Potato for breakfast

It's overall nice to have people around.  I like how tasks can be shared.  When I live on my own, things may be on my terms, but then so are all the chores!  Interested to read in the news that the supermarkets and big brands have been having arguments about the price of popular value added products.                                                                                                                                                                                          I had a bit of smirk and idea of consumers being worried as I rarely buy many biscuits and commercial cereals and things anyway.  For example, this morning for breakfast I had a steamed potato, some vegetables lying about needing eating and some preserved cabbage with a cup of coffee.  I'm not sure that it's the best start to the morning.  It got me outside playing interference with weeds and managing the little blighters.                                                                          …

Sit and do

I've been hit by the flu and seem to be in recovery overall.  I managed a small walk today and posted some things at the local letter box.  While I enjoyed the airing I'm feeling weak as anything and will book myself in to do sod all in front of the television.

I've managed today by rewarding tasks with a sit down.  Every time I did something that needed to be done like folding the washing, or placing things in the dishwasher, I sat and did nothing.  Gradually I managed to get my bathroom cleaned with this strange reward system; picked some vegetables; placed fresh sheets on my bed; washed and dried a load of clothes and did some small errands that needed doing.

I made up for yesterday when I had to rest more than today.  Though it took two cups of strong coffee to get myself going this morning after I felt like a truck hit me still first thing.

It's now tea o'clock and other than making dinner, and perhaps some popcorn and a few dishes, I shall be doing little b…

Honey and lemon tea, gardening & easy white sauce for dairy free lasagne

I uncharacteristically took my time getting myself a cup of coffee this morning.  Instead of my normal java jolt I ended up starting the day with honey, lemon and ginger tea.  While it's no miracle cure for feeling under the weather it certainly did help.

I seem to be in the unenviable position of experiencing a combination of post viral symptoms and a splattering of the flu.  Anyway, I'm sticking with my post viral/ current viral approach and hitting it persistently.

The only problem with having viral cells playing havoc in my body is that it does seem to make it harder to get my thyroid levels right.  I guess I'll just have to persist with that too.  Mind you, I was erring on the lower end of the spectrum to find the right dose and cooler weather usually means I need a little more.  It really did seem fine until we hit a cooler patch.  I might enjoy the cooler weather but it does mean my thyroid needs a small boost.  Sometimes these thyroid medicine doses seem more art …

Beautiful day, post viral body help

It is a truly beautiful day outside.  I've nipped out a few times and taken a quick sun bath.  Thing is, I'm not feeling the best.  I spent half the night with a fever that was bad, yet not bad enough to take a pain killer for, and woke up feeling exhausted and a little out of sorts.

I thought I'll go look and see what others in my situation are doing to improve things and largely came away feeling a little grim and depressed.  Then I looked up some of the new medical research on my condition and found a promising drug that might take the edge off.

After reading about the drug's side effects and discovering that death might be a possible side effect I was weirdly cheered up.  The absurdity of treatment being worse than the disease never ceases to cheer me up somehow.  How on earth anyone can recommend a treatment for fatigue and pain that causes more fatigue, potential fatality and more pain is beyond me.  To be fair though, it gives you pain in different spots so I s…

More slipper deliberation

For my second slipper deliberation, I double checked some shoes that I thought were worn yesterday.  I slept on the matter and decided this morning that they could join the rest of the rubbish.

While it is true that the shoes have had it, they are technically not my shoes.  I shall deliver the bad news at some point.  The owner is overseas at present and relived I am sure that the house did not burn down like the bush fire nearby could have achieved the other day.

My post viral nonsense seems to be playing hard ball with me so I've taken a little vitamin C and small doses of iodine, and lots of lemon, honey, chamomile and ginger tea.  I went looking for some better plans online and largely got a dose of depression for my efforts.  I guess I will just have to run my own race even if it is glacially slow at times.  I've discovered that a little vitamin C dissolved in some water can help get rid of some scum on the shower.  Citrus essential oil seems far more successful though.

Rugged weather

After two coffees and a few errands I sent my Mum an email.  She's staying in an idyllic spot with a freight train whizzing past a couple of times a day.  Sounds like she would consider moving there given the right circumstances.

It has been raining overnight while I slept like a log.  The wind is not whizzing about, yet it's icy cold outside.  I'm thinking about putting the wood fire on later and sitting in front of it with a book.  It is showing zero signs of warming up today and is depressingly over cast.  I may just put the electric on for a couple of hours as I need to get my washing dry and it's chilly.

While my mother soaks up the sunshine, and potters about the country side, I am tending to her garden and freezing my rear off.  I allowed myself a new pair of slippers today.  After much fussing about frugality arguments in my head I threw the old ones out.  Even though they are warmer than no slippers, after a year and a half of wear they have lost much warmth and…

Random acts of kindness

I did a few random acts of kindness today.  I'm only going to tell you about the one that directly benefited me: I gave some spinach away!  I've frozen some and eaten plenty.  It's always nice to give a little bit of something to other people here, and there.

This morning I went for a walk in the sunshine in another suburb and explored an op-shop.  I'm willing to pay a reasonable price.  I did think $4 each for mass media printed books was a bit on the steep side.  In the end, I decided the books were not good enough to pay for so I went to the library and found some that might teach me a thing, or two.

After a bit of a frustrating phone call this afternoon I went and got some more exercise to walk off my exasperation.  On the way, while walking past a local fishing spot, I met a couple of young hard working fisher men.  They were very young and a credit to someone in their lives.  Some of the young people in our society really are doing well despite often tenuous circ…