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A little overwhelming

It's funny how easy it is to feel completely overwhelmed when unwell.  Definitely finding it harder to do little things and having to rest with the flu, which is to be expected I guess.

Not at all inspired, washing all over bed waiting to be attended to, bed half made from my nap, cups being corralled together for washing in the morning.

I guess that's just being sick for you.  I will inspiring again soon!  :D

Upgraded computer $2

I've been meaning to write about how I managed to get an upgrade on my notebook computer.  When I bought my notebook I was lucky enough to have someone with relevant IT experience to drag to the store and find a quality computer for a reasonable price.  While it was not the cheapest notebook I could have bought it was one of the smartest purchases I have ever made.

It would be a pain if I had to replace my laptop, although given it's age of six years it's something that I am aware I need to have money for if possible.  Of course, I can always survive without one and go to the local library.  These days though if you want a decent salary and want to stay connected with the world through internet banking and internet shopping, I think you would agree that a notebook is an expense that is worth it. 

I should explain that I originally bought the notebook as I was moving to a remote location, and planning to start a diploma in natural medicine.  Neither of those plans worked o…

Thrifty Tip Tuesday!

Still recovering from flu. Thankfully I've been able to do quite a bit in between resting today.  I'm working on another writing project, that once finished I plan to share with anyone that reads my blog.
It's going to take an awful lot of work, discipline and persistence.

The thing that excites me about it is that I am learning new skills.  I was hesitant and scared but in no danger so started.  Once I started, I am learning to take it one step at a time, which is a really nice way to have matured.  When I started blogging I was trying to do way too much way too soon and for the most part the blogging has taught me the importance and reward for taking this more calmly and focus on the next step I have to do.  Even if I do just one good hour a day, that will get me where I want to go eventually!

Anyway, my thrifty tip on this storm ridden Tuesday in Hobart is a quick recipe for a multipurpose cleaner I make up and use.

Thrifty Multipurpose Cleaner:


small squir…

Keep Calm and Carry On

One of the ways that I have kept my brain active, and my sanity relatively intact while chronically ill and unable to commit to paid work, is to learn more about historical events, and how some people make the best of  bad situations.  I am fascinated by the human spirit when life gets tough.  One of the events that I have found myself interested in is the Second World War, and my reading has focussed primarily on the UK and Australian home front perspective of the events. 

While reading about the home front, victory gardens, cooking and people staying hopeful in the face of devastation I developed a bit of a soft spot for the saying “Keep Calm and Carry On” which is from posters created by the British government for the Second World War. 

Even though the posters were never released, I find myself inspired by this humble saying.  It helps to remind me to get perspective, to be grateful for all the good things in my life, and to stay focused on doing what I am able to do to make the w…

Secret Garden Musings

I have a long held dream, to buy my own, tiny little property, with a proportional mortgage.  Unlike most, it would seem, a large mortgage, just the very idea, freaks me out! 

And, I just want something small, and then, even I, reluctant gardener that I am, would want some plants to chat to.

When I say it's a dream, it's just not even remotely possible at present.  When it is, even a little possible, once I get well, and hopefully find myself earning, then, it will be a goal.  I guess in a sense it's a goal, in that I have an idea of the location, the amount I want to spend, and the deposit, legal fees, tax and emergency fund I want to save up to realise the goal.

Anyway, the spot, that will remain my little secret, is in a low rainfall, dry area.  I found myself wondering whether it would be possible, in such a climate, to sustain a vegetable and fruit garden. 
So, I went to internet land, and look what I found, for anyone that might be ahead of me and purchased somewhere …

Sourdough, Gluten & Dairy Free

Made myself the most delightful little loaf of sourdough, using my little secret ingredient,... yogurt whey!  It makes the bread rise quickly and helps produce a lovely light loaf normally not seen in the kitchen when making allergy friendly treats.