Questions, lots of questions.

Sick and tired of being sick and tired.  Not about to quit.  I believe the people need to know when to quit, and cut their losses.  Too many people don't know when to get up and fight.

Am left with questions for my doctor regarding Natural Thyroid  and have it in my head as a possible solution, I certainly want to be given some good answers about it.

I have another doctor in mind, that also practices integrative medicine, that I may make an appointment to see, for another appointment.

Had an interaction with someone I know who is sick.  Very sick.  I have every sympathy, but I believe she's been given labels, not a diagnosis.  Whenever a doctor says you have a syndrome, it's my opinion that all it means is that they have a name for your collection of symptoms.  It's a good sign you need to keep asking questions and looking for answers. 

IBS became Coeliac Disease because I insisted doctors do their job.  Had I listened to the doctors on that, I would not be typing this.  Accepting conventional wisdom on my thyroid to date, would have me diagnosed with MS, given anti-depressants and a wheelchair.
I believe that patients need to stay informed and keep on, keeping on, unless there is a really good reason to cut our losses.

Don't dig your own grave unnecessarily.

I feel a bit better, but I want to feel a lot better, a lot quicker.

Keep asking questions, it's the only way anyone of any substance, got anywhere.

My opinion for today.

I'm not happy with the power that synthetic thyroid hormone companies have in Australia.  I predict that the drug companies that control these hormones will be seen in the same light that the cigarette companies now are, after successful class actions, in the future.

Their power at the moment is anti-competitive and when I get better I am tempted to ask
federal government to investigate their influence given the comparable availability of alternatives in other countries.  All I want from doctors is to be given the option to try the natural thyroid drugs available in America, Europe and New Zealand, with patients.  Doctors will not consider an alternative even though that was the only option until the 1950s and seems to be the only drug option that provides lasting management and relief to patients.  Am I sure it will work for me? No, but I would like to try. 

How come, I can import it for personal use (as far as I am aware, to date) but I can't have a trial with a doctor checking?  Although, I really can not import the drugs available to patients in the US because the most effective now require a script with international pharmacies. And the doctors are proving nigh on impossible to get the script from.  If the T3 in these natural drugs is as bad as they make out patients would not stick with them.  Because too much T3 would lead to all the things that thyrotoxicosis feels like.  No patient is going to allow that.  Yes, like any drug there are parameters that need to be filled but if doctors were all trained correctly and not influenced unduly this would not be an issue.

It just does make sense to me that if my thyroid gland is failing, that we only replace ONE or MAYBE TWO of a POSSIBLE FIVE hormones (T4, T3, T2, T1 and calcitonin). 
It does not make any sense.

How come if it does not work, is ineffective, why are drug companies exerting so much pressure on doctors, so they do not appear to know about the alternative.  Why was my doctor telling me that the drug worked, even when, clearly my symptoms indicated otherwise?  Why didn't my doctor know about synthetic T3?!!?

Why did my doctor tell me that my sex hormones were fine when I had the sex drive of a pancake?  Why are doctors accepting poor patient outcomes?  Why bother with the same approach when you know it does not work?  Why bother being a doctor when you make your patients sicker?

Why, have I found mounting evidence from reputable doctors and international endocrinology bodies, that it does work, if it does not?

Disclaimer: this is the opinion of the writer and does not constitute medical advice or treatment advice.


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