Chamomile may be as effective as NSAIDs

Today, I have only had a big cup of chamomile tea to fix my period pain.  It's given me well over eight hours of solid pain relief.  So, with that in mind, I wondered whether chamomile has any properties that work like ibuprofen.  Research seems to indicate that it can block the cause of menstrual pain in a similar level to NSAIDs (non steroid anti inflammatory drugs).  It has a drug like affect it seems.

I'll let you read the research and come to your own conclusions.  It's not advisable to have chamomile tea with NSAIDs and some people are allergic to chamomile.

In another hour, after I have finished my milky tea, I will have another cup to soothe my cramps ready for bed!  A pot to share of loose leaf, fairly fresh chamomile seems to be better than tea bags (perhaps I just made a slightly stronger cup-full.

Here's the study:

Anyway, talk to your doctor for medical advice.  I just found this fascinating.  Also, cham…

Pain management, NSAIDs,... and fertility?

Just stumbled across some research showing that daily use of NSAIDs (Non Steroid Anti-Inflammatory Drug) may delay or inhibit ovulation.  Something that women trying to conceive should be aware of.

I do take NSAIDs for acute pain killing but only the bare minimum I can get away with.  Usually no more than three days a month total for period pain, and other pain, including for migraines.  I've just been reading about the side effects of the drugs that I have found work most effectively for me.  They all have potential side effects.  Ibuprofen was originally designed as a prescription drug so I am very careful with it.

These days I take ibuprofen because it's cheap, works well for me, and is easy to find.  I did take mefenamic acid under the direction of a doctor over ten years ago but forgot it's also a NSAID (brand name in Australia is Ponstan).  I tend to find ibuprofen as, if not more, effective.  Obviously, you can have one or the other, they can not be taken together t…

Menstrual Cup Myths

Well, it's taken me three days but I finally seem to have the hang of the things.

Let's get a few misconceptions out of the way:

1) Myth: menstrual cups get rid of period pain and cramps.
Fact: Pain killers reduced my period pain and cramps.  Maybe they do reduce them in some women but I'm sceptical of that claim.

2) Myth: menstrual cups are easy to use.
Fact: the first couple of days feel like you are undergoing regular medical examinations.  I'm am getting to the point of first time, done.  But I really found nothing online all that helpful in how to use the wretched things.

I roll mine up like a sausage, and I've given up checking it because it feels like it's not working when I check after placement, but it does.  I do some stomach crunches and the thing must unfold because no leaks after the first couple of trials.

I can feel that I have a cup in but that's as much about my body cramping around it I think.  When I've no period pain, it's lik…

Friday tea and pamper

I'm being all civilized tonight.  This may just be due to exhaustion.  I've had a long day.
I'm trialling pink French clay and dried herbs from a few tea bags as an economical base for regular face masks.  It costs about a tenth of buying an equivalent mask made up.
Feels good, looks good and a low cost treat.  I added some yogurt to the dry mix which makes it easy to apply and economical!  The added bonus is that it calmed The Head Gardener right down.

You know you are tired when...

I knew I was tired.  It was confirmed a few minutes ago when I found myself annoyed that my cup of herbal tea seemed to taste of nothing much.  Then I realized that I forgot to put my tea bag in the hot water.  Oh dear.

It's no wonder I am tired today.  I've been doing more physical activity than normally advisable.  Moving wood for the wood fire, making a healthy dinner of stuffed capsicums, catching up on some reading, fixing a new phone set up for someone else and making sure I did my challenging exercises to help my body, and mind, heal.

I'm just exhausted.  It's amazing what I got done today considering my energy level.

Chronic Fatigue: metabolic dysfunction due to infection?

New research suggests CFS is not a psychological condition.  It may be due to metabolic dysfunction where people can not process food correctly.  The research suggests and infection may be the root cause.

Poo-tential, the excrement in daily life

I am offended by the misuse of the word "potential".  Potential seems to becoming an excuse for doing sweet sod all.   

Those who misuse the word, could be found at a training course I would run if I had elastic ethics.  I'd sell a session for $8000.  A steal at $8000, for two hours of high level, executive wallet slimming training. 

For those with ambition to sit and look fabulous, I would create, The Diamond Course.  This Chief Executive Package for the passionate buyer, would be introduced at a bargain, basement, debt consolidation level of only $25 000.  This would be available for a limited time for only the busiest of applicants. 

The Diamond Course adds value by including  a multi-national manufactured quality imitation leather compendium.  It contains a set of exclusive branded gilded letter head so that Diamond Members can find their inner CEO every day wherever their travels take them.

Naturally, Diamond Members would be encouraged to sign up for my follow up …