I give up worrying too much about make up

I was going to make my own BB cream with some aloe vera and minerals until I read somewhere that it caused cancer in rats.  Have I checked the source? No.  But that put my concern into perspective.  While I will probably still buy some more Inika make up I'm worrying about it less.

Also, in my travels I accidently bought some petroleum derived wax lipstick from another brand (it said microcrystalline wax) and I'm not sure I will throw that out either.  Though given the choice I would buy the Inika brand mascara and other products.

Truly, what's a woman to do?

BB cream not so bad? Tetrasodium EDTA not so bad?

I did toss my BB cream in the bin last night and was happy to pay for mineral makeup but the coverage is not great for the mineral face make up around the eyes.

I am firmly of the belief that talc and petrochemicals in makeup are best avoided and happy with the Inika brand for eye make up (beautiful).

The mascara with petroleum based products has gone, the eye shadow with talc has gone, the lip gloss with petroleum based product has gone.

The only thing I was worried about in the BB cream was the tetrasodium EDTA and after more reading today, it's not one of those clear things.  So for now, it stays but I only use a little under my eyes and covering bad blemishes:

Inika brand meet my standards

I went a bit mad last night trying to take a frugal approach to no talc, no petrochemical based make up.  Then I discovered that I would need too many other things to complicate life.

So, I'm going to make your life, and mine, easier.  Inika is the "Rolls Royce" of make up according the man at the health food shop.  The lady there was so lovely I spent more money that I intended. The brand advertises itself as petrochemical free and talc free which is what I want.

There products across the board seem to be good.  I handed over some dollars for mascara, eye shadow mica powder and mineral powder and will buy more in future.  Admittedly my BB had better coverage but this does look more natural.

I will find a use for the activated charcoal.  Possibly as a topical tooth whitener. I did not buy much.

Buy nice make up options instead of DIY?

So I've thrown out my make up and I still want mascara.  I may yet make it from ingredients I have on hand although getting containers is a right pain.

If I want an easy option for mascara there is:

Ere Perez Natural Almond Mascara for around $32 which is not cheap but genuinely seems to have good stuff in it.

For foundation/ BB cream alternative:

Natio Mineral Crystal Loose Foundation looks like the best stuff for around $18

Or try Inika brand cosmetics.  Talc and petrochemical free.

Can't cry, just kissed my water proof mascara away

I love, LOVE, Love, LOVE Waterproof Mascara.  Or at least I did.  I still remember the first time I used this seemingly magic formulation.  You could cry and stay looking pretty.  Good stuff, right?  Wrong.  At least mine isn't good.  It's now good and thrown out. As I discovered it had Petroleum Distillates among other things in it.

I stuck to my guns today and threw out my lip lacquer as well which was full of petroleum derived stuff.  What I should have done is just tossed them out and moved on with my life.  But no, after three plus hours I ended up having to toss one out because I could not get it clean and keeping one because I like the packaging.  Just toss them out people!

I've still got my BB cream for the moment and am trying to figure out what to do with my eye shadow I hardly use because it has talc in and that's not considered the best stuff depending on what one reads.  Oh dear!

Edit: I decided to buy some Inika brand cosmetics which are talc and petroc…

Why I shall be keeping these low cost, good quality, nail polishes

While I was having a pink fit about cosmetics I thought I ought to double check my nail polishes.  I dreaded it because I know from experience it is difficult to get anything "natural" and "non toxic" that works well and will not put the nails at risk of fungal infections.

Thankfully the MUD (Make Up Design) brand available at Woolworths and currently on special (not being paid by either company just letting you know) meets my criteria for reasonably safe and it's hard wearing.  It seems to be an Australian company which is a bonus.  Clearly you need to be careful and use it in a ventilated space e.g. outside.  I would not put any of this stuff on my lips either.

It is hard wearing but most of it is low toxicity as a nail polish and unlike the water based products is not likely to chip into food.  I actually took the time to look up the au natural colour MUD nail polish and from internet searching and using the information on I discovered tha…

Television is evil lectures and why I am crafty

The Head Gardener picked up some liquid coconut oil for me from the supermarket so I made a small contribution towards her craft fund for postage and handling.  My parents always liked to do a bit of DIY (chronically financially constrained) and both were curious about how to make things as I grew up.
I was just saying to my step dad that my Mum used to give me a lecture when I was about eight on the evils of television when I watched two programs.  I'd be watching Rocky and Bullwinkle (the late 1980s version) or Dr Who and both would trigger an instant lecture while that nights dinner was prepared in the kitchen nearby.  My Mum never turned the television off so in retrospect it is a funny response. 
I'd either try and block the daily television-is-evil-especially-that-muck lecture out while making agreeable noises and wait for it to fade, or give up and go do something else.  I'm almost certain I could recreate the lecture today but the really funny thing is that my Mu…