Fifty dollars to avoid hospital (anemia resources)

Due to circumstances beyond my control, I had to spend money on some iron and B12 to get my levels back up.  The alternative was to wait until I fainted, with the possibility of a heart attack or something similarly exciting, and go the emergency department.  The only good thing out of that possible life event would be that I am fairly confident that I would be seen to rather quickly.

While going to the hospital is a cheaper option I thought it best to avoid the possibility of things getting dire.  It would also be a riskier, actually life threatening, option to boot.

Now, normally I would go and get a blood test to check for anaemia but in this instance it was obviously due to heavy monthly blood loss.  Anyone in doubt should check with a doctor as too much iron can cause problems.

Thankfully the iron and B12 are beginning to do their magic though I still feel out of sorts and completely lacking energy.  I do look forward to not having to gird my loins to do anything.  Right now drin…

Another tough day

Today, I spoke the truth in love.  A harder thing to do I struggle to think of.  Though there most certainly are harder days and harder things.  Watching someone you love suffer is one of those things.

There were enough "better days" moments in my day that gave me the confidence and strength to speak the truth with love rather than contempt or from anger.  I was tempted to respond in anger but it is not a good example to others.  There are moments for righteous anger of course. 

I had such a lovely chat with the people in my neighborhood today and shared stories with people who have trod similar paths.  Hopefully others found the conversations as healing. 

One person in particular I felt like giving up with but have persisted.  Today I knew that being kind and compassionate was worth it.  The patience was worth it.  Strangely enough, today my persistence against a little aloofness paid off.  I'm so glad I kept going even when I felt like giving up.

Friends can be found i…

So not winning

I'm so not winning at the moment.  My legs are aching from one end to other.  I look four months pregnant such is the sexy bloating.  I should not be surprised, this pain was a risk when I took myself off birth control pills.

I'm dealing with a time of the month reminiscent of the hellish ones I experienced as a teen and in my twenties.  It's not easy and it's not pleasant.  It's the reason I went on the pill to start with.  I never want to feel the way I did on them again.  I certainly do not want to go through the withdrawal again.  This, while painful, is still better.

It's a heavy and painful cycle.  Admittedly the chamomile tea is helping with the pain.  I may have to take some pain killers too.

I enjoy having more energy most of the time and feeling like I am in my body.  I also enjoy feeling energetic and interested in normal things.  I enjoy having a healthy appetite for food and other things.  The low part of my cycle is not pleasant though.

A humble person made my day

I was so grumpy yesterday that when I heard a dog protecting its property by barking at me, I felt like barking back!  In similar moods I have considered jumping in puddles and getting thoroughly wet.  That only works when it's raining to go with my mood.

I guess my mood has improved somewhat.  I'm just waiting for the next little episode though.  There are days when I could happily just stay in bed.

The winter sun was glorious today!  It cheered me up with a hot cup of coffee immeasurably.  I'd had a minor farcical argument over dishes and was sitting quietly soaking up the sun when Her Right Royal Gumboots (Mum) asked me if I was sulking.  People seem to worry when I am quietly just doing my thing.  I guess that suggests that I can be a walking and talking party of sorts.

I certainly do not understand people that are so focussed on themselves that they never make an effort with others.  Then they wonder why they are miserable.

It might not be easy to say hello to peopl…

Collected wood and toned my glutes = cost zero

I'm under a little personal stress at the moment.  I went to bed in a pretty good frame of mind.  This morning with two coffees under my belt I was in mental pain.  The depression that descended upon me seemed to be winning.

I made myself follow my own advice and went for a brisk walk.  That helped a little.  On the way back I collected a big pile of dead twigs for wood fire kindling and continued my walk home.  I was in a bit of a grumpy mood so I decided to try and work through it.

In the end the wood fire wood pile for inside (a few days worth) was stacked with new wood, the basket near the fire was filled and the twig box was filled up for dry kindling. 

This morning, even with two cups of hot coffee, I was freezing.  I rugged up with a thermal, slippers and grabbed a hot water bottle as the heater seemed a little decadent on my own.  When my family came back, and said it was freezing, I agreed but had warmed up by then!  Free wood and free exercise and free warmth.  Not a bad…

In a world of pain

I am in a world of pain.  On second thoughts I guess metaphysically I also live in a world which is full of pain.  Hopefully I do something every day to help alleviate suffering in my corner of the world.  All it takes is a little action from us all the change the world.

The metaphysical status of the world was not what I was planning on writing about.  My body after squats and other measured torture is the thing causing pain today.  I have taken two cups of coffee and plenty of carbs this morning and I wait for them to do some good!

The stairs seem a physical insult when I am this sore.  I am grateful for the opportunity every day to keep my body in some kind of shape by challenging my legs, thighs and buttocks with stairs. Even so, I winced up it this morning and shuffled into a chair with a cup of black coffee.

While in a comfortable repose, getting coffee into my blood stream quickly and soaking up some beautiful winter sunshine, I did manage to alleviate some mental suffering.  I…