Cafe au ant latte

I appear to have survived drinking two cups of ant infused coffee.  For some reason, the local ant battalion decided to mount a campaign against my enjoyment of a caffinated beverage at close range.  I thought I had accounted for all casualties after I made a swing in their direction with a dish rag.

Clearly I missed a couple of brave souls.  The ants had the last laugh.  Now I come to think of it, clearly I've had more than a couple of ant infused coffees this week.  Oh dear.  My mother assures me that ants feet are the cleanest things on earth.  I remain, as always skeptical of potentially spurious scientific claims.  I think its meant to reassure me.

A little ant infusion is probably good for the old immune system.  I'm currently drinking cocoa sans ants.

Watching the ants

It is looking to be a bitterly cold winter this year.  I imagine the outdoor shops will do a roaring trade in jackets and warm fleeces. 

The temptation to hibernate the winter away is strong. 

Instead of hibernating,
1)  I brought in a pile of wood for the wood heater in small loads I could cope with. 
2)  Picked fresh greens for a dinner salad
3)  Gave the kitchen a quick spring clean
4)  Took out a determined retinue of ants.  They had some significant losses today but I have no doubt they will send in reinforcements.  I may win the battle but they seem determined to win the war.
5)  Hung out washing in the freezing evening air
6)  Made sure I did some exercise even though I would much rather hibernate
7)  I did a little hibernating in the form of a sleep in this morning

If I want to be reminded about determination then I only need to watch the ant.

Half past a cockadoodle-doo

When I went to bed last night, desperately clutching my hot water bottle, it was a very chilly 3 degrees C (37.4F)  according to my phone.  This morning I awoke to a balmy 5 degrees (41F) at half past a cockadoodle-doo (far too early). 

Let me tell you, after I had my morning cup of tea, rugged up, and found a pretty spot to march outside for an hour, I felt no warmer than 5 degrees.  Then again, if wind chill factor takes away 10 degrees, I guess I had every right to feel cold.  Even with leggings and a warm doona of a jacket I was patting myself on the back for being so brave.

I did find it amusing that I was hardly alone on my quest to get out and about today.  The shops were almost empty but there were rugged up walkers everywhere.  Some with a more grim look than others.  Others so gaunt that I wondered about finding myself a pastry and hot chips all in one sitting. 

Instead of a fat packet of hot chips, I ate soup and felt virtuous.  I rewarded myself with a home made coffee whe…

Cheerful supermarket spot

There are no better compliments than to be told that "I'm not sure, even you, can pull that look off!?'.  I expected such comments in my twenties.  I even worked hard to get them.  Then I went through a very sensible stage.                                                                                                                                   

Life does get very boring in black and denim recessionary garb though.  When I go to the shops, for a bit of light relief from house fever, it's nice to dress up a little.  I don't do it all the time and I'm still in casual walking clothes so I can go for leg stretch. 

For the first time in my life, I have more than enough make up and hardly anywhere I want to go.  Why not use the make up and some appropriate, but cheerful, clothes when shopping?                                                                                                                                                                        …

Strapped and ready to go slow

I'm currently using fluorescent athletic tape to keep me in a better shape, and injuries supported.  My mum spied it hiding under my t-shirt today and said I could use it as a bra alternative.  Given I get a bit bruised from the tape on, and off, possibly not!  I am sure the fact that the tape is in pretty colors makes all the difference to my injuries healing.

Current plan of attack now includes a few minutes gentle weight (1.2 kg) exercises.  Less running though after my arm let me know that I was taking dedication too far.  I will get there, just slower.  Adding in the odd back stretch while waiting for water to boil.  Little and often should get me where I want.

Bike riding on an exercise bike may be lower impact overall but I do miss running regularly.  There's nothing like higher intense exercise for results if well enough.  I shall be good and only do short jogs when I can and some walking.  There will still be neighborhoods to explore even at a slower pace.

Using pain …

A new survival plan and humble pie

Today I pay for managing a few kilometres exercise in the autumnal air yesterday.  Who knew that sweat could truly drench all over the body?  Alright, I did.  I'd prefer sweat from a work out than from pain though.

I'm doing my best to stay off, or at least reduce, steroids and other pain medications.
My current plan of attack:

ice pack on my shoulder
supplements to get my body to heal,
icy poles so I don't throw up (always good)
coffee and chamomile tea - not together - because black tea seems to threaten my ability to keep food in my body
paracetamol as needed (very much today)
ginger tablets for nausea and anti inflammatory

Tomorrow I may need another battle plan.  Hopefully I heal with time and persistence.

Oh, and the humble pie.  Turns out I hate the quilt cover I bought.  I may need adult supervision next time I shop (I know I'm an adult but my current shopping age is clearly 12).

Mind Sharp, Body On Strike

Up until a few minutes ago, it has been the most beautiful autumn day, here in Hobart.  I'd tell you it has been peaceful too but that would be a lie.  It's a peaceful as you can imagine it could be with the odd whir of a man doing something useful, but noisy.  Unfortunately, the handymen with their noisy machines, are yet to take up full hibernation mode.

Bits of my body, if not my mind, are putting up a mild mutiny.  I've had to take a major step down on what I planned to do today.  That being said, after two cups of coffee and a fast read of the local paper, I did manage to get a few household things done.  Not least of which was a healthy, yummy lunch of tomato and vegetable sauce, pesto, cooked pasta and greens sprinkled on top.  I even picked the greens fresh from the garden.

My bed has clean sheets on it all ready for me to get into when it gets colder still tonight. It even has a low cost bedspread posing as an expensive one.  Naturally I now want some new accessor…