Condescending Claptrap International

It was for most of today a delightfully warm early summer day.  One the way back from a successful errand I chanced across a store that I thought might provide some Christmas shopping opportunities.

To say I was disappointed by the stores' offerings would be an understatement.  I walked in determined to spend, and walked out, exasperated.

The only inspiration I got from my retail foray today was to open my own shop called "condescending international" or something similar.  Every book and item seemed to come with a call to arms.  The owners clearly found the idea that I might want to just sink into a book for some escapism impossible.  It used to be that reading was to broaden the mind and teach people to think.  Heck, sometimes we used to laugh.  Laughter would appear an impossibility in the current climate.

I can, and will solve my own problems.  Anyone looking to sell me a book with idea that they lecture me on how to solve the worlds' problems can expect a very …


I'm in an interesting situation at the moment.  I'm dealing with an injury that has made being mobile incredibly difficult at times.  I'm doing what I can yet this level of pain and dysfunction makes me feel more vulnerable than normal.

It's also making me feel a little miserable as the pain can be a little unrelenting.  I'm having to ration my activity too so that if I need to get functional fast I can maximize my usefulness.  I'm doing my rehabilitation exercises later in the day, resting when I need to, and only taking pain medication when I really need it so I can maximize the benefit of it.

I'm currently away from any fire fronts but I know that in temperatures and windy conditions like we have at the moment things can change quickly.  The air is so dry and the plants keep getting sunburnt.

I live in an area that is close to the bush and have been ready to leave with nothing much in the last twelve months due to a private burn off that nearly took the…

Weird berry probiotic, anyone?

As I write this I am drinking a weird berry probiotic drink I made with herbal tea, probiotics, citric acid and sugar.  I added a little whey from my home made soy milk for good measure.  I've discovered they are best left to ferment for a little while (1-3 hours) in the yogurt maker or the sun while up and about during a hot day.

I made the mistake of leaving a home made probiotic out on a window sill for a few days and instructed by a site online and found mould forming on top.  It would also seem that citric acid and enough sugar are important to keep bad bugs away and good bugs thriving.

I'd only recommend trying to make a probiotic at home if you have made yogurt consistently before and if you are particular about hygiene.  If in doubt throw stuff out.  Cultures for health and Green Living Australia have good guides and cultures to try out so those are the sites I'd recommend exploring.

Ah, the glamour of hard work: a blister or two

I do love to hear about so called equality, yet even now with the word equality bandied about like a pandemic, I do not see many women on work sites building houses or sky scrappers.  It seem that every woman has the right to become the next president on the universe and yet plumbing, electrical and mechanical engineering seems to be primarily the unglamorous domain on men.

Anywhere where a blister seems a certain eventuality seem to be avoided by those who talk of equality.  If I saw more female coal miners, sparkies and road construction workers I'd have more pause for thought.

Of course the other extreme where the misplaced equality argument has gone is where young women seem to think that they can have a career and bring up babies while their men apparently go find themselves.  Don't get me wrong, I'd always encourage women to have a skill or two to their bow.  The idea of a career for most men, and women, in fanciful.  I'm yet to find the glamorous job that people…

Ideas on how to reduce spending

I just read a post online about someone struggling to reduce spending and it inspired me to write a post on my blog.  I think it's important to look after needs so I do not scrimp on medical care and other basics.                                                                                                                                                1) Use things up before you buy new things.  Don't update things just because there is a new version out.  Marketers love you when you do though!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             2) Don't compare yourself to the Jones'.  Comparing yourself to other people will always derail motivation and won't help a bit.  If people are successful though, I do like to learn from them.  You can learn a lot from other…

Only in Australia

Only in a Australia do you saunter out your door and get startled by a furry, thudding ball.  After breathing quickly you find yourself being looked at quizzically by a tiny, noisy, wallaby.

Mr or Mrs Wallaby has taken refuge for the moment in my neighbours yard.  He, or she, has been here before and is no doubt likely to greet me in a similarly startled fashion for the next few weeks.  Once wallabies turn up they have a habit of turning up again.

For those who don't know, wallabies are like a small kangaroo. I grew up with them traipsing around my parents bush block.  Even with fences they came and said hello on a regular basis.  They are gorgeous cute, creatures.  However, they will eat your entire crop of food given half a chance.  The front garden roses are likely to find themselves snavelled by a hungry wallaby.  It's like living with a teenager in many ways: constantly hungry and full of energy.  I can't help but loving them.

When I learned to drive, I had to always…