?!

I appear to be making myself sicker, trying to get better.  That really makes sense.  Sheesh.

Oh, and I was up early enough to watch the sun get up.  Did I have my blind up though? No!
Off to clean my bathroom and change my hair from its had-a-fright aesthetic.

Frugal idiocy rant

The thing that really annoys me about being ill, is that I try and save money, and inevitably, I come up with a creative way of spending far more money in the long run.  Trying to save money can ironically be the least frugal thing a person can do.  There are many things I can do effortlessly, or even with a little work, that save money.  The very second I TRY I am in deep trouble.  Go with effortlessly, pick your battles, and hopefully you, and I, will be more solvent.

A walking itch

I can not decide whether or not I am a walking and talking itch, or more accurately a headache on feet.  Thankfully, the Arnica I bought in desperation from a local chemist is helping with the mind-bending, side splitting, ache that is my head (pain, ache, bruising sensation - homeopathic).  And, unfortunately that means admitting that the whey is the cause of the itch that will not stop and may well be some of the cause of the splitting head I am experiencing.

Honestly, a woman can not win sometimes.  I appear to have lost the plot in the last 24 hours slightly, but excruciating pain will do that to a person.  I am sleeping better, my limb pain had improved, but my head pain more than made up for any kind of improvement, real or imagined.

Let's hope that the homeopathic remedies that I have ordered work.  That's where I am at.  My pulse went too high last night so I took myself off most of the happy hormones and will buy some more Vitamin D when I am more myself and not a pe…

Just Today

I've been through an awful lot lately.  I have to tell you that I have coped as best I can.  It has been really very difficult lately and that is likely to continue.

At present, it has been impossible for me to get any kind of decent exercise.  I do what I can, and then I still push myself.  I does not look like that to those around me, but I am pushing myself to do less than they would do without thinking.

I know that I want to be a little more disciplined than I have been.  Not obsessive but a little more focused on looking after myself, with the odd treat to keep myself sane.  I think it's important to have a treat of some kind, every now an then.

I do not feel like being disciplined.   Not at all.  Yesterday, I told myself, I just had to be disciplined today.  That's the same approach I will try and take today.  I can do that.  And then, the feeling will follow.  If you consistently plod, the feeling of wanting to be healthy and disciplined will follow.  Without action…

Up before sun

I am sitting here, the second day in a row, having had sleep, and up before the world's most reluctant early morning bird choir.  They have just started their serenade to a new day, and there is a beautiful sunrise outside my window. 

I slept for six hours.  For you, easy-sleepers, "morning people" that will mean nothing.  To those fellow insomniacs, parents with new borns/teens/30 somethings having an early midlife crisis, you know just what an achievement that is!


Pain and addiction

I was doing some internet land foraging and stumbled across this article, unrelated to my original explore.  It's important that people are aware, that while pain-killers when prescribed correctly, and taken correctly, can be an important part of medical treatment, they can be addictive.

The difficulty as with all addictions is that people often deny, understandably, that they have a problem.  I've read previously, on Dr Oz's website, that painkiller overdose and addiction is currently the number one cause of emergency admissions in hospitals in the USA, and he is campaigning to make people aware of the problem and to seek help.  It's important that people do not feel that they can not ask for help.  There is help available for addictions whether they be pain-killers, alcohol or other drugs. 

The difficulty with painkillers and other addictions is that we as a western soci…

Good stuff!

Reading about the importance of beneficial fats by the creator of Udo's Oil:

A little gratitude

Today I am grateful for...
good food, and dishes to cleancomfortable bedherbal teastory tellers - whether books, movies or well made television.  The escapism is nice when weary.sunshine, I did not get out and about today, tomorrow I hopefully will.sleep - even if my sleep cycle is wonky.  Lately, I find myself having mundane dreams.  I think I dreamt a made a cake last night (an everyday frugal basic batter type cake).a functioning watch that is pretty too.  It makes me smile every-time I wear glasses, I wear them primarily for reading, or when I am almost too tired to focus well.  apples, gleaned from a tree by my family.  They make a unique, it's-3am-and-I'm-starving-but-I-want-something-healthy snackinternet shopping.  Ah, so grateful for it when unwell.  I will never understand people's resistance to such marvellous-ness.  It's just modern mail order catalogue shopping.  Why some older individuals are so resistant, I'm not sure.  They must have more energ…

Imps with jackhammers, and other obscure joys

In the interest of reasonable honesty I had an emotional blip.  It was quite the blip, it's easy to get overwhelmed when unable to do what you want to.  The odd blip is unfortunately to be expected.  I did work hard to get out of the blip, let someone know I was in the blip, and I am determined to at least manage the blip.  Playing around with medicine did not help (not harmful, or dangerous, just not effective).

Today, the imps are having a go at my head with mini-jackhammers.  Probably because I spent an extended period of time in bed, due to exhaustion.  I went for a 10 minute stroll and paid for it with 16 hours of sleep, weakness and pain.  That's apparently how it goes.  Half cured with stretches and stress point therapy, a bit of chewing gum for anything attributable to tension and I'm about to have coffee.  All my personal imp cures covered!

I followed my own advice today.  I made a complaint about poor treatment by a public servant and followed the issue up higher…

Learn something new everyday

I watched this presentation on TED last night, about new advances in cancer therapy.  Perhaps not recommended to watch while eating.  Fascinating and hopeful new research.

Run out of new books to read

A sure sign that I need to go to the library and get new books to read, I'm reading this:

Healthy Weight

Here's some other online resources that might help if you are struggling to maintain a healthy weight:

Geek out - malabsorption

You might find the following links useful, if you, or someone you know is struggling to maintain a healthy weight:

How to put on weight

I've been in the unfortunate position of losing weight due to mal-absorption, due to a combination of autoimmune issues, primarily Coeliac Disease. Thyroid disease was also looking back is a complicating factor.

People do not appreciate how stressful being unable to maintain your healthy weight can be, and how fast you can lose weight if really unwell.

There are any number of things that may work for me, that might not work for you, however, you may want to try:

pureed apple and a little cinnamon often helped settle my stomachhot potato chips have been known to helpbanana and coconut may be useful for youhoney might work for you, it doesn't work for mepeanut butter, or another nut butter, might work for you, high in nutrients if your body likes itglucose, rather than table sugardehydration fluidsyogurt might work for youslightly burnt toast with vegemite can help those who tolerate glutenwhey can help keep muscle mass and maintain weightl-glutamine to help keep muscle massdried…

Geek out

This is a link to an interesting website, particularly given my whey concentrate trial.  Other people use anti-virals.

I suggest exploring the rest of the website in detail, I just found this particular page relevant given my current treatment plan for SEID (was known as CFS/ME).

Talk to your physician about any medical treatment that you would like to try.

An inspiring M.D.

Abraham Verghese, on patient care -

a doctor,
a writer,
instrumental in bringing back one-on-one examinations of patients and taking the time to be present, and show care.

Compelling and inspiring.

We need more M.D.s like this.

Other fatigue basics

Other conditions that can cause tiredness, and or fatigue, that may be unrelated to CFS/ME, new name SEID:

Anxiety - unmanaged anxiety, PTSD and depression can cause tiredness and affect sleepDehydration High blood pressure (almost always rules out SEID  - increases risk of other problems if not managed and/or corrected)Low blood pressure (this can occur with SEID, or can be the problem on it's own) By low and high blood pressure, I mean your average reading, it goes up and down during the day and will spike if you are in considerable pain, or under undue stress. 

I mean the average reading when you get it checked regularly.  Mine is 115/75, and healthy, but trends down generally.  I find mine shoots up when in acute pain, or acute stress, this does not mean I have high blood pressure.  It just means that my body is under stress and pain relief, or a sweet cup of tea, is called for to bring the pressure down.

Obviously, one side effect of SEID is that exercise makes us feel worse.…

Fatigue - the basics

People, too often, think that because they experience tiredness for a prolonged period, or even fatigue, that they have CFS/ME.  Part of that is because of the name "Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME" which is now being changed to SEID, Systemic Exertion Intolerance Disease, which is a heck of mouthful to say.  Not something I want to reel out when I am fatigued.

You see, the difficulty is that around 70% of GP visits relate to constant tiredness/fatigue.  There are any number of reasons that someone can be tired on a continual basis.  And before attaching CFS, or whatever they want to call it this week to the hell you are experiencing people need to do the basics.

Things you need to rule out when faced with fatigue/ tiredness:

anemia due to iron deficiencytoo much iron bloodcoeliac disease, often misdiagnosed as IBSdiabetes type 1diabetes type 2Vitamin D deficiency Vitamin B12 deficienyThyroid diseasePregnancyMenopauseArthritisAsthma (it can be improved and controlled in most case…

Hearty and healthy

I try to occasionally check my blood pressure as it's a reasonable indicator of general health.  It's not by any means the only indicator but it's still an important indicator.  I just checked mine and as it's lower than my normal I went to find a reasonable blood pressure chart just to make sure I am still okay, not critically low.  I feel alright and apparently my reading today puts me in the ideal category.  I guess I will keep doing what I am doing.  Ironically, that includes upping my salt intake ever so slightly!

Disclaimer: If you are concerned about you, or your loved one's, blood pressure seek medical attention.

Sunshine and sleep

It would appear that my body needs a total lack of comfort, a cup of black tea and milk and sunshine,...and I'm out like a light.  Preferably fully clothed with glasses jammed up uncomfortably when I awake.  I am not about to give you tips on how to fix insomnia at the moment.  Oh well, 4 am in the morning is a normal time to be buzzing about, right?

Happy and not so happy, freaky hormones

Ah, my hormones are giving me hell.  Having listened to my body, I have been faced with the choice of spending the night being incredibly miserable (screaming depression unique to my particular brand of hypothyroidism), or up my hormones a little faster than the good Doctor would ideally like.  Don't get me wrong, it's not dangerous what I am doing.  I've done it before.  The doctor knows this, he just thinks it's preferable to do this slower. 

The thing is that my hormones clearly just went CRASH and the only sane response was to up some of the happier hormones faster.  And now, I am not a bawling mess over nothing.  Or a depressed mess.  Well, mildly and vaguely depressed but that's only because I felt so horrid, still tired from doing nothing and I want to be going to work in the morning and being all heels, suit, charm, earrings and getting somewhere.  I miss inane whinges about traffic and weather.  Now, I have things where a whinge is appropriate and even I …

Positively up the creek

I'm not really one for spending all my energy on doom and gloom.  I am one for looking for solutions.  It's pretty difficult to find solutions to problems that you do not accept that you have.  In a sense, in order to get anywhere with new medical approaches to a problem, you have to assess that you have a problem.

I am all for hope, for joy and for faith.  I am however, sick of the positivity mantra that seems to have infiltrated mass media.  I think it's okay, and perfectly healthy to sit down and have a cry every now and then.  I think it's perfectly healthy to grieve for what you have lost.  I think it's perfectly healthy to find being sick exhausting, exasperating and utterly demoralising.  It's not fun.  Being sick might teach me things, but I'd rather learn from being healthy given the choice. 

I am sick, and I want out!  And I am not positive.  I am realistic though.  Completely grounded in the reality.  Frequently I just want to not be going throu…

Autumnal gratitude (& no sock!)

Autumn, or Fall, as my US readers call it, has descended upon us with gentle showers, gentle rain and a slightly cooler temperature. 

I spent much of today pottering around doing the odd bit of housework here and there, resting my pounding head, mucked up my half-a-sock.  Now, I have no sock.  Still, fourth or fifth time lucky, right?

Ordered some more whey in the hope I get long term benefits.  At the moment, I am almost willing to try anything.  I am going to give the whey a red hot go before I give up.  It takes at least six months according to the research I have read, to have any clinical affect, and it needs to be whey concentrate, not whey isolate.  Preferably from grass fed cows and undenatured whey for maximum affect.  The whey I've ordered is sourced from Tasmanian cows, is unflavoured and does not contain any artificial flavourings like most of the others on the market. 

I'm hoping it has a good flavour and helps me get stronger.  At the very least, improves my qu…