Green tomatos go walkabout

Today I baked in the heat, baked bread in the heat (mad) went for a walk and almost enjoyed it.  Had a slow start today but managed to bake gluten free bread and fruit buns pottered about making sure the resident gardener did not have too much to complain about.  Apparently I killed a plant that was on the critical list because I didn't know it was there and picked the tomatoes a bit too green.  Apparently this is a major garden sin. 

Thankfully, I was able to distract the head gardener with conversation and chatting about her bargains while staying in cheap accommodation. 

Hopefully I am on track to be fabulous.  Still jingling with herbal medicines.  Feeling much more cheerful as the T3 kicks in, and I get some energy from the Vitamin C.  Slightly better quality of sleep.  Trying to not stress about my sleep as it's will no doubt take a bit of time for the adrenal supplement and melatonin to kick in.

Found myself watching a movie thriller last night while spending some time on my own.  I do not recommend this as the last thing to do before going to sleep.  I believe psychologists call this bad sleep hygiene.  I threw magnesium, melatonin and a herbal tea at it and a book to bore me with and managed a good nights sleep.

Disclaimer: this blog is intended as opinion only.  Medical information and treatment should be sought from trained medical professionals.


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