Exercise phobia

I know it sounds mad, but I definitely feel a bit scared about exercise at the moment.  Because I have been so sick, and because walking more than a few metres is difficult, I am scared of exercise.  Exercise makes me feel worse, when I am having a bad day, which lately are out numbering the good days.

Thankfully, I am not yet going to qualify as a "before" and "after" photo for a remarkable weight change.  I guess I just keep moving when I can, I am forced to move with a house with two stories.  And, stop eating so much sweet stuff :D 

If I accept where I am, which I am treading water trying to do, then I think I will be able to get myself a bit more together.  It's really proving tough.  Having been strong and struggled for years, I guess I have hit a bit of a wall.  And when life gets tough, I will have to meet it with strength.  I might need to get a mental head check with the therapist, certainly when my hormones are a bit more stable.  It's so tricky when the depression and fear is so much in the body and does not start with my thoughts.

Today, I am grateful for television and talented story tellers, you make my life better.  I am grateful for medical doctors, and of course, hope.

Disclaimer: this blog is about my experiences as a patient.  For medical advice and treatment contact qualified medical professionals.


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