Calming tea to fortune

I was wondering lately whether coffee shops could improve their sales with "a decent cup of tea" as opposed to the watery muck they generally serve.  It seems they could with a little effort improve their bottom line.  It's not actually that difficult the retail thing.  Mainly it's hard work and too many retail managers and staff are complacent.  I will be amazed if a massive contraction is not on its way.

Quality+clean+manners+price= success!

That being said, ever increasing rents by commercial property owners, is making life difficult for low margin businesses.  Pressure on wages does not help and workers can not be blamed if rent and house prices continue to the sky.  A property price reduction would be a good thing for retail in the long run.

One of the best sellers for a department store in Tasmania was good quality English made Tea Pots in the 1980s.

Smashing your children's ipads, new trend?

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If it quacks like a duck...

If the housing news sounds a little too rosy to convince you, this data analysis is worth a read:

Next trend

I know I feel ordinary when I find myself watching the shopping channel with an unhealthy level of enthusiasm.  Sometimes I watch it when well because I am curious about watching some of the best sales people ever.  Other times I watch to see what the next trend is likely to be.
At the moment robot vacuums seem to be all the rage.  Some people seem to find them too high maintenance.  Others seem to find it an affront that they have tidy up after themselves before the vacuum does its thing. Ladies like this seem to be in love.  I enjoyed this take on the robot vacuum so I'm sharing the joy:
Enjoy.  May you be free of nasty viruses that have you living on ginger beer and a little soup.

Still have Hashimotos

I can confirm that my thyroid does not play well on its own.  Even though it's not working well, the inflammation seems to be gone which is a good thing.  It's a little odd because the gland itself seems to be on the dead as a door nail spectrum.

I'm back on thyroid hormones and staying on them is fine by me.  I've just got to find the right dose and get it checked again soon. 

I'll be managing it with:

keep up my iron supplements - because I was loweat wellexercise gently when the hormones kick in againregular blood testslots of patience!