Rough day.

As much as the intent of this blog is to find hope in a situation that at times is going to feel hopeless, I believe I would be neglecting the blog in not telling you about my bad days.  Rough days are a part of any chronic illness.  Chronic fatigue combined with thyroid disease is incredibly frustrating because no matter how motivated I feel sitting or lying down, when I get up, that can be too much.  On a bad day, just getting out of bed and getting a cup of tea feels like I've achieved more than I thought I could when I stood up.

Imagine from the minute you get up you feel dizzy and tired, that's been my life for quite some time.  All the time, I was dizzy.  And when I'm not dizzy, and it does seem to be lifting thankfully, I've had no exercise tolerance, on bad days, brushing my hair is like a marathon, I have to work my way up to it.  Before I got sick with all these things, when I was younger, I used to exercise for fun two hours a day.  Lately, I rely on my second hand car to get around.  I am trying to exercise as much as possible, but getting out of the house takes so much strength and courage on a bad day. 

Today, I'd had too many bad days, and I realised that I was biochemically depressed, not just feeling depressed because I could not do what I wanted.  I rang the doctor and we have upped my T3 which has already given me some relief.  I am left wondering how many people suicide due to biochemical hormonal balance that doctors are not sufficiently trained to recognise, without the therapy I had I would find this even harder.  I do feel totally overwhelmed and am fighting hard.

I also purchased rescue remedy and did a bit of a clean up of my surrounds to help me feel as well as possible.  I also bought and ate chocolate.  The hormone therapy and rescue remedy were the most affective, the chocolate was the most pleasurable.  I guess my next blog will be how Hobart Chic loses weight in 365 days!!

Once I get some decent energy back I look forward to feeling better and exercising.  I am also going to the doctor tomorrow and planning to explore some homeopathic remedies having read about studies and personal stories that show hope in that therapy.

Disclaimer:  this is the opinion of the author and does not constitute medical therapy or treatment.  Contact a qualified medical professional for medical information.


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