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Steps to recovery

Feeling a little bit better today.  Managed a short walk, house hold chores and though weak, no dizzy spells.  Yay!!! Ah, hope!!!

Been learning all about how to create web pages and about how to use new technology effectively.  Totally mind boggling, but it's amazing how far persistence, patience and perseverance can get us.  I certainly did not grow up with computers, I was still using a pen an paper through most of university and only used to use the computer for the final draft.

How times have changed!  I find it much easier to type while I think.  And, while computers are still a skill that does not come naturally most of our community can do online banking, online shopping and even contact social services via online portals.  It truly is amazing how fast things can change.  I never would have imagined as a teenage I would be typing from my bed.  Generally it's from my desk, but I'm half awake and the laptop is keeping my lap warm without putting the heater on!

Boyfriends of christmas' past

Had a funny experience yesterday where my past and present intersected in the one experience.  It was both confronting and refreshing and I am glad that I had the courage to see it through.

I visited a place where I remember still struggling with health but generally doing much better.  I was able to hold down a job, study and boyfriends from Christmas's past haunted my thoughts.  It was confronting to be faced with the past as it was, the present as it is, and everything in-between.

This will take me a while to process completely, but I was left with a sense of gratitude, pain, guilt and like a weight lifted as well.  Somehow the experience is a bit healing.  I think it helped to ground me somewhat.  I was really grateful I was able to get out of the house and see people I had not met for ages.  The opportunity to tie up some loose ends came up too and I was able to see how people I had helped get through teenage angst have turned out whole respectable human beings.  All good stuff…

The Fine Art of Moping

How to mope like a pro:

Step 1.  Find an object or person with the potential to drive you crazy - computers and men are my favourites, chocolate does not have moping potential in my book, unless cheap and nasty (even then it's pretty difficult)
Step 2.  Find somewhere comfortable, build a nest of sorts and sulk
Step 3.  Ignore all possibilities of help/ distraction
Step 4.  Repeat

Pretty simple really.  The difficult thing is how to get yourself out of a mope.

How to defer the Fine Art of Moping:
Chocolate and coffee Tea and biscuit/sFace maskGratitude listChat with a friend Offer help to someone elseRelax and take one day at a timeFunny DVD, action flick or drama you can get lost inGood bookFoot rubBake breadMake biscuitsGo for a walk if well enough, or soak up some sunshine insteadPut washing on the line - this seems to cheer me up most daysWrite :DLearn something newSecond hand store/ garage sale fossickTake photos of beautiful panoramas in your local areaPaint something De-clutter a…

Green tomatos go walkabout

Today I baked in the heat, baked bread in the heat (mad) went for a walk and almost enjoyed it.  Had a slow start today but managed to bake gluten free bread and fruit buns pottered about making sure the resident gardener did not have too much to complain about.  Apparently I killed a plant that was on the critical list because I didn't know it was there and picked the tomatoes a bit too green.  Apparently this is a major garden sin. 

Thankfully, I was able to distract the head gardener with conversation and chatting about her bargains while staying in cheap accommodation. 

Hopefully I am on track to be fabulous.  Still jingling with herbal medicines.  Feeling much more cheerful as the T3 kicks in, and I get some energy from the Vitamin C.  Slightly better quality of sleep.  Trying to not stress about my sleep as it's will no doubt take a bit of time for the adrenal supplement and melatonin to kick in.

Found myself watching a movie thriller last night while spending some time o…

Mavericks, and other smart people

It strikes me that the truly successful people, people that get results tend to figure out what the rules are and know when and how to play by them.  They are often bullied and ridiculed.
The lose their jobs, they lose all that they work for, they lose their place in polite society.

Let's face it though, since when did polite society, get us as a society anywhere?  Scientific discoveries, medical breakthroughs will never be made by the sheep of our society. 

IV of Vitamin C working well.  Best day I have had since I started this blog.

Also taking selenium in the hope that it dampens down the autoimmune attack on my body. 

Interesting story on swine flu and Vitamin C in New Zealand.  Family mavericks insisted on this remedy for their family member in a coma.  He was cured.  Interesting, no?  Hospital says that it had no impact, read the story and make your own judgement.

Disclaimer: this blog does not constitute medical advice or knowledge.  The blog is about patient experience and is t…

Exercise phobia

I know it sounds mad, but I definitely feel a bit scared about exercise at the moment.  Because I have been so sick, and because walking more than a few metres is difficult, I am scared of exercise.  Exercise makes me feel worse, when I am having a bad day, which lately are out numbering the good days.

Thankfully, I am not yet going to qualify as a "before" and "after" photo for a remarkable weight change.  I guess I just keep moving when I can, I am forced to move with a house with two stories.  And, stop eating so much sweet stuff :D 

If I accept where I am, which I am treading water trying to do, then I think I will be able to get myself a bit more together.  It's really proving tough.  Having been strong and struggled for years, I guess I have hit a bit of a wall.  And when life gets tough, I will have to meet it with strength.  I might need to get a mental head check with the therapist, certainly when my hormones are a bit more stable.  It's so tricky w…

Living and learning

The difficulty with having hormone imbalance is that there is so much information out there in google-land, and so many books, and so many different opinions, it's hard to know what to believe.

As my doctor knows far more than I do, while remaining informed, and asking questions, so I understand to the best of my ability, I need to trust him to do his job.  There are some scary stories written and on the internet.

The reason the doctor has me on synthetics is because he can find the dose that's perfect for me.  Contrary to what I was reading the other day, he tells me that the synthetics are still bio-identical.  All I can say, is that I am beginning to slowly feel better and he's diagnosed me correctly, which is a start. 

I also feel that I can trust my doctor because he is willing to answer my questions intelligently and target medicine based on solid medical testing.

That's all for today.  Plodding on.

Disclaimer:  for medical treatment and information please visit a qu…

Rough day.

As much as the intent of this blog is to find hope in a situation that at times is going to feel hopeless, I believe I would be neglecting the blog in not telling you about my bad days.  Rough days are a part of any chronic illness.  Chronic fatigue combined with thyroid disease is incredibly frustrating because no matter how motivated I feel sitting or lying down, when I get up, that can be too much.  On a bad day, just getting out of bed and getting a cup of tea feels like I've achieved more than I thought I could when I stood up.

Imagine from the minute you get up you feel dizzy and tired, that's been my life for quite some time.  All the time, I was dizzy.  And when I'm not dizzy, and it does seem to be lifting thankfully, I've had no exercise tolerance, on bad days, brushing my hair is like a marathon, I have to work my way up to it.  Before I got sick with all these things, when I was younger, I used to exercise for fun two hours a day.  Lately, I rely on my seco…

Gold digger

Difficult appointment tomorrow in town to ensure I continue to get paid a penny or two while I go through this illness.  I'm bemused by people that think that anyone young and sick is living in luxury in Australia.  It's ignorance that breeds such an opinion.  The reality is, that I can only afford treatment because I saved money from a few months work I had over nine months ago.  Also, my family have helped me to survive.  Without my responsible saving and family support I would be living in a woman's shelter or on the street. 

I am beginning to feel better, and I have managed to get much done today.  Dinner was Shepherd's pie, with garden fresh veggies, and yogurt mixed into the potato topping. 

The highlight of my day was coffee with family and being reminded that I am not alone.

Today I am grateful for coffee, family and sunshine.

Random Acts of Kindness

Spent half the day in bed when the weather her is truly glorious!  Unfortunately, no rain predicted for the next few days and I have been given the dubious honour of looking after the vegetables.  Will have to talk them into staying alive while the head gardener is gallivanting around Tasmania.  She has a bad habit of finding places that are quiet, good value for money but freezing!!!  Hopefully the cabin she has selected for her next adventure will be a little warmer.

Put head gardener's quilt out and practiced some other minor random acts of kindness.  Sometimes it's a simple as making someone a pot of tea and nice biscuits.

It cheers me up when I can find some way to make the people in my life feel loved.

Plan B

I always like to have a plan B.  It does not always work out that I have the safety net that this provides but I always aim to have it.  I think it enables me to pick up the pieces when things go wrong and help others too.  I find it comforting. 

Life is unpredictable but when the good times happen, it's good to enjoy it a bit, save a bit and plan and dream.  I have learnt that it is a tricky balance.  I've had too many young friends die, to not try and focus on today, and seen too many older people focus too much on the future and miss opportunities with their scrooge mentality.  So it's a balancing act between the present and the future, and learning from the past. 

I've also seen so many people earn good incomes and not a thing to show for it 10, 20, 30 years later.  In many case, no real excuse for it, other than a lack of planning.  I think it pays to have something to aim for.  Why do all that work and end up with nothing at the end?

I do think everyone should do …

Hit me up with chocolate

Anyone reading this would think that I like chocolate, they would be right! 

"Day before grocery shop chocolate"

For a cheap hot pot of chocolate:

throw into a small saucepan,

2 tablespoons of cocoa (cheap and cheerful is fine)about a tablespoon of corn-starch1 and a half tbsp. of sugarfew drops of vanilla essenseslowly add about two cups of milk (whatever type works for you)

for a richer custard add an egg to the recipe and be careful to whisk and have on a low heat

cook to preferred custard consistency, add to a cup and enjoy in front of favourite DVD.

Or, if you are one for chocolate decadence from the freezer, cool and freeze to enjoy cheap version of chocolate ice-cream.

Had the pleasure today of being given some help by other people with thyroid disease.  Really appreciate their willingness to help.  Although, now, if it's possible I have more questions!  Ha! 

Today, I am thankful for chocolate!!  Candles and River Cottage DVDs.

Soldier on

So, if you recall, I think the Creator knew what he was doing when He gave me the world's best mum.  Well, I also think He had a great sense of humour in giving me my Dad.  I am greatly blessed by them both.  And all things considered I have a pretty close relationship with both my parents.  I love them to bits.  It almost goes without saying that if it were not for these two people I would not be where I am today.  I think I would have given up yonks ago.

One of the reasons that I haven't given up is because they instilled in me certain values that I hold dear.  I think they worry sometimes that I haven't absorbed it all.  And we disagree on minutiae, but ultimately, the foundation that keeps me strong is their influence. 

I believe in something bigger than myself, I believe that life isn't easy, I believe that I am here to serve God and others as He leads me to, I believe that I am here for a reason, and I believe that I need to keep on asking questions and perseverin…

Computer Genius #2

Mr Computer Genius has helped me learn about HTML and I have realised, that in my typically patient style, I might be expecting a bit too much of myself.  I am trying to squeeze three years worth of university web development into about 50minutes of tutorials and three days worth of madly googling.  Tell you what, I got close to being able to do what I wanted to do.  It's not quite as scary as I thought.  However, please Computer Genii (I'm guessing that the plural of CG's, no?!), your selling yourselves short, it's not that easy, or particularly simple.  It does require practice and a certain brain, a gift, to be able to really do it well.  I take my hat off to you all :D 

And today, I am grateful for CG (Computer Genii), no doubt a gift of coffee may be coming the way of the resident CG. 

Computer Genius

I have the help of computer genius...

Questions, lots of questions.

Sick and tired of being sick and tired.  Not about to quit.  I believe the people need to know when to quit, and cut their losses.  Too many people don't know when to get up and fight.

Am left with questions for my doctor regarding Natural Thyroid  and have it in my head as a possible solution, I certainly want to be given some good answers about it.

I have another doctor in mind, that also practices integrative medicine, that I may make an appointment to see, for another appointment.

Had an interaction with someone I know who is sick.  Very sick.  I have every sympathy, but I believe she's been given labels, not a diagnosis.  Whenever a doctor says you have a syndrome, it's my opinion that all it means is that they have a name for your collection of symptoms.  It's a good sign you need to keep asking questions and looking for answers. 

IBS became Coeliac Disease because I insisted doctors do their job.  Had I listened to the doctors on that, I would not be typing this.  …