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Quiet New Years Eve

I had a quiet New Years Eve.  Ended up spending it resting on the couch knitting, having spent a couple of hours prior fixing apricots my sister gleaned from her neighbourhood ready for future sauces, done the dishes (well, a bit of cheating with the dishwasher), made dinner and read a book, drank much tea.  A sober end to 2014, a challenging and provocative year, and a quiet beginning.  Hopefully this signals a peaceful year for 2015.  Wishing all my readers both past, present and future a peaceful year full of random acts of kindness!

Living without...

When I need a little inspiration I have favourite searches that I put into internet land and see what I will find.  One of my favourite's is "living without".  There are so many stories of people going without things that so many think are integral to their daily life. 

Don't waste the crumbs is an inspiring story of a couple learning to make their money stretch, and eating healthier while they do it.  I strongly encourage anyone struggling to spend some time on their website:

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There are stories of people limiting or eliminating television, internet, waste, some are living without coffee (gasp!), some have had their wage reduced due to circumstances beyond their control.  I like to see how people manage with less, with changes of circumstances, when life throws them a curve ball.

Other favourite blogs of yours would be greatly app…

This will pass

Last few days have been pretty horrendous.  The pain last night was bad enough for me to grab some pain killers and struggled to sleep.  I am feeling overall better but the pain rather insistently hurts and hurts and hurts.  I found myself fantasising about being knocked out until it passes.  Or at least trialling better pain medication. 
This afternoon I tried the good old chamomile tea and that has kept the pain at bay as well or better than the pain killers did last night.  It's still pretty nasty pain wise. 
I really do not feel like going out when I am dealing with pain and feeling a little light headed.  I was getting cabin fever today so I went to the beach in the car which was smart.  I went for a short walk and resisted buying any treats on the way home.  It's harder to be disciplined at this time of the year when the expectation is that you are not.  It's strange really, the expectation can easily be changed to, spend more time outside enjoying the sunshine and e…

Wishing you peace and hope

Wishing you hope and peace over the holiday period. 

The cliché from Miss Universe has never been so needed, let's all hope for "World Peace".